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  1. Hi Eldon, Welcome. Lestah is me ome town me duck! Although I now live in N yorks flower! Whereabouts are you in Leics? great choice of players. Shaun..
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Mine was like this once.Now looks like this
  4. Wander what that looks like?...😁
  5. Does look a bit odd..doesn't it? A good choice of string spacings may even things up? I'll keep you informed.
  6. I few more,slowly taking shape and waiting for a few bits n bobs from across the pond.
  7. Tim from GIGINK online did my scratchplate.Im sure he's on here, I always promised myself a custom, build to my own spec way back when I had no money.(Kids,bills,life,etc) got in the way. UB40 was the first band I really listened to (Oh,and The Jam!) and this Album inspired me to play bass.I was 14 then and Im 54 now!....
  8. Unsure myself as I never had one before and I bought the bridge 2nd hand so not sure if saddles been swapped around.
  9. Im a bit confused with the bridge saddles.The 3 and 4 groove arrangement.?
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