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  1. For me, it was more like getting used to one bass and then expanding my pallet. Getting used to my first 5 string took me 2 years of practice and gigs before i relaxed. After I learnt to relax on 5 I picked up a double bass, then synth, then baritone, etc... It's a process, I think the key is to keep pushing yourself and challenge your comfort zone. It takes serious amount of time to get yah body to do what your mind wants. Keep the faith!
  2. All i need right now for bass work is.... 1985 Fender MIJ PB-62 Nordy VJ5 USA Musicman SUB Fretless Hohner Gewa Hand-carved Upright Kala U-bass Fender Bass VI
  3. There's a few big billboard flyers around Bristol promoting his fender bass, the push has coincided with Idles album release. Adam D is a total bloke and IMO Idles deserve the hype they are creating. His bass tone on the new album is seriously not to be sniffed at.
  4. Stunning example. These are killer all round basses. Good luck with the sale.
  5. There's also some rather distinct holes near the bridge where I screwed a GK3B pickup to it. Thanks in advance lowend brothers/sisters!
  6. Back in October 2015 I had my house broken into and pretty much all my music gear stolen in one night. At the time i was too devastated for words and almost gave up my career altogether. Luckily I kept getting booked for gigs and have had some really amazing experiences in the last year or two. My Nordy VJ5 is an absolute beast, serving me well at the Shakespeare's Globe last summer, the new Gewa Upright is killer on tour at the moment round the UK. But I still miss My 2005 Warwick Streamer Stage ii It was a complete custom and very beaten up from 1200 shows around the world. Nordy VJ pickups, Aguilar 3 band preamp with switch fitted by Martin Peterson and ramp made by myself from a bit of granddads old workbench. Please keep a keen eye out basschatters, it's more sentimental value than anything else, she's my boo. I'd happily buy it back no questions asked at this point, just so I could groove with my baby once again. Have previously seen it for sale online and its made some appearances in Wunjos and cash converters around London and Bristol.
  7. [media]http://youtu.be/4r6BLGy8BnI[/media] New skool!!!! [media]http://youtu.be/_I7SDB6DL3Q[/media] Old Skool
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. MafianBass

    Sub Bass Tone

    Roland Vbass unit is the one mate, or the newer VB99... killer!!!
  10. Not got a gig in brizzle until june now ZMech, playing the o2 with Dub fx. Not certain I'm up for building my own rig from scratch mr foxen, love the idea, but I need to be able to sort my prob fairly quickly.. Thinking Crown stereo power amp into Barefaces at the moment...... but this all could change, Has anyone tried or heard the new warwick WCA stuff???? been offered a deal with them...
  11. Spent last night checking out the barefaced stuff and it sounds like I need a dubster and one other cab for highs... I am also playing with the idea of running a 1000w+ power amp, splitting signal via internal crossover.... Anyone else here done this before??
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