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  1. [quote name='Jase' post='528487' date='Jun 30 2009, 11:41 AM']When....Nobody leaves you any room to set your gear up at a gig.[/quote] Been there...
  2. ...you have to see the chiropractor more than twice a year because your amp weighs more than your drummer and your bass weighs more than his drum kit...
  3. Thanks guys, I was just curious. Not a bad sounding bass, very light, good for throwing around! Paid £50 for mine, a bargain then!
  4. Hey people, A couple of weeks ago I bought a used Peavey Dynabass (International Series) from a friend of mine who needed to offload it as he was moving abroad. He said that when he got it from his local music shop (in Cornwall) he bought it as ex-demo, and paid about £250 for it. Can anyone tell me what these basses were worth brand new?
  5. [quote name='MacDaddy' post='491640' date='May 18 2009, 05:43 PM']Another Corkhead! Welcome to the forum.[/quote] Hey MacDaddy! Yeah, we're everywhere, world domination awaits!
  6. Thanks Ray! Have a look at www.myspace.com/sidetrackeduk for upcoming gigs!
  7. [quote name='King Tut' post='487949' date='May 14 2009, 02:45 PM']I had a similar bridge problem with a MIM Jazz - ie bridge saddles lowering themselves. This is easily fixed with a tiny dab of loctite on each saddle screw.[/quote] Mine did the same too. Decided to replace the bridge. Still waiting for my local shop to tell me it's arrived...
  8. To all of you, Hi, my name is Grant Smith, and I'd like to post my first, er... post on Basschat. So, a little about me and my gear; I have been playing since 1994, whilst at college studying Art & Design. Buying a cheap package deal (a Fender Sunn Mustang with a 10w practice amp, gig bag, lead, strap and "instuctional" book) from the local music shop did nothing for my college grades, but friends made at college plus my new accquisition turned me on to, well, a lot of different musical styles. Fist song learnt: "Give It Away" by RHCP, and from there onwards it was onto the likes of Metallica, Faith No More, Joe Satriani amongst others that got the fingers in pretty quickly. So that's how it started for me. Now, I currently play in a local covers band here on the Isle of Wight called Sidetracked. All rock covers; Green Day, Kinks, Who, Foo Fighters, that sort of stuff. My personal influences that aren't really related to Sidetracked are early Level 42, RHCP, Jamiroquai, Stone Temple Pilots, Depeche Mode, Ian Dury, Incubus, Kings of Leon, Soundgarden, The Police and many others. Gear-wise, I play a Mexican Fender Jazz through a Hartke HA4000 head with a Hartke 4x10 VX cabinet, with a recently purchased Peavey Dynabass as a back-up. Only two FX pedals: a DOD bass chorus and a ElectroHarmonix Bass Blogger. I also use a Planet Waves chromatic tuner pedal. Anyway, that's me, maybe I'll see some of you in cyberspace... Grant
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