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  1. There are gigs and gigs. One, the more it is "pub" and the more it is "uk" the crap it will be. The audience abroad is more appreciative. That may partly be because "a prophet isn't worth anything in his home country", so playing afar may generally be a better idea than the home gig where everyone goes like "I can listen to these guys any second weekend for free so why give a toss". - And then again, playing pubs for drunks is different than playing say, restaurants - where you get good food instead of free booze and the audience is not whizzed. Of course, a music venue - where people actually come to hear you play - is what you want, not to prostitute yourself in the corner for drunks as in pubs. As for me, I'd much more consider inviting my true fans to my studio or organise a gig in a shed myself than playing in any pub, after all those experiences. And that counts in many so-called "music venues" which are, effectively, pubs.
  2. Another one from the category "the worst and the best". I played in a Psycho-country band, usually on the art circus, such as gallery openings, but did also pub gigs and festivals. - One day an artist / musician friend calls as he had booked his own band / performance act (of which we knew nothing) in a certain pub in south London and asked if we'd support, we agree... It turns out that pub just has a policy of "allowing" people to play there. No PA, no support, TV was on, we even had to pay our own drinks! We do our set of dark cabaret country stuff, singer all in clown make-up, me on the home-built bucket bass, Billy the fiddler on violin, accordion... The pub is packed with arty followers and fans of the other guy, but nobody could hear a note from us... Everyone loves us but hates the venue... We finish early and pack as quickly as can and head out. While we're thus outside, the other act comes on - which turns out to be a noise performance that consists of trashing old instruments and furniture, which happens to be pub furniture, plus throwing random stuff at the audience, which commences to throw stuff back... Damage... So while we're outside packing our gear it kicks off inside, stuff gets smashed and everyone having a great time except for the pub manager, who calls the cops... Cops arrive... Manager explains the situation "These guys' act consists of trashing stuff and our pub got trashed!!!" - Answer the cops: "And you booked them!? Didn't you check out their act beforehand?! No?! So that's entirely your own fault - you get what you have booked!!! You cannot book a violent performance and be surprised about violence can you?!" Funny situation us with all that makeup in the copper's flashy blue light - they asked me "did you play there too" and I was "yeah earlier I just left..." Was OK It turned out everyone had for long thought that place needed to be trashed. Story proves that sometimes art can indeed make a difference. Needless to say, that pub is since not as it used to be. When we had stored our gear safe we strolled to another pub nearby for a number of pints. Pints were cheaper there than in the first venue. Plus, there were intact windows.
  3. http://bucketbass.com/
  4. Me too! Was looking at replacement knobs, but there are no stacked knobs with proper marking or numbers, so it seems. Gap in the market.
  5. Alan from Kent builds some, give him a call: http://bassix.net/
  6. Guys, I haven't really spoken overtely to anyone about this, but after 20+ years away from the faith I have found back to salvation, which is a beautiful miracle really because I really, really felt like the lost son sleeping with the pigs and full of guilt. After a long, long time of travels and ardour I've returned to my native land, and I finally contacted a local priest and she prayed with me, since I found it's not been up to me at all, and finally all fell into place. I pray every day and I go to church every Sunday and it's great, so far not been in contact with any other believers (apart from the other service goers who see me and I guess wonder about who exactly I am) about this really yet and felt that I should, because luke 11:33 and so on so I hope that this little story of mine will bring some joy into somebody's heart. Thanks, Jesus, for your never ending love.
  7. [quote name='1970' timestamp='1357406574' post='1922253'] Never played one, why did/do YOU play a fretless? Fingers or pick? [/quote] Because you get all the girls. Fingers AND pick
  8. janmaat

    Naked bass players.

    Disgusting. I'd walk out
  9. I find it quite difficult to play bass anywhere, since either there's no bass player there -- which means, the musicians are crap -- or there's already another bass player there who'll play just fine all night! Much easier if you pop in somewhere with an accordeon or a triangle I guess... well yeah I've taken on playing the squeeze box again...
  10. I thought the piece was too short.
  11. So I've had this fella a couple of weeks and fell deeply in love with it. Originally bought as a metronome-plus-gimmick to play bass along with, it turnes out to be a very cool instrument (it's an analog synth with a 16-step sequencer). Yesterday I went to an open air café some friends of mine are running and brought it with me to show it to another friend (a drummer). It turns out the cafe guys had been let down by some musicians, so we plugged the monotron into the PA, a friend put on some drone/ambient stuff, and off I went, played the thing for about four hours. And guess what: lots of happy faces and compliments. All this without anything else -- no headphones, no synchronisation, no effects. I'm blown away. There will be more coming this channel... Monotribe: http://www.korg.com/monotribe
  12. [quote name='BassBus' timestamp='1344162062' post='1760468'] I wouldn't go for cheap basses normally but......I came across this cheapy from Thomann. [url="http://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_hbb500fltbk_5string_fretless_ebass.htm"]Harley Benton B-500FL[/url] The sound this guy produces with it is wonderful. [/quote] His face made me laugh as he struggles to get some sort of a nice sound out of it... but that price tag is indeed amazing
  13. One night, after a gig, I was packing my gear while two guys are jamming on stage, gutarist and drummer can't find my cable so I ask one these guys they say no, not seen that blue cable (though they didn't speak much English) Then I spotted it -- that guitard was using it!!! So I took it off him and that was the end of their jam. What the f***??? On the positive side, I was playing with a guitar player who's cable would default and he threw it into the bin! I took it out and fixed it at home in 1/2 minute. Next rehearsal, he said he'd forgotten to buy a new cable -- so I lent him -- his own...
  14. Ha, now you've done it -- you will get more DB gigs -- it's like a curse. You sold your soul! Welcome.
  15. [quote name='casapete' timestamp='1343897359' post='1756867'] I use a foldable K&M stand, around £14. Folds up and weighs next to nowt. Very strong and surprisingly robust - had a rather erm..large lady fall on it onstage at a local pub gig and it survived that. Seen too many instruments damaged over the years by being left against an amp/chair/wall etc to not use a stand. Also don't like the bottom strap button being used to support the bass, going to lead to problems sooner or later. [/quote] Same here. It folds up and fits easily in my gig bag behind the bass guitar.
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