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Show us your Harley Bentons


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As the title sais, show us your Harley Benton guitars if you are not ashamed to do so (I have seen some folks sanding down the Harley Benton on the head stock, not sure why they do it because these instruments are just fine and dandy in my humble opinion)

So here is my Harley Benton family;

This SC-550 has very hot alnico pups (they likely went for the Slash style pup sound) Very nice AAAA flame veneer, Im in love with it!
Love this L-450Plus very vintage sounding pups
The ST-20 (originally sunburst is being reliced/redocorated)

Show us your HB babes!

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Thanks lads!

But truth be told, after I bought this JB-75 bass I have been only playing on it for the last month or so and yesterday I took the L-450 to play a bit and MAN my fingers are missing whole frets and even strings because of my fingers getting used to the bass fret/string spacing :D

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My JB75NA deko.
I don't like the natural finish chopping board look on my basses so it's been sprayed Twilight Blue with matching headstock. Will have it back lacquered and ready for assembly on Monday. The paint looks amazing in reality. My photography is not much cop. I got the paint job as a favour too.

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I've just taken delivery of a Harley Benton TE-30 Telecaster - http://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_hbt30be_egitarre.htm

My first impressions:
[*]It's very well made. I can't fault the build quality at all. I'm pretty impressed.
[*]After I'd opened the box I tuned it up and played it. The setup was really nice out of the box. I'd probably not even change it.
[*]Playability - wow, it's great! I can only compare it to my mate's Fender American Special Telecaster and it's not far off that to be honest. I find it very playable for someone who's a bass player and not a guitarist.
[*]It's heavy! This is the only downside really. It weighs in at 10lbs 7oz!! That's heavier than any of my current basses. In fact, my two heaviest basses that I used to own were 10lbs 5oz and 11lbs 7oz so it slots in right between those. I sold both of those basses because they were making my shoulder ache when playing them live. As the tele is only for recording and not live performance it's not a problem but wow, what a slab of ash it is!
So overall I'm very very pleased with this, especially for £63! It came with two allen keys and a (cheap) guitar lead too. Well done Thomann :)

I'll report back once I've had a chance to compare it directly with my mate's American Special.

Here it is:

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[quote name='Che' timestamp='1449526537' post='2924441']
Im patient especially when I have all these Christmas cookies around me all the time :P (munching away ... )

Haha good to hear!

I've had a play around with it now. I plugged it into Guitar Rig Pro and tried it out on a bunch of presets. It sounds great. I mean really great. IT sounds just as I expected a tele to sound. It does all the good heavy distortion stuff all the way through to very nice sounding clean notes. Still no sound demos yet (I'm quite busy this week and next) but it's spot on for me.

I took the scratchplate off to have a look and one of the screws sheared off its head. No biggie really and I have to remember that this is a £63 guitar! I've raised the neck pickup a bit as the bridge pickup was way louder (the opposite to a jazz bass which surprised me). They're now more evenly matched but not perfectly matched. I have no idea if they're meant to be though.

I also checked how level the frets were and there was 2-3 on the higher-note end of the neck and one down here the nut which were slightly uneven. You could probably get away without doing any fretwork but I have the tools so will probably do it anyway. I've only had one bass that came without needing at least a little fretwork so I'd call this "great" but not perfect. Astonishing given the price tag though!

The scratchplate was a really snug fit and as far as I can tell, all measurements around the guitar are spot on. I've not taken the neck off yet but it looks really snug in there too.

I'm mightily impressed so far :)

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Good to hear it was a jack pot! The only issue I ever encountered with HB el-guitars were a few uneven frets which can be easily fixed by "hammering" them gently with a rubber hammer (I use the rubber handle of me screwdriver) and job done.

Yes the bridge is hotter, more trebly and needs taming with the tone knob. Now I am surprised to hear that its the opposite on the Jazz Bass, :lol: since I come from a guitar background I always assumed bridge is the loud one like on all instruments even on a Clarinet if it had a bridge that is :D

Will have to check my Jazz Bass today and hear for my self. I always play with both pickups so never really listened carefully to just one long enough to notice that bridge pup is quieter. Strange indeed :) One always learns new things, especially here on Bass Chat.

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23 hours ago, TheGreek said:

Just bought one...Paisley effect Tele...no idea whether I'm going to like it or not, just didn't want a Strat.

Pics to follow.

Always fancied the TE-90 DLX, Chambered body and reverse headstock £150 !! Thank God I don't plat guitar,at one point I had 12 HB bassesxD

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