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  1. Tobias Pro-6 6-string... sort of wish I'd kept it, although it just wasn't getting used and still wouldn't be. Oh, and this very lovely Sei... it was a gorgeous bass, although the Bartos were distinctly underwhelming... if I'd kept it, they would have gone in favour of some EMGs or Delanos or something. If I hadn't sold it, I wouldn't have the Shuker now... so I don't regret selling it. [attachment=6586:sei_2.JPG] Strangely, the bass I regret losing most was an old Columbus Jazz copy... I lent it to a bloke I thought was a friend, never saw him again. Mike Hague, give it back you pikey hippy bastid. Sure it wasn't the greatest thing in the world, but I liked it.
  2. A good mate of mine is a guitarist of considerable ability, he's currently bandless and wants to find one before he goes mad with frustration. I was in a jazz-fusion trio with him a couple of years back. He's been playing for donkey's years and also teaches. He has lots of nice kit, including a Roland guitar-synth setup and the world's heaviest Fender Twin. I know this, because I've lifted the fecker more than once He's looking for something in the realms of jazz, fusion, blues, rock, or any combination of the above. Something he can add to, rather than play stuff off a chart parrot-fashion. He's happy to share guitar duties, but not be a stand-in-the-shadows-at-the-back second guitarist. If you're in Bristol and need such a guy, or you know of someone who does, please let me know. Ta!
  3. Rich

    Akai Headrush E2

    My almost-unused E1 will be going onto the pedalboard I'm putting together... I'm looking forward to farting about with it
  4. [quote name='StevieC' post='157865' date='Mar 15 2008, 10:14 AM']Nick Heywood - Take That Situation (Bet you'll have to look that one up!)[/quote] Hey, what a cracker. And surprise surprise, it's that Palladino chap again Speaking of whom: 'Music For Chameleons' and 'We Take Mystery (To Bed)', Pino-powered Gary Numan tunes. Also: 'State Of Mind', by Fish. Sublime bass by the godlike John Giblin.
  5. [quote name='OldGit' post='159415' date='Mar 18 2008, 09:29 AM']What is wrong with [b]winding it around your arm [/b]and using a Velcro strap?[/quote]Nothing wrong with the velcro strap, but winding it round your arm?? Noooooooooo... THE quickest way to tie your cable in knots, not to mention twisting it unnaturally. Wind it up into one hand... it doesn't take much longer than doing the round-yer-arm thing, but it preserves the cable's natural twist and stops it tying itself into knots the moment you release the velcro.
  6. Guys, many thanks for all the input. Much appreciated. Blimey, looks like I'm getting a fringe benefit from putting the volume pedal there! Actually, my original thinking was that if I use the looping thingy on the Headrush, I'll be able to vary the level of the various things I add to the loop whilst retaining the overall looper output at a constant level. I suppose I could have attained this by putting the volume pedal first, BUT I wanted the Deep Impact in particular to get a good high-level uncoloured input as this is how they seem to work best. My volume pedal is a stereo Boss one, so the sneaky wiring I referred to isn't actually all that sneaky really..! [quote name='cheddatom' post='155754' date='Mar 12 2008, 09:08 AM']I would want OD just before delay, but you have no other dirt to go before your modulation, so if you like it there fair enough.[/quote]Yes, I'd been thinking about that. I couldn't decide whether to overdrive the chorused/phased sound, or to chorus/phase the overdriven sound! Is there any conventional wisdom on this, or is it personal taste?
  7. 'Hot Water', Level 42. Can't believe this has got a look in yet.
  8. For my money, quite possibly the best 80s bassline of 'em all: Pino Palladino, 'Wherever I Lay My Hat'. [i]Divine[/i].
  9. If you'll just be wanting to do straight up/down patch number changes with the foot controller, how about [url="http://www.dv247.com/invt/32742/"]Tech 21's MIDI Mouse[/url]? It's stomp box sized, does the job perfectly, can be picked up for peanuts on evilBay.
  10. I’m thinking about trying stomp FX again, & this time making up a proper pedal board. Not a massive one, just a few choice things that I’ve either got already or want to get. And yes, it’s the old “what order d’you reckon I should put ‘em in” chestnut. I’m thinking in terms of: [font="Courier New"]BASS -----> Deep Impact -> overdrive -> chorus -> phaser -> volume pedal -> Headrush ----*---> AMP tuner_| \____________________________________[u][i]loop[/i][/u]_______________/_\___________________/[/font] The tuner will be permanently on & sitting in its own little side-chain. I've got an octaver, but the Deep Impact has a great octave patch so I'll use that rather than clutter things up with another pedal. The line selector-style loop switcher I’m going to make will allow me to bypass everything except the volume pedal (some sneaky wiring needed for that!). I was thinking of putting a mute switch at the point marked '*', but I'm not sure I'll need it. So... Have I got it hopelessly wrong? Does it make sense?
  11. Damn right, I've got Brycebites' old one and it's mucking farvellous. Splendid amp, well worth it even if it means Tesco Value baked beans.
