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  1. Just to confirm the condition, it is basically a new one, i picked it up in a part ex with Bass Direct and decided i didn't need it, its less than a week old, only left the house for a trip to the post office.
  2. The A/O is boxed and in very good condition, no Velcro. - £175 The X is virtually new, perfect condition, boxed, no Velcro. - £165 SOLD Prices include shipping. Pictures to follow....
  3. I picked up one of the new x ultra pedals in a part x but I don't need it. Its brand new from the shop and I've only opened the box to take the picture Price includes UK shipping.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Pictures added, as i said in the listing the grill's not in great shape, i couldn't tell you whats caused it as it wasn't mentioned in the listing when i bought it but its just cosmetic and the speakers are in perfect shape.
  6. £700 I don't really want to do this but I'm finding it harder and harder finding opportunities to actually use this. This is an astonishingly good powered cab, 3 10 inch drivers a lovely smooth horn and a 1000 watt class D power amp with switchable DSP, with the DSP out it's just like a standard cab switched in its eq'd near flat with some nice compression and it sound immense. Unbelievably loud cab too. Ive only ever paired it with a helix but I would imagine it will sound great with any preamp and the numerous reviews out there suggest as much. Cosmetically it's pretty good, the covering is a little fluffy in places and the plastic corners have definitely seen some action but the most obvious issue is the grill (see pictures) would need some attention if you want it looking perfect. All works fine with a very light crackle on the volume pot around the midway point, never caused me any issues as I leave it up full and control the volume on the helix anyway. It has 4 small holes in the bottom which are designed for castors to be added if weight is an issue and I have the padded berg cover too. Would prefer collection but would ship at buyers expense, don't have the box but can sort something I'm sure. Will get pics up later.
  7. Now £350 Selling my Matt Freeman P Bass, as is often said about these its a lovely looking and feeling bass. I recently upgraded the wiring and pots with a Klogon kit which was a nice improvement from stock and i replaced the pickup with a set of Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders, i also put a set of Jim Dunlop strap locks on it which will be included. The bass is in good condition with some light scratches on the pick guard as you would expect and there is a slight chip under the strap lock that happened when i replaced them unfortunately. Comes with a Proel soft case
  8. All my basses are set up like this, there's no real issues or anything to be concerned about, the only thing that isn't easily reversible and a little tricky is adjusting the nut but i've got pretty handy at this over the last few years, i have a set of files for the right gauges i use. On the rare occasions ive needed standard tuning ive actually not had a problem using the nuts ive widened but really if you go back it would be better to change the nut as you could run into some rattling issues. As you say pups are pups and preamps are preamps, and there's no risk to the neck so go for it.
  9. £850 Loving the Helix since i switched over to it from my board and amps but i think i would have preferred the rack version, so this is up for sale or on the off chance anyone has the Rack and is thinking the opposite let me know, would be interested in working out a trade. This one is only a few months old, in perfect condition with the box and all documentation and i have a Thon hard case for it which it has lived in since day 1. Cheers Pics to follow
  10. -18 is a good starting point, you can boost or cut them to taste of course, there isn't really a right or wrong but this may help explain why they are -18 as a default. https://line6.com/support/topic/21473-impulse-response-18db/
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