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  1. It was a wedding gig a very happy and chilled vibe. We did our stuff, guests were grooving. All went rather well. Its not a stage fright thing, its just stupid doubts enter the mind. I'll just ignore them in future.
  2. That's what I'm doing. Why do I start to think that stuff I have played countless times will just somehow go all wrong. Only third gig as a returned bass player. What does your brain do to you at these times? Or are you a grizzled old pro who just turns up and bashes it out?
  3. Perhaps it's a no win situation. I use light 40-90 strings, anything substantially heavier doesn't feel right. So it's possible to dismiss a bass simply due to the wrong strings. Should I spend + £500 on the chance that it would sound and play "right" when I change the strings?
  4. I am sure that this has happened to us all. Convince yourself you want or need something, have the good sense to try it and find that it's not right. Guitar Village in Farnham have an Ibanez SR755-NTF @ £568, off I go this morning to try it out. Well of course it's new - that is an unexpected problem. Not familiar looking down on a pristine bass, seems wrong for a chap of my limited abilities to be playing such a thing. It's the first 5 string I have played, the sting spacing seems a lot tighter than I expected, I know that this is a characteristic of the Ibanez range but didn't expect it to be so alien. Plus the neck pickup is closer to the neck than I like. Spend a few mins farting around and leave happy not to have spent any money. Back to my beaten up Thunder 1A and OLP. I brought my Hartke LH500 never having seen one, that turned out ok. To buy a bass unless it's something inexpensive, without having played it risks expensive disappointment.
  5. I don't have the knowledge to understand why I should dislike it.
  6. Ok, so what's the problem with it? I have to play it for a regular dep job; hasn't done me any harm.
  7. I have an LH500.. Wot is the valve upgrade?
  8. I have one, the Warwick info on it states 400w @ 8 ohms. Used with a Hartke LH500 + Warwick 1x15 or soon a TC 2x10 I paid £150 last year - it was "as new" so £130 looks ok
  9. Good, cos the 1x15 is looking surplus, I think I need another 2x10. Maybe finally buy a new bass, something with 5 strings. Oh well, actually got a gig tomorrow and in the words of Brian Johnson I'll have an arse like a rabbits nose. Probably want to sell the lot after..
  10. Back in the same room tonight. Didn't plug in the 1x15, with just the 2x10 the sound / tone was 100% better.
  11. Ah.. Yes the compressor has helped. I don't use it so it had been consigned to the spares box.
  12. Too Young To Die - Jamiroquai; no prob playing the line but I can't get the right sound. Having listened to this a lot I have decided it's a sound I could use a lot - I like it. Within my setup:- Hartke LH500 + Bass Attack preamp + Thunder 1a with added jazz pup something approaching the right noise must be in there somewhere but I haven't got close enough. So should I try different strings - currently D'Addario Pro Steel - poss to bright? Any help and guidance greatly appreciated. And... yes I know its a rather poor ancient old tool but the Thunder has been with me since 1984 and I am a sentimental fool - gotta give it a chance to do the business.
  13. Looks like a learning curve ahead.. Thanks for the advice. So I cant use this as an excuse to buy a load of new kit?
  14. It was swervjam - room 1. We usually go to Jamspace in Winchester.
  15. We normally use a small practice room, just enough space for Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys and vocals + the occasional sax; very little room to move around. I'm generally happy with my sound in this space - tight and clear. But we tend to be a bit too loud. Today we were in a room at least three time the size - I could go for a walk. However I was not at all happy with my sound - much less definition than usual. I don't have years of experience to call on, yet to play a gig with this band - June 25th will be the first for many years. Is this the sound I can expect when moving into bigger rooms / venues? Kit used: Hartke LH500 with Warwick WCA 1x15 & 2x10 cabs. Bass Thunder 1a with added Jazz bridge pu.
  16. It was Jagz; a very enjoyable evening.
  17. No probs with the Hartke, loud / clean / simple - all good. I can't really compare it to anything else; as a "returning" bass player it's the first amp I have had since a 1985 Carlsbro Cobra 90...
  18. I didn't get it, purchased a Hartke LH500 instead. This makes noise via Warwick 1x15 & 2x10.
  19. My last time out in front of an audience was 1986 at Esher College, that was till last night. Approx ten mins and three songs at a blues jam night in Ascot. Sitting and waiting for our go was a bit of a struggle, particularly as all the other players were excellent; our guitarist was a concerned soul. I kept thinking that what little I did know would escape me as soon as I got up there. Going from just playing at home to joining a band is one step, taking this to a audience is another. Everything sounds different, I couldn't hear what I was doing as clearly as I would like and the vocals were not as loud on stage as we are used to in the practice room. However I think it went quite well, a couple of ladies started to dance - well it was quite late by then.. Will be doing it again I hope, just got to think of a band name.
  20. That is interesting, we have been considering SRM450's but I am aware that opinion on these is mixed.
  21. Any views on these - other than the rather significant weight?
  22. I don't do much blubbing but these give pause for thought. I've Been Loving You Too Long - massive vocal from Otis Redding There was a tv programme a few years ago called F1 The Killer Years, they played Put a Candle In The Window by CCR over the end credits - it didn't help lighten the mood.
  23. However.. Trying to get For Once In My Life sorted; currently more than my brain can take.
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