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  1. Brilliant, thanks for your thoughts on the CE6Bs @weeleigh. Sounds like a solid endorsement!
  2. Thanks for a this trove of IEM info @EBS_freak! I am another in the camp of progressing from the Shure 215 to SE535s, and now looking to make the jump to custom IEMs. I will echo that the 535s are definitely an upgrade from the 215s for bass players, with more overall separation, clarity and headroom. My other backup IEMs are KZ AS10s, and whilst they sound a bit livelier, I would say that the Shures just sound smoother and more "professional", and are less fatiguing overall. The build quality is also a good notch above KZs also. The current reduced price for SE535s is a great deal IMO as a universal fit option. The reason I am looking to go the custom route is mainly for the sub bass definition. I find that any of my previous universal fits have pretty limited articulation as soon as the sub octave pedal is engaged! I'm hoping that if I get a good set of custom IEMs with a higher driver count, I may even be able to ditch the backline for international gigs. I have been looking at Cosmic Ears, and was wondering if anyone has experience with the brand, and the CE6B model specifically? They seem like a great price point for a 6 driver IEM, and I like the fact that they are made in the UK also in terms of product support and turnaround time.
  3. Quick and friendly communication, rapid payment and an excellent transaction all round. Deal with confidence! Cheers again Gavin
  4. A pleasure dealing with Peter when I bought a pedal from him recently. Great communication and he made sure that all of the details were covered. Peter obviously takes pride in his gear and the pedal I received was spotless. Thanks again!
  5. No introduction required for this small but mighty low gain beast! Boxed and ungigged, just a bit of overlap with my existing set up and no space on the board. £30 if collected locally.
  6. Sorry for your bad experience @tvickey, sounds like a dodged a bullet as I was lined up to "buy" Ben's OC-5. Thankfully no money changed hands, strangely his story to me was that he didn't use PayPal. Glad you got your money back!
  7. I've not played the Yamaha in question, but I concur with @Sambrook! Nickel strings or flats, neck pup, series and passive mode, volume adjusted for desired growl = lovely P-style thump!
  8. Great dealing with Paul recently, buy or trade with confidence!
  9. Haha true now that you mention it, good for those hefty load-out breathers 😆 Not recommended to attempt without the cab inside though...
  10. Original Aguilar branded cover to fit a DB112 or DB112NT. One small fabric snag in a corner, though this is a surface mark only as these are so ruggedly made that the super thick padding isn't affected ("'tis but a scratch!"). Price includes postage, and it has been cleaned, boxed up and is ready to go!
  11. Owned from new, and comes boxed with manual. An amazingly transparent, musical and easy to set compressor which I'd definitely hold on to if I didn't need the HPF on my other comp! "Based on the highly sought after THAT Corp. 4320, this has been designed to match any other pro grade compressor for bass. Using real VCA or Voltage Controlled Amplifiers as well as an on board true-RMS detector, the accuracy is incredible and the sound is very transparent. While other compressors based off of older chipsets can sound great, they lack that studio grade definition and control which bassists need to get their tone. Think of this as a pro rack mount compressor at your feet." More info and samples here: https://robertkeeley.com/product/bassist-compressor/ Price includes postage.
  12. The original lightweight game-changer Barefaced up for grabs which I have owned from new. Comes with a freshly upgraded handle and some replacement feet direct from Barefaced HQ. PVC Hot Covers, er, cover included also! Specs: 16 kg 8 ohms 3 driver design with 12" woofer, 6.5" mid driver and tweeter Mid driver attenuator bypass switch accessed via front right port Tweeter volume knob accessed via front left port. Silver cloth grille (cellophane still on the logo badge!) Full specs and info here: https://barefacedbass.com/product-range/Big-Baby.htm Collection from Glasgow preferred, but shipping may be possible via Interparcel if there is interest further afield. Drop me a PM
  13. A set of lightly used GHS Pressurewound M7200-5. They were on a Lakland 35" scale for a few hours, and I don't think I even cut them to length. I'm also throwing in a set of 4 string D'Addario Chromes that have been in the box and a sealed bag for a few years now, and didn't see much use. An ideal bundle for those wanting to compare and contrast! Specs: GHS M7200-5 Gauge 44, 62, 84, 106, 128 Nickel Hexcore D'Addario Chromes ECB81 Long scale Regular Light gauge 45, 46, 80, 100. £30 posted for both.
  14. Three sets of new and unopened DR Sunbeams for sale. Specs: Medium gauge NMR5-45 (45, 65, 85, 105, 125) Nickel Plated Roundcore. £27 per set posted, or all 3 for £75!
  15. I had a great experience buying a cab from @Cat Burrito recently. Excellent communication and chat from the start which made for a relaxed and easy transaction. The cab was well packaged and dispatched promptly, fulfilling my particular shipping requests to a tee. Buy with confidence- a real credit to the forum as others have said. Cheers again Tim!
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  17. Another vote for the refret option if it has come to that. As mentioned I definitely recommend getting an experienced repair person/lutheir to tackle it, preferably one that comes recommended from someone you trust. I had my '73 Jazz refretted a good while ago now, and whilst it plays great, it wasn't the neatest job. I was younger and less experienced then though, the "repairman" wouldn't be getting away with that these days! 👊🏽
  18. +1, great case! I'll throw Protec Contego in to the mix also.
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  20. Lo Riders are the highest tension DRs as far as I know.
  21. Both great strings! The Lo Riders are higher tension (hex core) and I find them to have more midrange punch than the Sunbeams, which are a bit mellower by contrast and more flexible. I use the Lo Riders on my regular scale bass and Sunbeams on the 35". I have a set of Pure Blues on the way so am interested to see how they compare to these two.
  22. I use the Streamliner with a 4x10 for most gigs and a Barefaced BBT for smaller settings, great amp! I always have the gain switch active even with the 4x10. I've never tried a 2 cab set up, but can say that the single BBT does struggle with full drumkit and guitar at times. Although I did use a current gen Compact recently which was much more capable on it's own. Valve-wise I have a JJ 5751 first followed by 2 JJ 12ax7s. I've read elsewhere that the valve mounting plate can be damaged by using too much force to push the pins in whilst replacing them, so maybe this could have happened if all valves are in working condition, and you're confident in the power-handling of the Compacts? Other more electronics-savvy folk might have some other suggestions!
  23. I use a Hiscox with my L2000, and just added foam inserts around the body for a snug fit and protection. Survived probably 50 flights with no problems so far (touch wood!).
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  25. Ken Baker at https://bassesbyleo.com/forum/index.php is your man for info!
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