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  1. 250k with a 0.1 cap on the neck tone and a .047 on the bridge tone. In Johns words, ' a 0.1 on the neck for that deep P tone with a .047 on the bridge for a bit more grit.'
  2. John made me this for a Sandberg style project build i'm doing (P/MM), wanted to go passive with this one so this kit is Vol/Vol/Tone/Tone with push/pull on the second tone which switches the 2 pickups between parallel and series so a huge amount of tone shaping for a passive bass. Ultimately ive decided to go the opposite route and John made me a simple 2 vol setup with no tone control and im absolutely loving it so this is up for grabs. I had this in the bass fora week and its great and the quality is everything you would expect from one of Johns kits. Price includes shipping.
  3. Second Kit in as many weeks from John, yet again absolutely awesome in every way, thanks mate!
  4. I forgot to mention in the listing this comes with the 4 knobs (2 big, 2 small) Price drop to £25 shipped.
  5. Can't thank John enough for the quality of his kit and his patients! Had some problems that had me beat and John got me through it. Obviously there was no problems with what he did for me, I was sent a dodgy pickup from somewhere else but he helped me work it out and all sorted now. Cheers John!
  6. Yes sorry added to listing above, Condition of the board is good well used but still good, couple of small holes drilled for power supply. case is a little worn but does its job perfectly.
  7. Not playing guitar anymore so selling my immaculate 5150, its a couple of years old and works perfectly, awesome sounding amp. Ideally like to sell with the case, which was made by castle cases, under the amp is slide out rack shelf at the bottom which i used for pedals. Will split so hit me up for price. Collection in person on these, not keen on shipping.
  8. Just put this together after getting the Berg yesterday. Just enough room for a wireless I think.
  9. Right clear out time... After trying pretty much all of the Helix line im sticking with the rack so i have a LT and an FX for sale. I also have a Tech 21 VT Bass, Korg Pitch Black Tuner, Seymour Duncan Vapour Trail Delay, T Rex Fuel Tank Jr and a Pedaltrain Metro 16 With hard case. The FX is a few months old, had it on a board and had some minor use, in great condition and has the box - £300 LT has never really had much use, i picked it up off my guitarist who played with it for about an hour didn't like it and left it in his room for ages, its never really been used outside of home use, great condition, no box - £550 Tech 21 VT bass - Picked this up on here about a year ago, woks perfectly, no box - £70 Korg Pitch Black Custom, have the box still, looks cool! - £35 Seymour Duncan Vapour Trail, really nice Delay, never really ha much use for it, got the box - £90 Fuel tank Junior, all leads are accounted for, got the box Pedaltrain Metro 16 with Hard Case All prices include uk shipping Just getting pictures together now
  10. Gonna keep it and stick some Delano's and a Ki0gon passive kit in it, its too nice to let go any cheaper than this.
  11. £25 I have a pair of Roswell pickups to fit a 5 string bass with a P and MM configuration plus the preamp which is a 4 pot (Volume with push/pull active passive, Blend, Bass,Treble) These were taken from a Harley Benton Enhanced model, have kept in tact as much as possible but obviously had to disconnect the pickups to get the lot out. Anyone doing a project these may work for? Model names Roswell GMA2 active/passive 2-band EQ - Pickups: Roswell MA5-B AlNiCo-5 humbucker (bridge) - Roswell PMA5-N AlNiCo-5 single coil (Neck) Price includes Shipping
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