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Sandberg appreciation society

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10 hours ago, krispn said:

That swamp ash looks delightful!

It certainly is, the wood grain is stunning. 

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15 hours ago, Osiris said:

Here's a couple of mine,

The TT was an impulse buy purely on the aesthetics, I just love the red and black combination and I think the ebony fingerboard just adds to the looks. It's all passive with Hausell (can't find the umlaut key) pickups and it sounds utterly immense. The neck pup has a more P like mid range punch that you usually get with a J style single coil. 

The VM is a swamp ash body with 'Berg own brand pups and a Glockenklang pre-amp. The poor thing is currently looking for a new home :ph34r: ;)


VM full frontal.JPG


I always thought red was not "my colour" for basses but it's definitely growing on me :) 

The VM4, however, ticks all the boxes! If I was buying my first Sandberg bass again today I would almost certainly go for a VM4 or VM5 (rather than the TM4 I originally went for) - there is something about a P/J or P/MM pup configuration that just works; for me it's all about having a 'P' in the mix. Whoever ends up with that bass is in for a treat.

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