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  1. sorry it's sold, I have a 6string trb for sale now
  2. The pickups are G6 cbjd and the preamp is the classic ntbt 918.
  3. I had a studio in the past and loved this console. Great preamp, summing amp, Eq. Ad-DA card included! Fitted new tubes, but need cleaning. I"m intrested in trade for bass, playstation, sony milc or whiskey
  4. Here is the serial info: https://www.sadowsky.com/serial-numbers/ So it was made in 2013....and it's the japanese metro series
  5. Lot of gig and lot of miles... As you can see it was upgarded with bartolini preamps and pickups (not cheap but worth it). If you have any question just drop me a message.
  6. Sleek undersized J body shape Solid swamp ash body Thicker headstock and graphite strips dramatically reduce dead spots and create a more even response on every note Maple fingerboard 1.5” or nut width on 4-string, 21 18% nickel/silver frets .094″ wide x .051″ high, maximum hardness Custom Gotoh/Sadowsky tuning gears on 4 string; Licensed Hipshot Ultralight on 5 string Sadowsky Humcancelling J pickups (60’s location) Classic Sadowsky Treble and Bass boost pre-amp with true bypass switch Controls: master vol, pickup blend, treble roll-off (VTC) with pre-amp bypass, bass boost, treble boost Sadowsky bridge with quick release very good condition 3,8 kg only
  7. Wish I have to time to play it so currently I don't have any sample
  8. Very rare custom bass from '99. It was designed by MTD . The pickups and preamps are bartolini. The neck is hybrid (carbon+wood). The neck is very straight with low action. The neck finish is colored a little because of the age. This is 24 Fret instrument with great balance and huge sound. Comes with original modulus case.
  9. Thunderbolt payment, highly recommend.
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