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  1. What's the control layout? One of the pots looks stacked, so perhaps vol/tone, and a pan pot? Thanks.
  2. Or unless it has a single tone knob, like the Thunder 1A. I doubt that though... I am genuinely quite interested in this, but would like clarification on the control layout please.
  3. Oh, I remember this Yep, as others say, and speaking more specifically as its ex-owner, this will make someone very happy. And this price is outstanding VFM. And Kevsy is very good to deal with!
  4. Don't be downhearted. It's a really bad time to sell; and I suspect many sales will be regretted by the vendors. If I had the cash I'd be all over this, and I'm sure I'm not alone.
  5. Oh, now this is very interesting. I have the same bass, but with gold hardware. I bought it here about 15 years ago, as an "SB Elite II". They're superb.
  6. I bought an identical (with white plate) new SR from the Bass Centre in late 1995, so not impossible this is that bass. I PX'd it back to them for a GK MB150E (which was quite a bad idea). In any case, the mid nineties were very good years for Stingrays....
  7. I've been trying to remember the name of that Epsom shop for months now, so thanks. Also lovely bass Chris, shame it's gone, would have been all over it.
  8. They were a strange little brand - I once tried to buy one of their Jazzes, but gave up after a while. Even new they looked like excellent vfm; so by deduction, this is an absolute steal for anyone with the cash.
  9. Are you sure this is "early eighties"? Early nineties a lot more likely.... GLWTS.
  10. Brother Jones


    Beautiful. Not sure about the slot head screws in the bridge though...
  11. This is a stone cold bargain. Oh, how I lusted for one in the late eighties....
  12. This is lovely, and light for a TRB. It's a bit like a junior Smith....
  13. Nearly went, but buyer withdrew. So still here....
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