  12. OK, I've updated the original list with all these additions
  13. [quote name='tauzero' post='154639' date='Mar 10 2008, 03:43 PM']I think I'll bring a GK 200MB and a pair of headphones. And perhaps a Digitech BP200 and another pair of headphones...[/quote] Good call... I'll bring a Dodgytech BP80 and some cans...
  14. I have an RBX765A which I've just had defretted, and it makes a great fretless. Lots of [i]mwah[/i] and a great feel. Go for it, but have it done professionally.
  15. OK, I've had a quick scout through the main B/Bash thread and this appears to be the bass list so far (apologies to anyone I've missed): [i](deep breath)[/i] Musicman StingRay Lakland Darryl Jones 4 Bongo 5 HS Fender Precision with Wizard Thumper Skuker 6 string headless Status S2 6 string headless Fender Jazz Status S2 5 string headed Lakky DJ4 with Fralins Lakky Duck Dunn Dark Star Stingray Status 5 with Nordstrand Status Groove Status Retroactive Fender MiM Jazz with Wizard 84's Lakky Bob Glaub Fender 75 Mocha P-Bass Fender 80'sMIJ Precision with Wizard Thumper and Villex booster Shuker J-5 Wal Pro IIE x2 Wal Pro1 (converted to Custom) Ibanez DWB3 Fender US Deluxe Jazz Aria custom shop upright (maybe) Lakland 44-02D Encore/Precision/Jazz Build Shuker Upright (maybe) GB Spitfire Roscoe Beck V Jaydee Roadie G & L ASAT Rickenbacker 4001 1973 GB standard 4 Status S2 Stagg EUB Shuker P5 Shuker Modern 5 SX P-bass Fodera Warwick JD Thumb Warwick JD Thumb fretless Tsai 5-string ACG Recurve 4, ACG Harlot fretless 4 Status Kingbass Fender 1959 P Bass Modulus Oteil 6 string Fender Performer Manson Kestrel Sadowsky UV70 5 Modulus Q4 Conklin GT-7 Aria TSB-400 with Kahler Trem Aria SB-900 (or possibly SB-1000 Frankenfretless) Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Warwick Streamer Stage One 4 String Warwick Streamer LX 5 String Ibanez SR506 Chapman Stick (10-string) Yamaha fretless with Quarterpounder pickup RIM Custom 5 Warwick '87 Warwick Streamer Celinder Update P Celinder Update J Musicman Cutlass 1 Pedulla Pentabuzz (with Alembic pickups) ESP B-254 G&L L2500 SX Jazz Schecter Stiletto Studio 4 Peavey Grind 6 MM Stingray with Nordstrand and John East pre '74 Fender Precision RIM 6 fretless RIM Singlecut 5 jAzz Iceni/Shuker hybrid bass! 1984 BC Rich Eagle Fender Jazz V deluxe Yamaha Attitude LTD 1
  16. [quote name='gary mac' post='153517' date='Mar 8 2008, 11:07 AM']Don't know whether to go for a fretted or fretless, jap, mexican, old or new. Guess I had better find out what the budget is first. Any thoughts on which to avoid? That might help to narrow it down a bit. Cheers, all the best Gary.[/quote]Buy her a big bunch of flowers, you lucky lucky man. What's your current bass arsenal like? Would a fretted or fretless be of more use?
  17. Are those prices including P&P? If so, I'll take the Small Stone
  18. If you only watch one TV programme this year, make sure it's 'Standing In The Shadows...'. It's [i]wonderful[/i] stuff. Mind you, the MC5 looks pretty good too.
  19. ex-Greg Lake Alembic 8-string. It sounded like God clearing his throat. [i]Huuuuuuge[/i] sound.
  20. [url="http://www.axesrus.com/axenob.htm"]About halfway down the page[/url], "TELE STYLE KNOBS DOMED OR 60'S STYLE FLAT TOP FOR SPLIT (6MM) SHAFTS OR SOLID (1/4") SHAFT. SET SCREW FITTING"
  21. Original Steinberger cricket bat. Memorable for all the wrong reasons.
  22. Call it a wild stab in the dark, but I reckon he might be a bass player... only kiddin' welcome on board
  23. [quote name='BigBeefChief' post='152267' date='Mar 6 2008, 11:12 AM']Personally, the issue for me stems from being taught "lessons" by people I have no desire to emulate, in an overly academic fashion. To some this is interesting - great. To others like me, its not. You may tell me that Janek played a stormer at the 2003 Luton Solo Bass Festival, but this really isn't my scene. I'd rather sound like Lemmy.[/quote]Well ok... if you don't like the lessons, don't use 'em. You got a lot from the punk ones, whereas someone else will have hated them and learned more from the Janek thing or the Anthony Jackson style file. It's tomayto/tomarto really, isn't it? Horses for course, one man's meat, etc etc etc. In fairness you can't pan the mag for not catering specifically to your needs.
  24. I've thought about selling mine a couple of times now, but I'm actually starting to use it properly now so it looks like it's staying it makes a bloody good octaver too.
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