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  1. Thanks, i thought id get a more second instrument flavored response on here 😀
  2. Thanks, If it’s a USA prs, it will be second hand off eBay for my budget So on a sample size of 7, no breakages? 😀
  3. Thanks! I thought Gibson had put their quality woes behind them. Is that still a thing now? The new studios seem To be similar prices to the used ones on eBay. I’ll have a think about a wait and a shopping trip if I decide to go for a Gibson then. Do the prs not have a similar back angled headstock? Or are they just built stronger? The prs is a fine looking guitar 😀
  4. Graham- I thought so. But some of the second hand prices on ebay are higher for the second hand studios than a new one. Some of the tribute prices look similar. Normally I’m always up for second hand. I’m not worried by wee marks here and there.
  5. Hi, Thanks for the input! So since I have the budget for a Gibson Les Paul, that's what you would recommend? Because it is real thing? Frank at Diemel At ~£3k + thats a proper budget blower! I see what you mean about being its own thing. I've never seen a guitar with the pick up placement or piezo pickups like that.
  6. Hi, I'm after a new guitar. I'm an indifferent guitar player with a 4 month old son. I'm probably not going to improve to god like ability any time soon. With all of the above in mind I bought a harley benton prs alike. Which is fine, but I'm curious about something "better". I bought some bare knuckles pickups 2nd hand form here- they sound immense. With all that in mind, is something like a Gibson or PRS actually going to be any better? I'm unlikely to be playing many gigs for quite some time, especially not on guitar! Better woods- I'm 100% sure my ears can't tell a plank from anything else. Pickups- I love the bare knuckles, they might migrate. Will the rest of the electrics make a difference? Finishing and play ability. Will i notice the difference between a £1000 Gibson or £500 Epiphone of similar PRS vs PRS/SE? Obviously the answer is get down to a shop and give them ago. Since I can't, I thought I'd ask here. I'd consider second hand, its the same question at a lower price. Gibson at £900 https://www.thomann.de/gb/gibson_les_paul_tribute_sg.htm Epiphone at £650 https://www.thomann.de/gb/gibson_les_paul_tribute_sg.htm PRS Se £750 https://www.thomann.de/gb/prs_se_custom_22_vs_2018.htm PRS S2 Custom £1500 https://www.thomann.de/gb/prs_s2_custom_22_wb.htm Cheers Martin
  7. I wondered if the original nut has been replaced, all that stuff and it still looks like plastic :-) I've mostly been playing on rock Smith and the Bach cello concertos. The plan is to start looking for a band next month and get back on stage :-)
  8. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll leave off with the grain filler in that case :-) I guess all the other necks I've had are varnished. Thanks for your offer of some wood! As the day is pretty horrible I gave the frets a wee polish this afternoon. 1St fret has a touch of wear, the rest are fine. However the nut fell off when I had the strings off. Is there any particular glue to use or not? It's a plastic nut. Cheers Martin.
  9. New bass day for me! First bit of gear for 3 or so years :-) I've been thinking about trying a 6 string for ages, saw this one on eBay and went for it :-) I tried a bottom end ibanez 6 in a shop. Loved the feel, wasn't so keen on the sound. Tried the same as this but 4 string, loved the sound, didn't like the neck. So I gambled on this one from eBay. Bought it off a lovely bloke and it's pretty much in mint condition. The truss rod cover is missing, which is bugging me beyond reason. I think I'll make my own, any suggestions for which wood to make it from? The neck is wenge and bubbinga. Is it possible to buy a wee bit of one of these? Are there particular screw threads for this or is it just a plain wood screw? The neck has pits in it from the grain of the wood. The one I tried in the shop was almost rough because of it, this is smoother. Can I use grain filler straight onto a neck like this or will it show white in the pores. I think it's rustolins grain filler I have in the shed from a previous referub job. The strings have seen better days, any suggestions as to what to replace them with? What ever is on there now feels fine, I'll break out the calipers to check the gauge later. First outing was a wee acoustic jam at a mates party. It sounded great, it felt great to play. All in I'm a happy bunny :-) Cheers, Martin
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brand-New-10-Strings-Electric-Bass-Guitar-Solid-Body-Basswood-Neck-Thru-Body/232982450517?hash=item363ed61155:m:m2JT13JwVy6DsYIuJhlaKWA&var=532499817351 I'm tempted, whats the worst that could turn up ? Ok, thought about that, now not tempted!
  11. I had a 5 string fret less acoustic. It needed a couple of hours sanding the fretboard to get a decent action. A lovely thing, but I never realy used it.
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions. Unfortunately I've had some unexpected bills. It turns out the price of getting a door mechanism sorted is approximately the price of a bass! In the meantime I'm going to use an octaver pedal with my guitar. Not perfect, but a different way to test if an extended range bass will get me playing more :-)
  13. Thanks for all that Some ace options there :-) Is there a particular reason basses get passed round bass chat? The shuker looks a lovely thing, the multiple owners makes me wonder if there is something up with it?
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