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***SOLD*** Bass Centre Guy Pratt 'Betsy'Bass


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Bass Centre 4 string bass Inspired by Guy Pratt's '64 Jazz Bass he calls 'Betsy'. Metallic burgundy mist finish with matching headstock. Macassar ebony fingerboard. EMG pickups. Weight is 4kg. Recently purchased and still in new condition, and unfortunately for me the motivation of this sale is due to an unexpected car repair. Includes gig bag and UK delivery. This is an opportunity to own one of these in immaculate condition, but at a saving from the £595 new price. 

Here's a great review of the bass by the talented gent Mike Brooks :










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19 minutes ago, krispn said:

That headstock has a decidedly Lakland look to it. Are these made in the same factory? Be a cracking bass if it’s of that same Skyline quality!

No - these are made in Korea by a company I forget the name of, Lakland is Cort I think

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On 10/04/2021 at 07:18, JazzLobster said:

They used to be Cort, it's been ESP for a few years.

On the regular Bass Collection models it lists World Musical Instrument Co. Ltd, Korea as the builder 

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1 hour ago, petecarlton said:

How much does it matter where they're built if - as everyone including Guy ((I accept he might have a conflict of interest!) says - they're awesome to play?

100% agree with you Pete. I interpreted the other guys' comments as being positive, given the quality craftsmanship which comes from these overseas factories keeping costs lower on lovely instruments. 

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