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  1. If I can dig out my multi meter I’ll check
  2. Big difference. Big improvement. wasn’t bad to start with but fantastic now.
  3. I just put a Bare Knuckle in my pb20 ! awesome bass!
  4. Couldn’t get a good sound out of it, really muddy. swapped it for a Glockenklang 2 band eq and it was far better. P bass pickup was good but the Musicman bridge pickup was really thin and nasaly, so never used it.
  5. I had the mp4-eb. The preamp was really bad. Had to replace it. Body and neck were really good but electronics let it down.
  6. I’ve got a Toltek 51 P bass pup in mine. gives a woody, deep and thumpy tone with the tone pot rolled off a bit. prefer it to the hot rails I tried before. had to file the scratch plate just a smidge.
  7. I bought a pedal from kytary pre brexit, good service.
  8. I like this so much I’ve just suggested my band learn it 😂
  9. Just put Wilkinson alnicos in mine today. £22 and a massive improvement. much more clarity, much nicer top end and play far better with a bit of dirt
  10. Black star fly bass. well in budget and a decent home practice amp. There are far better amps but they cost a lot more.
  11. I own one of those horrific tribute models. Happens to be a truly wonderful guitar , one of the best playing, sounding and looking guitars I’ve ever played! One mans horror is another mans dream I suppose.
  12. Just ordered a pb20 in Matt black, looking forward to NBD!
  13. I’d honestly say more for that 6 string guitar thing. sounds great on guitar.
  14. Wonderful little guitar pedal, looks great, well built and sounds superb. marshall in a box kinda vibe. bought a few days before I bought a Boss Katana so have all the effects I need built in now. only opened to try, otherwise it’s brand new. free postage in U.K. or pickup Stalybridge, near Manchester. payment by PayPal or cash on collection.
  15. Just arrived are Ehx cntl knob (to control the gain on my Orange Bass Butler) One control hookers green bass machine tc spark booster trying them out tonight !
  16. I already have the head, bought this too! its now my headphone amp for playing in my lounge. great bit of kit. Sounds superb.
  17. Just bought one today. Looks good, plays beautifully and sounds amazing. Will have to see how it settles in to my pantheon.
  18. I use a zoom q2n for our gigs. its just really convenient and easy. i power it with a usb battery pack as it eats AA batteries. video quality is fine and the audio is a huge step up from phone cameras. you need to make sure you have the mic sensitivity set right to avoid clipping. heres a link to our YouTube channel recorded with the q2n.
  19. My band bring our own wonderful PA, me and the guitarists just bring pedalboards. sounds perfect and we split the carrying. We only do gigs where we can use our PA.
  20. NGD! just picked up this LTD st203fr for a bargain. Matches my Bronco bass so well !
  21. Music man Cutlass Bass Gibson Les Paul dc Special Eden terra nova head warwick 4x8 cab Esp ltd strat Squier Bronco Harley Benton Enhanced bass orange micro terror Yamaha thr10c amp its been a good year for purchases, spending all the money I’m saving by not going out! I’m enjoying myself a lot!
  22. I put a glockenklang preamp in mine, it has really opened up the tones. much more clarity and variety. i don’t care for the bridge pickup and may replace it but the neck p bass pup is lovely.
  23. My band already told our most regular venue well play for free when gigs are back on. We really want to support them. we all work and play for fun but the pub rely on the income to pay wages.
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