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  1. Surely the track needs to be 'Ashes to Ashes'?
  2. I found out last night that the Ampeg 8x10 that I play through every week at my local rehearsal studio was used by none other than Jah Wobble at the excellent Simon Says festival in Leicester last month. (Great gig BTW). I'm sure that he wouldn't have sounded so good had it not been for all of my hard work breaking in the cab for him. :-) So what's your most obscure bass claim to fame? Did Sting nick your parking spot? Did Paul McCartney go to school with your dad? Did you lend Lemmy your last plectrum?
  3. [quote name='EssentialTension' timestamp='1502571445' post='3352293'] He makes it look so easy I was almost imagining I could do it too. [/quote] I was lucky enough to be able to gatecrash a drum seminar with Mr Purdie back in the '90s at The Musicians' Institute in Wapping. (It was for the drummers, but I snuck in even though I was just a bass player). I think that he makes the shuffle look so easy because (for him) it is easy! It's his default mode, like an engine at tickover. I remember watching him trading evermore impressive licks with Tony Muschamp, till he finally cried out, "Whoa, that's too much! - I'm gonna fall back and just do a bit of shuffle for a bit", which it seemed that he could do for hours on end, whilst conversing with the audience! Everyone in the room was blown away by his playing - I'm glad that I wasn't one of the drummers, because if I was, I don't think that I would have picked up a pair of sticks ever again - after seeing someone that impossibly good, what would be the point?
  4. [quote name='Twincam' timestamp='1502683394' post='3352804'] C'est fantastique! [/quote] I see what you did there!
  5. Hi Blue, Great thread! - It's made me think about my stage moves and stance. Just one question: Where can I get an invisible bear?
  6. Happy birthday for yesterday! You're the same age as my first bass! (1984 Westone Thunder 1A). This made me think: If I'd had a 33 year old bass in 1984, it'd've been made in 1951, which means it would have to be one of the earliest electric basses ever made. (Assuming the '51 Fender Precision as the first production electric bass). It seems weird owning a 'vintage' bass, as I've had it from nearly new. It doesn't seem like an 'old' bass, to me, it's just one that's always been around. It still plays and sounds like it always has, it just has a few more dings in it.
  7. [quote name='bazztard' timestamp='1496288462' post='3310204'] I hate the ones saying "no timewasters", I LIKE time wasting, watching TV, reading BassChat etc [/quote] I've got a mate who used to go through the small ads until he found one saying, "No Time Wasters". It didn't matter what they were selling/looking for. He'd then phone them up and try and keep them talking for as long as possible...
  8. [quote name='matski' timestamp='1463045007' post='3047996'] Do these cobalts 'go off' over time? [/quote] OK, after 17 months I'm just getting around to changing my set of EB Cobalt Flats. It's been a busy year on the playing front too, so I'm happy at how long they've lasted. To be honest, they've still got a bit of life in them yet, it's just that the E-string's started to go rusty where I rest my palm on it near the bridge when damping whilst playing with a pick. I must admit I've never had this happen before, but I'm still swapping the strings for another identical set of cobalts - I'll try and be more dilligent at wiping the strings down after playing, and hopefully the next set will last even longer.
  9. Personally, I love playing in bands with only one guitar. Unless two (or more) guitarists play nicely together, it's easy for the band sound to get muddy, and impact on your bass tone. With only one guitar you've got the chance to experiment with arrangements, revamp your tone and play with effects - enjoy!
  10. This reminds me of one memorable time when I had my gas meter read. I let the guy in and opened the cupboard where the meter was, at which point he produced a box of matches, lit one and started to proffer it towards the gas meter! Fortunately, I had my wits about me and was able to grab his arm and blow the flame out before he was able to get near the meter. A look of bewilderment came over his face as he said, "what did you do that for?" He looked even more confused as I started shouting at him, asking him what the f*** he was doing waving naked flames at my gas meter. "But my torch batteries have run out, and it's too dark to see the numbers!" Even after I'd got a torch and shone it at the meter for him, he still had absolutely no idea why I was so freaked out.
