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  1. Either date sound good to me, i'll be there!
  2. Im only down the road so this would be far too good an opportunity to pass up! Glad I saw this by chance, count me in!
  3. Thanks for the bump fraff! Still for sale.
  4. yeah to be honest it feels much heavier than that, I think the scales I used weren't the best! Im going to borrow a more accurate device and weigh it again
  5. Thanks for the bump! It is such a nice bass to play with a beautiful neck, it really sings when played with a pick, but im a klutz when it comes to playing with one!
  6. Bump, a little bit of interest so far, i'm open to sensible offers....
  7. jay

    Feedback for Hummion

    Sold my VT bass mk1 to Hummion, good communication and payed fast, to be trusted! He's a top guy, Thanks
  8. This price would include postage, or I would knock the price of postage off at least if someone was able to collect. Will try and get some better pictures up soon.
  9. jay


    Hello, Up for sale, my VT bass, mk1. Its in fine working order, comes with tin and instructions. A little scratching on the tin, but pedal is in very good condition. £85 posted.
  10. Hello all, Due to the sad lack of use this bass is currently getting I am putting my Decade up for sale. I've had it for nearly a year, but i've only been using my P bass for some time so it may as well go to a good home. This is the active bass with chi-sonic pickups, but it features an active/passive push/pull switch on the volume control. The silver switch is to switch between series/parallel. The controls are, from neck to bridge, volume, treble, blend, mid, bass. The body is mahogany and fretboard rosewood, strung through body. It has one of the nicest, fastest necks I have ever played (or maybe thats just compared to my clunky old P). It also comes with an exceptionally light weigh armourdillo hard case a Lakland strap and strap locks. Weight is 3.15kg It is in very good condition, with the exception of a rather nasty ding just below the casing on the back, it was there when I got it, its never bothered me but i've been told it can be fixed for about £50. The only other noticeable markings are 2 very tiny dings on the headstock, I have done my best to picture these too. If your local I highly recommend giving it a try!
  11. I used to have on of these, they are actually a total bargain, especially for that price!
  12. The last gig I played, during one of our songs our guitar player switches from acoustic to electric half way through. Everything sounded great, until it was time to rock out the electric which he had somehow tuned half a tone down from the rest of the band. Watching 100 or so people cover their ears when it kicked in was pretty embarrassing!
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