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  1. 30 quid Tony bet that was around half a weekly wage back then.
  2. Another gent to deal with on here, purchased Alfie's book & StingRay in a very easy going deal, for being 10 years old the Ray is in excellent condition...bought as a present but think they'll be lucky. Well happy thank you very much bud
  3. That was my first bass Tony, bought 81-82 from Kays catalogue & paid up every fortnight...good to see one again πŸ‘
  4. Any edges on metal should have a small radius on them..it actually helps paint or any other finish more resistant to chipping or lifting.
  5. 4GB RAM, 64 GB, 10.5"...had this maybe 4 months tops bought from John Lewis. Unfortunately ive lost the receipt/guarantee thats sent via email i musta deleted it...anyway ive just sent them an email asking if they could resend it. Its in A1 condition only used for my music but Google Music is no more they want everything downloaded onto their You Tube channel..there's maybe a way round it idunno..so i went and bought an ipad...nice & easy. Comes with a brand new never fitted INFiLAND case.
  6. Can't beat black & maple πŸ‘ for a 10 year old bass it looks mighty fine.
  7. Dov65

    Feedback for CalDeep

    Sold Cal a Chromebook in a very easy going hassle free sale, excellent comms and paid immediately another creditable BC'er thank you very much
  8. Same here...the 70's Jazz i have is described as a thick "u" it definitely feels & looks it.
  9. Stick a 5 spot in a charity tin and its yours, great for Brut 33
  10. XL170's removed from a new Spector, so 2+2..stick a quid in a charity tin & i'll send
  11. Chromes fitted must admit i do like them, schoolboy error but whilst removing string the blocks moved..grub screws weren't tightened on either side they were loose..goddamit 😀
  12. Aye i remember Stanley pulling folk up onstage aswell at Edinburgh Odeon...good days never mind school days
  13. Noticed guitarguitar Glasgow now dealing in Spectors, good to try before emptying the Sporran. Mind you that tigers eye at BassDirect looks smashing & has a tapered neck very tempting indeed
  14. Pantera "Cowboys from Hell"..for a 30 year old album its class πŸ‘
  15. Chromes...has anybody tried these on their Spector's ? I've always used xl190's but fancy dabbling in flats for a wee change
  16. Even Jack played a Spector...another good Jock 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  17. Fender HiMass 4 string bridge, typical 5 hole mount includes Allen key. Will post if required.
  18. Lenovo Duet Chromebook Detatchable Laptop, 4GB Ram, 64 GB eMMC, 10.1" Full HD. Its a couple of months old and used only for my music. It's been powerwashed or reset back to factory settings.
  19. Jason bought my Trace Elliot 2 x 8 cab in a very easy going transaction, payment and comms were excellent..deal with confidence πŸ‘thank you very much cheers Dave
  20. 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
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