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  1. tall_martin

    Warwick GPS Thumb BO 4 RESALE VALUE?

    There are a couple of lovely used thru neck thumbs in the classifieds at the moment. That's where my Warwick funds would go :-)
  2. tall_martin

    Ideas for 1979 YOB bass

    I think mine was £100 in 1995. Thought I had a brilliant instrument at an excellent price- my bass teacher looked at it in horror and sent me to a more reputable shop to have a fret dress. It had had a hard life before me :-) One sold for just over £400 recently... https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-Musicmaster-bass-guitar/323154998957?hash=item4b3d89f6ad:g:1CwAAOSwC6har5eP#vi__app-cvip-panel
  3. tall_martin

    Ideas for 1979 YOB bass

    I turn 40 next year. Fortunately I have my yob ( almost) as it was the first bass I ever bought. A 1978 music master. It sounds great, and as it is a short scale it its easy to play. I've seen them on eBay for 400 and a shop in Nottingham had one for £1000. As they are much less sought after than a p bass you would have more choice/ chance of getting a £400 one. I started refurbing it when I was 17, got stuck and left it as a mess until last year when I put some time into respraying it with nitro rattle cans. You could treat the bass as a project if the bike is off the cards?
  4. tall_martin

    Refinishing a high end bass

    I think It's pearl buttons on the tuners on these basses
  5. tall_martin

    Bath, Mustangs and looking daft

    I'm 6"4 and have been playing my 78, 30" scale musicmaster since 96. No one has ever commented on the size of it Looks and tone yes, Size i don't think anyone has twigged
  6. tall_martin

    ** SOLD ** Fender Precision Lyte - Japan 1990

    Hi, Are you interested in trades? Cheers Martin
  7. tall_martin

    Vester custom shop fretless bubinga body. £240

    That is a lovely, lovely bass!
  8. tall_martin

    PAT testing

    To the op I bought a tester for £100 and tested my stuff. It all passed :-)
  9. tall_martin

    Sold Mahalo Electric Ukulele

    Hi, Sorry its sold now. Martin
  10. Sold! Clearly priced too low judging by the interest.
  11. tall_martin

    Ibanez SR800 (Project?)

    He said he has changed his mind and doesn't want to sell. I would have loved it Martin
  12. On hold For binkey bass and if he doesn't take roojuice. Thanks
  13. For sale Mahalo Electric Ukulele Hi, Electric Ukelele for sale. Its had almost no use. Comes with gig bag. Some marks on the back. SOLDcollected from NG5 3GH or £ posted Mahalo ULP1-BK LP-Style Ukulele With Gig Bag The most exciting brand of ukuleles on the market today just got even better by offering a new model in one of the most iconic guitar shapes made famous throughout the 1950’s and 60’s. Though the look of these instruments speaks of rock and roll, they still retain that traditional tone and charm of the Hawaiian Islands and the honor of being the most played instrument the world over. It comes with it's own gig bag too! Features •Maple body •Mahogany neck •Rosewood fingerboard and bridge •NuBone saddle and nut •Nickel-plated tuners with green plastic button •Black •Gig Bag £50 on Ebay. Martin