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  1. Enjoy this brilliant bass ! Looks amazing , I am sure it plays also fahtastic..
  2. Here is my Yamaha TRB 5P .. awesome bass..
  3. Awesome bass, looks in great condition!! Are specs available??!
  4. Amazing bass...best bass ever made by Clover.. great slap sound , that's the reason its called slapper πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
  5. hello there ,i am the lucky new owner !!hope to find asap one !! steinberger are amazing basses !!
  6. Clover also is a great instrument , maple fingerboard just kills.. Clover Slapper (headless) are a special category for the lucky people who owned !!
  7. Here is my steinberger xq4 , bought from a great guy of this forum, bartolini pickups it's just amazing!!
  8. Clover is a great company , especially decade 90' with the famous Clover Slapper the headless , all the instrument are great , i have play in Germany few instruments , i think i may keep it since there is no interest who knows ..
  9. I would like to thank you all for the great information , new proud owner of a trb 5p !! I am just amazed of the construction of this instrument..
  10. Hello there , sorry for not replying , i have been a little busy, i will send you as soon as possible some extra information just to explain you few things about this special instrument , see you !!
  11. For 6 bass string believe me my friend , is't not as heavy as you think , it really kills , think that it;s a custom not as the other !
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