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  1. I dep for a band that does Sex on Fire, people love it and its a giggle watching them wobble around to it and scream along with the chorus. I rather enjoy it.
  2. How does Mark King do all that stuff and sing at the same time?
  3. End of the Road - Boyz 2 Men. Appalling whinging noise, unfortunately it seems to be on the playlist of a local radio station that's on at work. Why?
  4. Maybe it was user error causing the tone issues with Carlsbro stuff. My Cobra 90 had Hi & Lo input plus a gain control. In order to get some decent volume I put the Thunder 1a through the Hi input and turned the gain up. Possibly not the best way to get a tight sound.
  5. For my second gig I borrowed another Carlsbro Cobra combo and plonked it on top of mine. Cos of the green logo it looked (to a young fool) like a TE stack. I was happy.
  6. Westone Thunder 1a straight into a Carlsbro Cobra 90. How very 80's!
  7. Not sure if its cheese... Taylor Swift Shake It Off.
  8. Cliff Williams. Bash away on a Stingray, walk forward for a bit of bv's, walk back and put your head down.
  9. This, Robert Cray - The One In The Middle. [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frA3W6_Nxic"][font="Calibri"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frA3W6_Nxic[/color][/size][/font][/url]
  10. Good, so it's not just me hearing things. Bigger brains than mine could no doubt explain why, and perhaps why don't Hartke just stick a better tube in when they make the thing?
  11. Stuff like this just goes to show how great bass playing adds so much to the overall performance.
  12. I replaced the standard tube with a JJ ECC803S just to see what happened. Well.. despite my lack of an expert ear for such things it does seem to have added a bit of extra something perhaps more character, depth not quite sure but it sounds different and better. So for a small fee and very little work I am happier with my amp - what a result. Give it a go.
  13. If new a Sire Marcus Miller, I have one - it's good.
  14. I think we would all like to see this film of Blue with his invisible friend.
  15. The film review show that Barry Norman used to present. Hawaii 5o Police Squad
  16. Our guitar man couldn't do band practice yesterday. So with Bass, Keys, Sax, Drums and vox we sounded lovely - well i thought so. I could actually hear what Mr Keys was doing plus bass sounded great in a bit more space. Excellent, happy to do more without guitar.
  17. Do I do, For Once In My Life and the intro to Get the Funk Out - that tone.
  18. Followed by sex on dire? I'm just the dep so I do as I'm told. Should the dep express an opinion? And.. The whole two set thing doesn't make sense. Get the punters warmed up, disappear for 1/2 hour and start all over again. Why not stick with it for 2 hours?
  19. Done some dep gigs for a band that play Moondance (lets not start an argument about that) as the first song. Seems a bit bland to start off with. So what's the view, is it better to begin with a bang or ease gently into the set? Or does it depend on setting?
  20. Was gig number 5 as a returned bass player. A long drive for a dep gig at a big pub in Crowborough. Its a pub we played a few months ago (was gig number 1)and they asked us back. Did ok, now starting to relax a bit more and enjoying the job. Now the thought of playing for two hours isn't such a big deal. Would have been quite happy to carry on a bit longer. Some well oiled sorts were having fun which was entertaining to watch, plus good feedback from the punters and the landlord, made a good night.
  21. I don't see what's wrong with a band churning out a set of old stuff if people are happy to pay to see it. I am sure that the vast majority who have seen ACDC on the current tour had a great time. Is there any reason why a band should stop touring just because they have been around for 40 years? What I object to is the rip off ticket agencies that make tours like this nearly impossible to get to see without paying double the price. That's a whole different matter.
  22. Ok so they are past their best but I enjoyed their Wembley gig last year. Nothing wrong with a bit of senseless noise and nonsense. When bands like ACDC stop the world will be a less entertaining place.
  23. That is a lovely thing (except for pu guard) but.. Somewhat more expensive.
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