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  1. I know what you mean. Every dog has their bone until they have less of one. Hahaha.
  2. Up and down views
  3. I used to do the can can until the great intestinal distress incident of 1982.
  4. Haha. Either way. Lots of room. Der Stuhl ist bequem.
  5. Ahh the zoom. Many have traded for worse, I guess. I once traded a Fender bass for a cheap Tele. Still regret that 45 years on.
  6. After major surgery, I’ve spent a lot of time in my recliner. So I get up to go to the wee Chamber(lain) and come back to find my chair invaded. There’s definitely a WWII going to happen. This joke might have been funnier 70 years ago
  7. A good JB can make you forget the losses.
  8. That’s a lovely bass. I like it. I was 16 when I got my Ric. It took selling soooooo many grease pit items to my fellow, fat countrymen. Haha.
  9. My 1978 Rickenbacker—first lefty instrument I had. . Had to work six months for Ronald McDonald to pay for it. $750 back then was a fortune. I waited six months for it to come in. Quit the evil burger joint as soon as I had the dosh. What was your first lefty bass?
  10. Of all my basses, I’ve gigged and recorded with my 78 Ric the most, and it’s still my darling. The last studio session I did was with my fretless JB—whatever the job calls for, hey? Otherwise, the Ric is king
  11. You’ve got it looking cool af. Fantastic. I’m 6’1”. Maybe I can rock it like you!
  12. Mistakenly posted in this folder. Please move admins. Sorry. It plays so well. Been quietly noodling. Later I’ll run it through the amps.
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