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  1. Hi all, Looking for a set of these in 19mm sizing, thanks!
  2. Aguilar DB410 cabinet cover

    Not a used cover, but Hot Covers are great! [url="https://www.hotcovers.co.uk/amplifier-covers/aguilar/aguilar-db410-cab-cover"]https://www.hotcovers.co.uk/amplifier-covers/aguilar/aguilar-db410-cab-cover[/url]
  3. Any G&L L2500s in Glasgow/central belt?

    [quote name='Sean' timestamp='1505857053' post='3374862'] I don't do much of that. I play fingerstyle and pick. I only slap on Aerosmith's Elevator and that's not an issue at all. The only answer is having a go. Hopefully one will turn up soon. [/quote] Fingers crossed! [quote name='thepurpleblob' timestamp='1505683981' post='3373590'] I used to have one. Lovely neck but I could never get on with the narrow spacing. It's quite similar to the StingRay 5-string in many ways. Which I also didn't get on with. It was after those two that I realised I only liked 19mm spacing! [/quote] I have a feeling that I'll be in the same boat, so am keen to try before committing. An L2500 with 19mm spacing would be a game changer!
  4. Any G&L L2500s in Glasgow/central belt?

    Interesting to hear Sean. How do you find slap, double thumbing and such on the L2500? Worried that big hands plus being used to Lakland fiver necks would make the spacing feel pretty tight!
  5. Hi all, I'm really interested in an L2500 as I love the L2000, but would like to try before I buy as I'm not sure that I'd get on with the string spacing. Are there any proud owners of an L2500 in Glasgow or close by that wouldn't mind me trying their G&L baby? A box of beer and some in depth bass chat for any generous volunteers! Haha
  6. what makes 70s J's sound so good?

    Sorry to hijack the thread slightly, but seeing as we're on the subject of 70's Jazz particulars! Did Fender change the wind of pickups along with the other design features from the mid 70's onwards? I ask as have always toyed with changing the pups on my 1973, but was unsure if this fell under manufacturer's 60's or 70's style winds.
  7. Removing cloth grill from Barefaced Big Baby T

    [quote name='mcnach' timestamp='1494361628' post='3295409'] Regarding the rattle, have you checked the handle? They can sometimes rattle and it doesn't sound as if it comes from them... but then you grab them and it stops. If you haven't checked. worth trying before removing parts... [/quote] Yeah definitely coming from the mid driver by the sounds of it. The handle seems fine, I tighten the corner bracket screws regularly and there are not enough feet left on it to rattle haha!
  8. Removing cloth grill from Barefaced Big Baby T

    Thanks guys. P-Zarn was kind enough to forward me Barefaced's own guide for removal. Big up the Basschat community as always!
  9. Hi all, My Big Baby T has developed a sort of rattle on certain notes and sounds like a damaged driver or lose part. I'd need to remove the grill to get a look, and was wondering if anyone has advice for doing this on this generation of Barefaced? Gentle "jimmying" in the corner resulted in a cracking noise, and I'm worried that this is the wood and not the velcro! Any help much appreciated. I have contacted Alex and BF but this is going on 2 weeks with no response (customer service thumbs down!).
  10. Kevin_Lindsay

    A very belated big thumbs up to Kevin! I bought my cab from him at the end of last year and he was a pleasure to deal with. Top guy, and was great to talk some bass!
  11. Aguilar DB 210 8 ohm

    Hi all, I'm on the hunt for an Aguilar DB 210 cab 8 ohm version. Thanks!
  12. Barefaced Big Baby I (w/RoqSolid)

    [quote name='NickD' timestamp='1479377793' post='3176010'] That's just daft! Are these 8ohms like the BB2? [/quote] Yeah 8 ohms also. Great piece of kit, and great price!
  13. Aguilar DB 410, 212 or 112x2 with Genz STM 900?

    A belated thanks for your thoughts again JTUK. The Demeter set up sounds pretty no nonsense! I also generally favour amps that sound great with minimal tweaking, but my fondness of the Streamliner contradicts that! Going back to my first post, I'd be interested to hear from users of the 2 x DB 210 set up. I a/b'd the Big Baby with an Ampeg 410 HE at a venue yesterday, and am now thinking that the quicker response of 10"s might suit my current band better. I also figure it would be a marginally more mobile config than the one big 410 mutha!
  14. Aguilar DB 410, 212 or 112x2 with Genz STM 900?

    [quote name='JTUK' timestamp='1476368486' post='3153705'] To replace Aguilar DB sound, I run a Demeter 800w head and 2 TKS112's. I would say the DB rig is more 'there' but soundwise I'm pretty close. I've gone on about class D (and NEO) so wont repeat it, but this is my closest yet. [/quote] Must admit that I don't know much about Demeter amps, or the different TKS 112 variants! Is it the snappily named VTBP-M-800D that you use? And which TKS models do you run with that? Cheers
  15. Aguilar DB 410, 212 or 112x2 with Genz STM 900?

    [quote name='Muzz' timestamp='1476276893' post='3152927'] Unfortunately I've never had Aguilar cabs, so I can't be definitive about them, but I would say that one thing to be wary of is that that nice sound in the shop/house can be a very different thing at high SPL in a band context. [/quote] I should have mentioned that I've used the Aguilar DB 751 a lot with either a DB 410 or 810 when touring, and that is the dream tone. So essentially I'm looking for a similar ballpark sound, but using the Class D seeing as it will be me and not a backline crew lugging it around for home shows haha! Although the Streamliner is a bit of a unique beast, I love the tone with certain cab pairings and it has the right mix of valve tone, power and weight for me. [quote name='acroxixo' timestamp='1476182946' post='3151989'] Off topic - Do you use the stock valves on the STM 900, or did you change it? [/quote] Sorry I missed this before. I have a JJ 5751 in the V1 position to tighten up the lows and give a bit more clean headroom before clipping.