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  1. Another vote for the refret option if it has come to that. As mentioned I definitely recommend getting an experienced repair person/lutheir to tackle it, preferably one that comes recommended from someone you trust. I had my '73 Jazz refretted a good while ago now, and whilst it plays great, it wasn't the neatest job. I was younger and less experienced then though, the "repairman" wouldn't be getting away with that these days! 👊🏽
  2. +1, great case! I'll throw Protec Contego in to the mix also.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Lo Riders are the highest tension DRs as far as I know.
  5. Both great strings! The Lo Riders are higher tension (hex core) and I find them to have more midrange punch than the Sunbeams, which are a bit mellower by contrast and more flexible. I use the Lo Riders on my regular scale bass and Sunbeams on the 35". I have a set of Pure Blues on the way so am interested to see how they compare to these two.
  6. I use the Streamliner with a 4x10 for most gigs and a Barefaced BBT for smaller settings, great amp! I always have the gain switch active even with the 4x10. I've never tried a 2 cab set up, but can say that the single BBT does struggle with full drumkit and guitar at times. Although I did use a current gen Compact recently which was much more capable on it's own. Valve-wise I have a JJ 5751 first followed by 2 JJ 12ax7s. I've read elsewhere that the valve mounting plate can be damaged by using too much force to push the pins in whilst replacing them, so maybe this could have happened if all valves are in working condition, and you're confident in the power-handling of the Compacts? Other more electronics-savvy folk might have some other suggestions!
  7. I use a Hiscox with my L2000, and just added foam inserts around the body for a snug fit and protection. Survived probably 50 flights with no problems so far (touch wood!).
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Ken Baker at https://bassesbyleo.com/forum/index.php is your man for info!
  10. @Cuzzie Must admit that I agree with @Opticaleye on G&Ls! My L2500 is strung with nickels, and I generally favour more vintage-orientated gear like Aguilar or tube hybrids which may help, but have never found it too toppy. I love the gooey P-bass like tone using the neck pup in passive, and the general versatility of sounds available. I agree that those MFDs are hot and takes a bit of volume knob riding if you want a more conventional passive tone. I just wish G&Ls were more numerous, and a bit more generous in the fiver string spacing. For comparison, as much as I love the Stingray tone, I find that too mid-heavy and zingy for my own tastes! Back to Sandbergs though! I'm definitely keen to get my hands on a TM2 now!
  11. Thanks for the detailed rundown @Cuzzie, very interesting! I was edging towards the TM2 myself from researching so far, so am even more keen to try one now. Funnily enough it's my love of G&Ls and the double humbuckers that lead me towards the similar config of the TM2!
  12. That's some collection @FacStudio! I've been looking to try some Sandbergs recently, and was wondering what your thoughts are on the tone/character of the TM versus TM2?
  13. +1 for Fusion and also the Protec Contego (heavier with less pocket space but a bit more rigid in terms of protection). I didn't have great experiences with the Mono M80 as I found that the straps would constantly slip, and also my bass strap button wore through the bottom of the case (which Mono deemed wear and tear so wouldn't replace under warranty, though they did offer to pay for a cobbler to repair).
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. Hey all, I've switched to standard gauge Sunbeams on my 35" scale 5 string, so have 3 unopened sets in 40-120 up for grabs (I found another after the photo was taken!). Now £25 plus £1.67 postage a set. They look to retail for £50+, so grab yourself a bargain! Also happy to trade for unopened standard gauge Sunbeams (45-125). Thanks!
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