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  1. If anyone else is selling a unitune I'd be happy to scoop it up. Thx
  2. Would any of these be long enough for a Lakland 5er with a 35" scale?
  3. Oliver packed the pedal well and shipped it quickly. He communicated promptly and was very helpful. An easy and pleasant transaction.
  4. I just did the nail polish thing on my jazz basses, it worked great. I used the Top Coat 2 from DM, did a couple of layers and made sure to get the angled part between the top and side of the pole piece. Now there's no sound I accidentally touch the pole pieces.
  5. A beauty! Hopefully the electronics were upgraded cause they weren't great. Also, might want to tie down the battery (if it hasn't been already), and I hope it's intonated right cause I've read its tricky to dial in with that bridge.
  6. Did the fretless neck or the bass sell?
  7. Ah! A nice Hipshot A style copy 🤘 Yeah they're really junky, which is a pity cause the Elwood is such a nice jazz bass. Even a bent plate bridge would've been better.
  8. Kind of a zombie thread, but I'll take it if it's for sale still.
  9. Yeah it's a useless POS, I wrote Adrian about it, and he, in typical frosty manner replied something to the effect of - what do you want, it's a cheap bridge, yeah you have to loosen the strings if you want to intonate. It's an old design, if you want something better go buy it -- brilliant.
  10. That's terrible, I know the feeling. Will keep an eye out for sure.
  11. Bought a ukulele bass from John, he shipped it super fast and his communication was A+! The bass was extremely well packaged, and it is just as described! Highly recommended.
  12. Wow, this is a crazy price! My jazzman sounds better than my SS1 and SS2 to be honest, it's the most versatile bass I own. GLWTS!
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