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  1. d'you know, My vigier (kept in the same room) refuses to go out of tune! I play it hard every day and I haven't needed to re tune it for many many months
  2. Does it tie in with number of basses built?
  3. Ooo, hadn't ever noticed the number at the base edge of the bass. What's that mean?
  4. Passsive. Active is on the side sounds cleaner when playing through that little practice amp
  5. Loopchemist. OMG -someone with an identical bass as mine! Bought mine in 84/85. Played it 'till '93 until it hibernated for 25 years. brought it (and me) out of retirement a few months ago.
  6. Ah good. something simple that does the job is absolutely fine. Thanks
  7. If one buys the Focusrite Scarlet interfaces, does it come with DAW software bundled. And if so, which one and is it just a 30 day thing or completely free?
  8. Aha, thanks. Does it make them strange to play? And maybe it makes no real sound difference to a 4-string
  9. what's the deal with the wonky fret board?
  10. Nice story. It shows you that sometimes you have to let yourself be open and let the baby come to you
  11. Ah, thanks, yes it is
  12. Stylon Pilson -agree with your points. We'd be good shopping together! LOL
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