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  1. Ed Friedland has written an interesting article on Mustang Sally - a line that he assumes that everyone always plays wrong: https://www.bassplayer.com/lessons/rb-gold-mistake-sally (I appreciate that Mustang Sally could be considered as just plain wrong, however you play it)
  2. Your suspicions are correct! - my fretless Sterling sounds great, especially with EB Cobalt flatwounds.
  3. Always try and be as efficient as possible, so that your fingers do the minimum amount of work for the maximum effect. Try to relax - the more tense that your hand is, the slower you'll go, and the more likely you'll hurt yourself. I used to find that my speed was limited because I 'dug in' too much. Turn up the volume, play lightly and let the amp do the work. I can also play more quickly with a pick, especially when using alternate up/down picking. Try a variety of different gauge picks. I've settled on a medium gauge, but you might find a heavy or lighter pick works best for you. For fingerstyle, try using different numbers of fingers. I've found that using three fingers on my picking hand can be more efficient, especially when playing triplets. Surprisingly, I've also found that using one finger can sometimes be quicker than two, especially if you use an alternate up/down picking action with the very end of your finger. Finally, don't be afraid to vary the amount of fingers you use during the song - one phrase might be easier with three fingers, another with two, and another section with one.
  4. If you ask on this thread, they should be able to give you the bass' exact date of birth: http://forums.ernieball.com/ernie-ball-music-man-basses/1254-music-serial-database.html?s=3a7b8153deb4b477d484c2f285edd81c
  5. I like the Focus 4 x 10: loud and punchy, not too boomy, and fairly lightweight for a 4 x 10. I've find it quite neutral sounding, which makes it versatile - I use it for loud rock gigs as well as quieter fretless acoustic ones. Especially for the price, they're hard to beat.
  6. You might find this site useful: http://www.ovnilab.com/
  7. Bass Culture's one of my favourite albums - it really does exactly what it says on the tin! My originals band have got one ska-influenced number, and I'm trying to get us to lean a bit more in that direction. Ever since my 20s, my ambition's been to play bass in a full-on roots reggae band - unfortunately though, they seem to be very few and far between.
  8. Nothing to be ashamed of - Judith Chalmers gave it a very favourable review!
  9. The catering is usually a big plus! I played two private gigs in December - one we got fed at, the other we didn't. At one gig we had a really lively and receptive audience, while the other one was a bit 'meh'. As you say Blue, private gigs can be hit or miss. The only common downside for both gigs was having to set up early and then hang around for ages before playing.
  10. Ha! I've met many guitarists like this. The best guitarist that I've ever met didn't even rate himself as a guitarist - he always thought of himself as a timbales player!
  11. I feel inclined to blow my mind, get hung up, feed the ducks with a bun.
  12. I've never seen the point in buying signature underpants. I've always bought stock underpants, modified them to fit my needs and then really put the hours in wearing them in - in the bedroom, the rehearsal room and on stage - until the unique stains and wear marks mean that they're MY pants, NOT Adam Clayton's.
  13. I mentioned Charles Manson in a previous post. I'd no idea that he co-wrote a Beach Boys song!!! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-42051100
  14. I always like to entertain diners by using the right bass frequencies to make their cutlery levitate off the table, and create the most impressive standing waves in their soup.
  15. I also use an SVT through an 8 x 10 at my rehearsal space. Have a look at how the amp is hooked up to the cab. Depending on which input's used at the back of the cab, you can use the top four speakers, the bottom four speakers, or all eight. If you're only using the top four, the amp will sound a bit thin (like raising a 4 x10 off the floor). As the live speakers are nearer to your ears, you'll hear more clank. Instead, use the bottom four speakers, which will boost the lower frequencies and mask the clank. (Or use all eight! :-) http://www.ampeg.com/pdf/svt810eav.pdf
  16. I think it all depends on the quality of the art. I remember hearing some Charles Manson demos, which were chilling, but only because of his infamy. Heard without knowing who's singing, they're pretty unremarkable. I do think though that unstable/damaged people often have the ability to make more interesting art. It's hard to write a sad, gut wrenching song when everything in your life is sorted, and you haven't got any demons to unleash onto the page.
  17. Do it! I joined an originals band aged 45 last year and I'm loving it. I hadn't been in an originals outfit for over 20 years, and I'd forgotten just how much fun writing and performing your own tunes was. I've kept the covers band too, as that scratches an entirely different itch. The best part is that we seem to have been accepted by the local music scene in a way that the covers band never will. By making contacts with local promoters, we're being offered support slots for touring bands as they pass through the city. The money is extremely poor, but I really like playing support, as the stress and hassle is much less than headlining as a covers band. When I was in an originals band in my twenties, the spectre of 'making it big' hung over us, and we wasted far too much energy worrying about how that was going to happen, and if we sounded 'right'. Now that there's zero chance of being rich and famous we just go out, live in the moment and enjoy ourselves.
  18. This is a great android drum machine. Very simple to use and program: [url="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gk.sequencer&hl=en_GB"]https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gk.sequencer&hl=en_GB[/url]
  19. I'm still trying to master the Tibetan Anus Flute. It's a bit niche though, and I'm still having trouble finding an appreciative audience...
  20. [quote name='T-Bay' timestamp='1508612743' post='3393379'] I got one in a package with a mike and cable from gear4music which was their own branded one, I only doing backing vocals so was happy to have a cheap one but I am very impressed with the quality and can't see any reason why it won't last years. [/quote] I've also got a Gear4Music boom stand. I've used it every week for over two years, and it still works exactly the same as when it was brand new. (I haven't used it for demolition work, or to repel stage invaders though).
  21. [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1507746773' post='3387734'] [url="https://spitfiretortoiseshellpickguards.wordpress.com/pictures-and-styles/"]https://spitfiretort...res-and-styles/[/url] [/quote] Damn! Now I've got some very incriminating browsing history that's going to be very difficult to explain when I get a knock on the door from the tortporn police!
  22. The Korg Pandora PX4D is a great bit of kit, and includes a serviceable tuner. I love the fact that it's so small and battery powered, so you can practice literally anywhere. I've often chucked it into my bass case so that I can practice in hotel rooms when I'm away from home. I'd recommend in-ear Sennheiser headphones, as they give better bass-response than over ear 'phones, and are light and less fatiguing to wear for longer periods.
  23. [quote name='clunkie66' timestamp='1505737427' post='3373858'] I think I'm ready as I'll ever be, excited and bricking it in equal measure! [/quote] I used to get really nervous before gigs, until I realised that fear and excitement are in fact the same emotion. Ride the adrenaline wave, and remember to enjoy it!
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