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  1. That's where i come into my element! Or not so much..
  2. Tried a wee bit of a Komodo Dragon chili pepper..never again

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    2. Bass_Guardian
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      Why? Only 1.4m Scoville Units. Light snack (not really :) ..)..

    4. Bass_Guardian


      Had to take a reverse half day today. Toilet all morning

  3. Had to re-do my full profile, this an update thing? lost my sig with links etc :( 

  4. Angel eyes - Jeff Healey Band Angel eyes - Wet Wet Wet Angel Eyes - Eyeopener (i believe that's the band name)
  5. No sorry, i was commenting on the video.
  6. Looks good, wasn't blown away sound wise though
  7. I think the monorail bridge was an optional extra or standard on the SE version. I've got a '98 SE and it has the mono rail bridge.
  8. Loving all these submissions 😍 Keep them coming!
  9. Absolute belter! I've got it's granddad. I can only imagine how good this sounds. GLWTS
  10. Bloody hell mate! That was some ride
  11. On the right: My '98 Status Trace Elliot SE in candy apple red They only made 50 5 string special editions so not sure how many where this colour combo. Gotta love a matching headstock *Will try get a better photo tonight. Just found an old one on my phone.*
  12. Hello All! Quite intrigued to see what rare basses people have on this forum. I'm not meaning one off builds to meet peoples specs but production basses. Who's all got a rare bass out there? Pictures are of course a necessity
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