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  1. Agree about the neck being slim,But I only have little finguz.... Ive been playing/noodling/etc it for a while now and when I went back on my Jazz Bass,the neck felt like a TreeTrunk...lol.
  2. I personally wouldnt play rock(The barts voulme is not that hot). Should be ok with pop. One thing for me is that it is NOT a slappers dream bass.(Too short a distance between end of neck and neck pick up) But thats just my opinion
  3. https://www.originalscratchplates.com/ Have a look.You can design your own online.
  4. Reggae Bass This album was what made me want to play bass way back in 1980. Its really a tribute.
  5. Doctor J I know Cort doesnt sound like the most desirable bass but this truly is a quality build with quality components also. And they are getting quite rare. There's one on ebay now for about £600. It cost me £477 inc p&p.Nearly new without a mark on it. had original strings on even which were dead. but yes,I think I'll hold on to this.
  6. Here's the latest incarnation of my LPB P Bass.....
  7. Hi all, Been a while since here last on here. Here is the finished arcticle with a couple of changes from original plan.
  8. Hi all,been a while since I was on here. I've recently bought a 4 string version of the above. I have to say that its one of the best "feeling" basses Ive ever played.Its definately a Bass player's Bass. No fancy electrics but everything else about it is quality. As he puts it "‘Its a beautiful representation of nothing special’. Any thoughts? Anyone had/got one?
  9. Thanks Mr Reggyman. You spotted main feature that had to be done for me.....Jazz neck. Its one of those baked maple ones.
  10. Yep.Beginners nowadays have a huge choice of cheap basses and can't really go wrong with a little research...
  11. Ok then.Been a while since I posted on this thread even though I started it So I'm not entirely sure if this fits the criteria as only the neck is Mexican. I assembled this from all new(nearly all) parts as my own custom/signature? bass that is one of a kind. When I was younger I didnt have a pot to pee in,but now kids are gone,no debt,etc,etc. So this is the reason for doing this. Have a look & see what you think.
  12. Here's my new MB5 just arrived. Initial thoughts are "its a cheap bass,but definitely NOT a bad bass". A bit heavy but not too heavy(for me anyway). Plays straight outta the box. Pickups are surprisingly quite loud. Volume/Tone knobs are cheap but useable. Little tip-Keep both volume knobs on full otherwise a bit of hissing goes on. All wood seems ok.ish. No sharp fret edges. A little chunky in the middle of neck but again,still useable and needs getting used to. Tuners ok.ish This is my first 5tringer and the narrow(er) string spacings takes a bit of getting used to. All things aside,its well worth £115 delivered to UK. P.S sorry about the mess behind...lol.
  13. Only just picked up on this thread(and recently Harley Benton) and really liking some of the positive comments. Ive had all sorts of basses over the years from a Vintage(the make) Bass Collection copy to an almost new Fender Jazz Elite and loads in between but always had a fascination for low/budget guitars/basses. One of my first was a 1984 Westone Thunder passive bass which was just over £100 Nowadays a cheap bass is less than that!! How can they do it for the price? Anyway Ive always fancied a 5 stringer and a MM so I have ordered a HB MB5 brand new & delivered for £115!! I'll let you know how it goes......
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