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  1. Hey Denby Lovely Bass. Are we doing photos of younger men playing old guitars now? This must be '83-84 The Cartoon in Croydon, our regular Friday Gig !!
  2. Thanks to the replies so far. In the time when these were first released I remember the boutique Bass market was really just starting to blossom. Status, Alembic, Wal, and others all threatened the mass produced status quo (not the band). I always found Vigier to be the most playable out of the case and the sound variety for a gigging musician was fantastic. If you love a P Bass sound then buy one I have no gripe on that count, but if you are looking for more than "set it forget it" these 1980's (now vintage) instruments are great.
  3. Hi All got this out of the (origional) case the other day Still in tune ! Series 1 Arpege V4 Phenowood neck, brass plate, those amazing pick-ups. (buzz acknowlaged) what a bridge ! Plays so nicely I have owned this since new Purchased directly from Patrice in 1983 while I was working at RockBottom Music in Croydon
  4. Hey All just joined, long time player (30 years) but very much out of practice now. I own a few basses now though for most of my real playing career I only used 1. My Vigier Arpege Series 1 V4. Still have that baby bought directly from Patrice in 1983.When I was a wee sprog working in Rockbottom Music in Croydon !! Serial number 188. If i could upload pics I would but seem to be having trouble with that, Maybe because I'm Stateside now All the best David
  5. Bass Player (just)  Now I don't gig !

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    2. loopchemist


      Used to Play Live a lot when I was in the UK, pubs, clubs some studio work for hire.

      Played out a bit in California lots of RnB and Motown stuff.

      Been trapped in my regular job and haven't played much in the last 5 years.


    3. Marc S

      Marc S

      Ah, time is so often the issue / barrier to the stuff you want to do
      Music is my therapy - I'd say just get out there & see if you can join in a jam somewhere
      You, won't look back, honestly. I didn't play for nearly 25 years! And I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed playing bass
      I wouldn't be without it now :)

    4. TheGreek


      As @Marc S says above "Music is my therapy.." 

      I think that you may find that you are not alone in this belief.

      @loopchemist, welcome to our humble abode...

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