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  1. No ulterior motive whatsoever. I googled his website to see what guitars he had for sale as I couldn't remember if it was classic and cool or cool and classic. The basschat thread was the first search item to come up so thought I'd add my twopenneth.
  2. I meant to say he's also now a Sandberg dealer/stockist and he rates them very highly. They are setup using the Plek system before they leave the factory.
  3. Mark's a top bloke and really knows his guitars. Bought my Ibanez BTB off him and he can't do enough for you. Stayed friends since and occasionally meet up to go cycling with him. Buy from him with confidence.
  4. I replied to his ad on join my band. Lovely reply from him even though he's got a bassist at the moment. Seemed like a Readly nice guy. Shame, I'd love to play in a reggae band :-)
  5. Ok keep me posted, could do that. Is it a good, reliable amp for gigging? Been let down by my Peavey tour and need something to tide me over for a year or so till I can upgrade. Just missed one of these for sale near me. It came with a 15" cab as well so I presume yours has an extension cab plug?
  6. Hi, I might be able to get up Friday. Hereford bit far for me though as I'm in Devon. Any possibility of meeting say Bristol services?
  7. Hi, am interested in the combo. Are you in those counties at various times? Cheers, Simon
  8. There's a Crate BT50 in the for sale forum here. Nice little amp with a great sound. I borrowed one off a friend a while back to rehearse with and the band were very complimentary about it. He's only asking £50. I'm pretty sure it has an aux in too. Headphones-wise I can highly recommend the Audio Technica ATH-M50's. I've had mine a few years and very happy with them. Very comfortable and great for everything - listening to music, recording etc. They've got an excellent bass response too. Failing that look at Dave Marks website, he swears by V-Moda phone's and has written about them on there. Hope that helps.
  9. Sold - to Aende - and a very pleasant transaction it was too.
  10. Has anyone else had problems with any of the Peavey Tour range of bass amps? I bought mine secondhand in the summer of 2012. I then used it for about 10 gigs during that summer until the band did the dirty on me. Since then it's been in storage in various places, a garage, my flat, and being Peavey, I just always assumed it would 'work' when I needed it next. Couple of months ago I went along to see about joining a band - a couple of utterly deluded guitarists as it turned out - plugged the Peavey in and the power light came on, but no sound. No amount of fiddling could get it working. I plugged into one of their amps and after an interminable hour of 'jamming' I made my excuses. I've since checked the fuses in the plug and back of the amp but they're fine. Now the power light isn't even coming on. I took it to a reputable repairer nearby and he couldn't do anything with it and said sending it back to Peavey was the only option. I rang Peavey and on top of sending it to them they want £60 just to look at it before they do anything, so that's not an option. Is it just me or has this happened to anyone else?
  11. This a 2U Warwick Rockbag flightcase which was housing my Peavey Tour 700 until it recently died. Very sturdy bit of kit with military-grade zips at both ends, velcro tabs to keep the flaps open and various pocket for cables, sandwiches etc. Seriously this is one brick [email protected]*thouse of a flightcase - the Germans don't do things by halves and you could probably drive a Panzer tank over it. In fact, I think Warwick actually do that as part of their testing programme :-) Constructed of heavy duty birch with a black, RoK Tex waterproof covering this is going to keep your amp warm, dry and secure for any gig. In good condition with some slight signs of wear and tear. The shoulder strap is missing. I can courier at buyers cost. I live in Devon so could deliver to Plymouth/Exeter for contribution to fuel.
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