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Brother Jones

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  1. £1800 Overwater Hybrid Jazz 5 string - PRICE DROP

    the bridge isn’t adjustable. Sorry, can you explain this for the unitiated. I'm genuinely interested in the bass... Thanks
  2. SOLD Mike Lull M5V burst/tort/RW REDUCED TO £1400

  3. SOLD Mike Lull M5V burst/tort/RW REDUCED TO £1400

    BC mods - this is not a bump. Has to be said. Incredibly, I am getting lowball offers on this. £1200 is the price for this bass, and that's it. I have genuinely never been more depressed by buyers' immaturity and entitlement. Please stop taking the piss.
  4. SOLD Mike Lull M5V burst/tort/RW REDUCED TO £1400

    Hope this works. I am very old... https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
  5. SOLD Mike Lull M5V burst/tort/RW REDUCED TO £1400

    Lots of predictable interest at this nutty price. Some issues because of site revamp. PMs replied to (no more email notifications, so apologies for delay). Also, photos gone missing from thread, so will try to repost ASAP.
  6. SOLD Mike Lull M5V burst/tort/RW REDUCED TO £1400

    Reduced to £1200 for rapid sale. To reiterate some of the points I made in the original ad: If you want this couriered, you need to arrange that yourself please. I will not modify this bass to your demands. This is an utterly insane price for probably the best Jazz 5 I've ever played. If it doesn't go soon I'll withdraw it - because this process has pissed me off considerably. Thanks.
  7. SOLD Mike Lull M5V burst/tort/RW REDUCED TO £1400

    Up. Any reasonable offer considered.
  8. SOLD Mike Lull M5V burst/tort/RW REDUCED TO £1400

    Bump and REDUCED TO £1400.
  9. Aria Pro II SB800 Fretless

    I have an identical fretted model which I put up for sale on BC a few years ago for a similar price, thinking it was an Elite II I was promptly ripped a new one by the Aria cognoscenti, who disagreed that it was an Elite II, describing it instead as a Korean-made SB SLT. IIRC the non-recessed jack was described as some kind of giveaway.
  10. Withdrawn! 1978 fender jazz bass

    This was mine for many years. I bought it from Andy's in Denmark St in 2003-ish, and had the Allparts body put on by a luthier in Putney. It's a four bolt body, but he made it work by filling two holes and drilling a new one. It really does sound fantastic. I had it set up by Charlie Chandler a couple of years ago and the techs couldn't stop playing it.
  11. SOLD Mike Lull M5V burst/tort/RW REDUCED TO £1400

    Bumpage. Reasonable offers considered.
  12. SOLD Mike Lull M5V burst/tort/RW REDUCED TO £1400

    The first reasonable cash offer, backed by reasonable buyer conduct, will secure this fine, American, glorious instrument. Thanks
  13. SOLD Mike Lull M5V burst/tort/RW REDUCED TO £1400

    Sunday bump for this outstanding (and, may I say, extremely reasonably priced) bass. Just to reiterate what the ad says, I am not interested in trades and if you need a courier, you will need to arrange and pay for it yourself please.