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Withdrawn - Morch jazz bass pickups

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Pair of jazz bass pickups from Morch guitars, these are the Fat Fingers version from their range! 

These came out of a Sei bass I recently obtained, in favour of a pair of 70’s style pick ups 

a new set will set you back around £180

This is what they say about them......

(Alnico V/SV) Bass Passive Singlecoil Produced for 4 strings
This popular pickup is designed for bass players who wants considerably higher outputs and a more gutsy and full tone with a warmer, fuller sound quality to the lower midrange and a big, open bass response. The treble has a certain “vintage” characteristic – i.e. with a gradual treble roll off as opposed to super penetrating highs. If you add the Mørch Active Preamp you will experience even more dynamics in the lower octaves and you will obtain a more open and airy treble.
Data : DC: 7,98 , Resonance Peak: 5,0 KHz – Neck: DC: 7,50 , Resonance Peak: 5,26 KHz

Time to try something different? 

Price includes postage 

Have a nice day





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Excellent pickups & a good price ( I imported them from Johnny) when I previously owned the RHT Sei bass - excellent bass too.

The Neck pickup is a different range - captain fingers :-

“A very tight, “fast” and highly projecting tone quality comes from this pickup, which has high timbral resolution and natural dynamics that are easily controllable with your right hand fingers. The tonal quality seems “natural” with extended lows and highs and an open and highly dynamic midrange, that can also “growl” a little bit in the lower presence area (due to “pre-aged” magnets), especially when you play very aggressive attacks.“

If I had a bass with j sized pickups in I’d buy them back 😉


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Aw man I just bought a set of pick ups otherwise I’d totally have nabbed these for a try out. 

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