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  1. Thanks for the interest folks. This is SOLD now.
  2. Thanks for the comment pal. It's a cracker indeed it is.
  3. Thanks for the kind comments chaps. I must admit, it's one of the nicest Jazz basses I've ever played, never mind owned. But, the Precision is my baby and does all that I need it to do.
  4. [b]EDIT: This is now sold. Thanks for looking.[/b] Hey, I'm selling my Fender Squier JV Series Jazz from 1984 in Olympic White. It's an absolute beauty. Sounds and plays great. But...my Precision just makes me smile that bit more every time I pick it up, and I don't need both. When I bought this, I played it alongside a number of other Jazz basses. That included some higher priced JV Series basses, and some other higher end boutique basses. This one, for me, was the out and out winner. It just has a quality, and depth of tone that's quite special I feel. Of course, you're welcome to come and find that out for yourself (I'm in Grantham, Lincs.). It doesn't have a case I'm afraid, so an in person deal would be the best option. However, I'm happy to buy a case and ship it at the buyers expense. Feel free to reach out to me to figure out all that kind of stuff. I've tried my best to accurately represent the bass in the following pics and video. It's in really good knick for a 32 year old bass, and you can definitely feel it's quality when you've got it in your hands. However, it is 32 years old, so it does have some character. Here's a video of it - [url="https://youtu.be/Oro2YifjCO0"]https://youtu.be/Oro2YifjCO0[/url] and there are some pics below. It's a straight sale at a fairly priced SOLD please (that's less than most others on here right now, purely because I want the cash). Any questions, please get in touch. Thanks for your time. Jamie
  5. [quote name='Sumbabba' timestamp='1470491422' post='3106380'] Does anyone in London have a medium scale Maruszczyk I could try out? I'm thinking of buying the one benebass is selling but I've never played a medium scale before. [/quote] The Bass Gallery have one of the higher end Maruszczyk's in I believe. Not sure of the scale length though, sorry.
  6. If you're not bothered about the name on the headstock, but still want a decent instrument, for £600 you've got a lot of options on the P Bass front. For instance, I'm pretty sure a Maruszczyk Jake would be awesome, though, nearer the £700 mark. Though, Bass Direct have a Jap P Bass in for just over the £600 mark. Another 'Fender' option is to hang out for a Highway One Precision. My HW1 is the only bass I don't think I will ever sell. *** EDIT - Sorry, I realise I kind of missed the point of your question. Below is probably a little more 'on topic' *** I was in a music shop today and I tried a MIM Jazz. Compared to my JV Jazz it was like playing an Encore £89 starter bass. It felt horrible. Granted, the JV Series basses are exceptional. But the gulf is vast. Previously I've owned a MIA Jazz, from the mid 90's I believe and it too was a solid bass. Me personally, I've always preferred any Squier's that I've played over MIM Fenders. But maybe the more expensive MIM's are decent, I don't know.
  7. Mark and I had a great transaction this week. I bought his Xotic X-Blender. Really easy, and reasonable guy to deal with. Great communication. Item well packaged. I'm happy. I hope Mark is! Thanks my friend.
  8. Just need to let you all know that I think you're all bad influences!!! I can't stop looking at the Maruszczyk basses!!! Pretty sure I'm settled on a Hellwood theme. Not sure as to whether to go for an Elwood, Jake or Paddock though. They're all so nice!!!
  9. What scale length is it please? Not sure what "medium scale" is.
  10. Interesting stuff...I was thinking of getting a Fuzz Against The Machine pedal. I really like everything I've seen online about them.
  11. This is all great stuff. Thanks guys and girls. I've heard good things about the Xotic basses, but haven't played one yet.
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