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  1. Now, this guy is trying to get custom orders! Any takers?
  2. This thread is older than my young cousin. But is it the oldest running thread on the site? Who knows?
  3. The blue, maple neck one is a thing of beauty! I wanttttt it!
  4. Bit of a long shot here but are you still selling?
  5. Thanks! I’m actually gonna be putting it up on eBay soon. Nothing wrong with it. I just need the money to make ends meet on a future purchase!
  6. Looks like a bass with a beer gut. The way its dressed in white and gold kind of reminds me of Elvis in his final years
  7. Driftwood finish? The only thing that'll be drifting here is the neckstock as it slumps down into a neck dive every time the player picks it up lol 🤣
  8. Not the most ergonomic. Looks like somebody's kid did this for their DT GCSE and now papa's trying to profit off it 🤣
  9. Harley Benton XT-22 Deluxe in Paradise Flame. Amazing, cheap buy!
  10. Fender Opal White Jazz Bass (2016). This baby was limited edition. HAD to buy!
  11. Just two. My collection was at five two years ago but then I thought “What’s the point?” and I sold three of them.
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