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  1. I wondered if the original nut has been replaced, all that stuff and it still looks like plastic :-) I've mostly been playing on rock Smith and the Bach cello concertos. The plan is to start looking for a band next month and get back on stage :-)
  2. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll leave off with the grain filler in that case :-) I guess all the other necks I've had are varnished. Thanks for your offer of some wood! As the day is pretty horrible I gave the frets a wee polish this afternoon. 1St fret has a touch of wear, the rest are fine. However the nut fell off when I had the strings off. Is there any particular glue to use or not? It's a plastic nut. Cheers Martin.
  3. New bass day for me! First bit of gear for 3 or so years :-) I've been thinking about trying a 6 string for ages, saw this one on eBay and went for it :-) I tried a bottom end ibanez 6 in a shop. Loved the feel, wasn't so keen on the sound. Tried the same as this but 4 string, loved the sound, didn't like the neck. So I gambled on this one from eBay. Bought it off a lovely bloke and it's pretty much in mint condition. The truss rod cover is missing, which is bugging me beyond reason. I think I'll make my own, any suggestions for which wood to make it from? The neck is wenge and bubbinga. Is it possible to buy a wee bit of one of these? Are there particular screw threads for this or is it just a plain wood screw? The neck has pits in it from the grain of the wood. The one I tried in the shop was almost rough because of it, this is smoother. Can I use grain filler straight onto a neck like this or will it show white in the pores. I think it's rustolins grain filler I have in the shed from a previous referub job. The strings have seen better days, any suggestions as to what to replace them with? What ever is on there now feels fine, I'll break out the calipers to check the gauge later. First outing was a wee acoustic jam at a mates party. It sounded great, it felt great to play. All in I'm a happy bunny :-) Cheers, Martin
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brand-New-10-Strings-Electric-Bass-Guitar-Solid-Body-Basswood-Neck-Thru-Body/232982450517?hash=item363ed61155:m:m2JT13JwVy6DsYIuJhlaKWA&var=532499817351 I'm tempted, whats the worst that could turn up ? Ok, thought about that, now not tempted!
  5. I had a 5 string fret less acoustic. It needed a couple of hours sanding the fretboard to get a decent action. A lovely thing, but I never realy used it.
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions. Unfortunately I've had some unexpected bills. It turns out the price of getting a door mechanism sorted is approximately the price of a bass! In the meantime I'm going to use an octaver pedal with my guitar. Not perfect, but a different way to test if an extended range bass will get me playing more :-)
  7. Thanks for all that Some ace options there :-) Is there a particular reason basses get passed round bass chat? The shuker looks a lovely thing, the multiple owners makes me wonder if there is something up with it?
  8. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm a bit wary of buying internationally, so I'm looking for something in the UK. There is a BTB on here for £700, any opinions on it? Is the neck likely to feel like the ibanez SR306-EB I tried? Neck dimensions for the sr Scale :864mm/34" : Width54mm at NUT b : Width83mm at 24F c : Thickness19.5mm at 1F d : Thickness21.5mm at 12F Radius :400mmR
  9. Hi, My bass playing has been languishing since leaving my band a couple of years back. I've been thinking about buying a 6 string bass as a kick start to get me practicing again, and once I'm up to speed looking for a new band. Any suggestions as to where to start with 6 strings? I've tried an ibanez SR306-EB which is the only 6 string I could find in Nottingham city center. It was fine and sounded OK. Neck was lovely. I would prefer 2nd hand as I'm not convinced I'll keep a 6 string forever. Any suggestions? Start budget, start premium? Advice on necks or string spacing? My current based are a g+l tribute, '79 music master and a yamaha rg from the late 90's. My guitar is an ibanez js. Cheers
  10. There are a couple of lovely used thru neck thumbs in the classifieds at the moment. That's where my Warwick funds would go :-)
  11. I think mine was £100 in 1995. Thought I had a brilliant instrument at an excellent price- my bass teacher looked at it in horror and sent me to a more reputable shop to have a fret dress. It had had a hard life before me :-) One sold for just over £400 recently... https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-Musicmaster-bass-guitar/323154998957?hash=item4b3d89f6ad:g:1CwAAOSwC6har5eP#vi__app-cvip-panel
  12. I turn 40 next year. Fortunately I have my yob ( almost) as it was the first bass I ever bought. A 1978 music master. It sounds great, and as it is a short scale it its easy to play. I've seen them on eBay for 400 and a shop in Nottingham had one for £1000. As they are much less sought after than a p bass you would have more choice/ chance of getting a £400 one. I started refurbing it when I was 17, got stuck and left it as a mess until last year when I put some time into respraying it with nitro rattle cans. You could treat the bass as a project if the bike is off the cards?
  13. I think It's pearl buttons on the tuners on these basses
  14. I'm 6"4 and have been playing my 78, 30" scale musicmaster since 96. No one has ever commented on the size of it Looks and tone yes, Size i don't think anyone has twigged
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