  11. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1493978968' post='3292285'] The adequate guitarist with a great positive attitude and understands how to work with people and be in a band is the better choice. IMO [/quote] This +1000
  12. If you're cutting slots in an ebony board, remember that ebony is very hard and that you're going to get through several saw blades. (I don't want to start the lined/unlined debate, but I recently went through a similar decision process recently. I started out with an unlined board, and was looking for a replacement lined neck. However, after a couple of months I've got used to the unlined board, so can no longer see the point of adding lines to it). I guess what I'm trying to say is get an unlined neck, try it for a month or two and then decide if you want it lined or not.
  13. I don't know about generally, but in my case it has. - I joined an originals outfit last year and turned up with a fretted. A couple of rehearsals in, I was asked, "Er...can you play fretless?" I dug out my old fretless that'd been lying in its case under the bed for the last 20 years and surprised myself at being able to play it much better than I remembered. I'm now all set for fretless world domination... Mwah Ha Ha!
  14. Most useful bit of musical kit I've ever bought! (I've got the same one as Dood). I picked it up for a tenner in Aldi. It makes moving my 4x10 a breeze, and speeds up load-in/out of the PA. It's strong and light and folds down small enough to chuck in the boot with the rest of the gear. However, when I used it last weekend (after 7 year's trouble-free service) the handle stopped automatically locking into position, so it looks like it needs some TLC - I probably just need to lube the locking pins.
  15. [quote name='Spaced' timestamp='1491333807' post='3272245'] I always thought Outlandos to be underrated. Take away Be My Girl and Born in the 50s and you've got an incredibly solid album with some great basslines. Peanuts anyone? [/quote] A friend of mine used to have a lurcher dog called 'Peanuts'. He used to go mental when Sting started shouting 'Peaaaaaanuts!' at the end of that track.
  16. Love this song! I originally learned how play the guitar part, but was seduced by that beautiful bassline, and was dragged into the wonderful world of low-notes. Much of my early bass education was spent playing along to Outlandos d'Amour and Regatta de Blanc - quality stuff.
  17. [quote name='paddy109' timestamp='1490887994' post='3268844'] By the way I also got the gig! [/quote] Yay!
  18. [quote name='Happy Jack' timestamp='1490094914' post='3262071'] Oh yes, and that guy I shared a floor with - Bruce Dickinson. [/quote] And even Bruce still kept the day job as an airline pilot!
  19. Nice! I'd never heard the term "soft aged" before, but it describes all of my basses perfectly - looked after, but well used. I like basses that've been 'pre-dinged', as it takes away some of the angst as you watch your singer (in slow motion) knock your prize instrument off its stand.
  20. I've experienced the same feelings when leaving a band - I was having a horrible time, didn't have any personal ties with the other members, and it was definitely the right thing to do to get out, but when I left I suddenly felt strangely bereft. As GreeneKing says, it's grief, and you've just got to ride out the process. Definitely cherish the time that you spend with your kids - I know it's a cliche, but they really do grow up fast. Having small children seems like a distant dream to me now. Before you know it they'll be independant, at which point it'll be time to get out gigging again.
  21. If you can't get recordings of the songs to listen to before the audition, make sure that you take something along with you to record the session. Personally, I'd ask them to let you record a guitar and vocal demo of each song - the recording should come out better without drums if you're just using your phone, and should give you the basic song structure and chords. This also allows you to listen to each song before you even pick up your bass, which should hopefully give you a chance to come up with some ideas. As always, the three golden rules are: 1. Listen 2. Less is more 3. Have fun!
  22. [quote name='bertbass' timestamp='1489752652' post='3259451'] Highest - The Laughing Gnome. Lowest - everything else. [/quote] Ha Ha Ha, Hee Hee Hee
  23. [quote name='gs_triumph' timestamp='1486551019' post='3232630'] The birdie song frees all! Just sing it in your head. Cleans out most ear worms! [/quote] Thanks for that! Now I've got the f**king Birdie Song going round my head! NANANANANANANAH! NANANANANANANAH! NANANANANANANAH! DER DER DER DER!
  24. I was taught Latin music by one of the most talented guitar players that I think I've met. His rythmn, timing and feel were just amazing. The thing was though, he didn't consider himself to be a guitarist - he always said that he was really a timbale player! I learnt more about Latin feel and timing in an hour's percussion workshop, banging various cowbells and shakers than I ever did whilst holding a bass.
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