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  1. Hello Strawbs, welcome from Alton, East Hants.
  2. We don't know what we are doing so just make it up as we go, by the time we have farted around getting everything set up and worked out how the desk works (again) it's normally as below. Whole band - maybe something that was a bit dodge at the last band practice. Just me - This Place Hotel, we don't do it and I like it.
  3. In my view it's all about the groove. I enjoy a good funky repeatable groove - bung a few fills in but don't loose the groove. People recognise the usual suspects in this genre by the bass lines, plus if you go a bit off piste it can upset / confuse the drummer.
  4. Jack's Instruments did the mirror plate on my Sire - lovely job done.
  5. It's covers in a pub. I have enquired and I am required to wear a Santa hat. Apparently there are some Christmas songs on the list, this I have yet to see - it should be a bit of a laugh.
  6. I have a dep gig on Dec 22nd, it's the first time I have done a gig this close to Christmas. So what's the view; wear a silly hat, dodgy xmas t-shirt etc or be Mr Grumpy and do nothing. Quite like the idea of a few Christmas lights on the cab.
  7. That was rather amusing - was it supposed to be? They look like that band in School of Rock.
  8. I bought one for £5 off a mate from school in about 1984. Looked like a sort of SG shape with an ashtray over the rather appaling bridge. I replaced it with a Thunder 1a.
  9. We did the Sherfield Beer Festival yesterday afternoon, really good fun. It's the first time we have done an event like this and I hope we can get some more of the same next year. Our set is a mix of soul, R&B, Disco plus a bit of more recent stuff - it's a kind of shove it out and hope some sticks approach. I think we went down ok, apparently there was some positive comment. Our singer led us down a couple of interesting structural variations, this and a dep drummer (who was excellent) kept me relatively alert throughout. I had a little more space to move around than I normally get and managed to step on my lead pulling it out during the intro to Proud Mary - other than that I was quite happy. We don't practice much and this was just gig number four this year - we all left wanting more. Following us were the very excellent Dolomites. All in all a lovely day.
  10. Mirror scratch plate on a black bass.. Nice.
  11. On Saturday it was... why is the girl dressed as Cat Woman dancing over there and not over here?
  12. We did a charity dinner with the theme "A night at the movies" at Botley Masonic Centre. Setup had to be sorted by 7.30 so the room was clear for folks to have dinner - we weren't on till 10, but we got food. All the guests were in fancy dress, we were asked to judge the best - Edward Scissorhands and Marge Simpson were the winners. It was a great gig - probably about 100 people in the room a decent number got up for a dance. The first set seemed to be over too soon - one of those occasions when it's a pity to stop. Set two was great, a few people had left but the remining peeps were well up for more. We were supposed to finish by 12 but got the very welcome One More Song request. Played our usual two extras - wasn't enough - so we dragged out 10 out of 10 - a great way to end the show. We have a slot at the Sherfield Beer Festival next Sat - looking forward to it.
  13. Don't be so passive, laid back and aimless - this has changed over time. Don't stop playing for 25 years Learn to read music Learn to sing
  14. We Are Family, I have been trying to get the chorus clean and accurate for some time. I can do the verse - which is rather lovely. What is Hip.
  15. Did what has become an annual gig at the Binfield Club - near the bright lights of Bracknell. It's a fairly typical social club, we get a good sized space to play - getting stuff in is a battle, we have to manoeuvre past folks sitting on chairs watching the telly having a drink. It was the last gig with our current drummer which is a pity cos he is a decent drummer and a lovely bloke. We suffer from a lack of practice, some of the new stuff is a bit rough round the edges - despite this we went down well; some really nice comments after both sets - we will be back next year. I am rarely happy with my playing and last night was no different, it was the first gig with my TC BH800 (was using an LH500) I was at least happier with the sound.
  16. This OLP was £80 off Gumtree, added a Wilko pickup, shiny pickguard + a bit of woodwork and wiring.
  17. Thank you, I thought a mirror pick guard would look better than the black one it was supplied with. Quite pleased with the result.
  18. Volume is the key, for us this is somewhat led by our guitarist. Our current drummer isn't that loud; but he is leaving. We auditioned for potential replacements, they were all noticeably louder. I would happily turn everything down in the practice room, I feel my tone suffers when the volume goes up - practice set up for me is a TC BH800 with a TC RS210, for a gig I add a BH210. With bass, git, drums, keys, sax & vox we really need to keep it under control so everyone gets to hear what's going on.
  19. I don't do many gig's - nine last year. After the last practice before each gig I generally think Oh xxxx! The band sounds a mess - a big wall of sound, not what we want. Get to the venue and (so far...) everything sounds better. Maybe it's something to do with the practice room being a small enclosed space. Is it just me?
  20. I was there, great gig; also got to see them last year at the 02. Nile is a legend. I like Jerry - he puts on a bit of a show, the whole band is very impressive. They have been gigging this stuff for a good few years - so I guess you would expect them to have it sorted.
  21. I have listened to a bit of Joe Bonamassa and I don't quite understand why he is the big thing; no doubt he can play but it all sounds a bit blues by numbers. Robert Cray is a far more interesting guitarist imo. Also has a great voice.
  22. I can't make up my mind with compression. I have been using a Spectracomp for a while and thought all was good. I didn't use it at the last band practice and now can't work out why I thought I needed it.. Typical!
  23. Enough of the twiddly derrière nonsense... Lemmy - Stay Clean.
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