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  1. Reduced to £800. 😔
  2. Hup. Don't really need to sell now, but offers entertained.
  3. I don't really need to sell this now, but I play less and less, so let's bump it. And feedback thread here. Turns out I've been buying and selling stuff on BC for a decade..
  4. Owned two (a Mark II and an Epic), and never liked them. That said, I owned a Wal Custom that I bought for £350 in Music Ground in Leeds for a year and didn't like that much either. "Handmade" is not necessarily a euphemism for "not a dog".
  5. I can't find the Custom Shop pups btw. Still an awesome price for a sorted and largely spotless US Jazz with two EMG flavours.
  6. Right, I 've made a silly billy of myself here. Apologies to you Haysy. Without wanting to make excuses, a very large amount of alcohol, and an enormous row with girlfriend in a Brooklyn restaurant were involved (and my furious typing of the response didn't help that row much). The bass does have a dint on the back, although it's not through to the wood. I can't see any belt rash on the back. Overall, if it was a vinyl record, I'd describe it as 'very good'. I've managed to pay for the funeral, so not in as mad a rush to sell as I was. I do have a feedback thread somewhere, which reveals that I'm not always a Richard.
  7. The hardware has been replaced with the same models, except in black. There is no buckle rash or dents. I am fed up with time wasters on BC. Don't crap my threads, dispute my honesty, or waste my time unless you would actually like to buy this bass.
  8. Incidentally, one of the photos of the back of this made it look as if the bass had an enormous paint chip. It doesn't - that was a reflection. So I've replaced that photo with a less reflective one. It does, however, have a very small point dint on the lower right hand side of the back, but too small to capture in a photo.
  9. Bump, and just to mention I'll be in NYC from Friday til Monday.
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