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  1. I was reading another thread about bass amps from the 70s and it got me reminiscing about my old Intermusic amp. I bought the amp 2nd hand from a shop that used to be just on the Market Square in Nottingham, must have been 1986. I think that I PX'd it for a Trace Elliot combo in the mid 90s. I remember that it came in a flight cased chassis with front and back panels that clipped on, built like a tank. I also remember that I had a 2x15 cab that I used to lug around with it. I was much fitter in those days.
  2. Hi, Porlock McDonalds* here *OK I applied some artistic licence, but we were in the "vicinity"
  3. Judging by the title of the thread, can I assume you're a fan of the Damned?
  4. That's a beautiful looking bass, I'm happy to see that you're far away from me otherwise I'd be sorely tempted and then end up in bad books at home as I've promised her indoors that I would't buy any more basses.
  5. I'd tell them both that you can't decide and ask them back again. You've got 2 options 1 - Give them no feedback on your dilemmas and see if anything changes 2 - Tell them both what aspects of the audtions went well and what didn't go well and see if anything changes I'd personally go with the one who identifies what went wrong and tries to fix it rather than someone who is oblivious to what's going on around and doesn't change/adapt. Just imagine what it's like learning new songs with someone who can't doesn't communicate well and doesn't seem to be too bothered. At the end of the day a band relies on everyone to pull their weight ...
  6. Thanks for that. I'd assumed the worst.
  7. Anyone here use Lemonrock? It's been down since yesterday. I tried emailing one of the addresses I had for them yesterday and it got bounced. Dunno if they've folded or just not renewed hosting package.
  8. We just use Google Calendar. We've set up a calendar for band members and get people to mark things like holidays/unavailability so when we're booking gigs we can see whether anyone is not free. We also use it to a lesser extent for scheduling practices. It's pretty straight forward to use, once you can work out how to set up the calendar. Once gigs are booked we add them separately to Facebook (and in our case Lemonrock).
  9. I've driven the E40/A4 a few times, but usually did that Dresden bit in the dark.
  10. Not sure which bit of the M5 you're closest too, but as soon as I saw this I thought "Spaghetti Junction" For my most recent band it emerged from the rather acrimonious split of another band where the singer and rhythm guitarist had decided to pull the plug before it descended into actual violence. We originally kept the name of the previous outfit but at one of the early practices I was about to bring up the subject of changing our name when the rhythm guitarist said "maybe we should change the name, you know, a clean slate and all that". The rest of us just looked at each other and said "That's it, that's our name ... Clean Slate". I'm in two other bands. the main band got it's name after we all put ideas into a spreadsheet and then whittled them down. The other is an acoustic trio/duo and we're named "Remember Tomorrow" after an Iron Maiden track.
  11. I'd just get a UK plug from somewhere like B&Q, Wickes etc, cut the Euro plug off and wire the UK plug on the end instead.
  12. That looks staggeringly awful, are the strings closer together at the bridge than on the neck or is that just as illusion?
  13. I started off playing 6 string electric in a "band" made up of all the lads who sat in the back row of the geography class at school! The photo is from 1982, shorlty before I took up bass, cos some time after this was taken I swapped my guitar and amp for with the bass player cos I "fancied playing a bit of bass". It's a Colombus P-Bass copy in very striking metallic flake silver, the amp I had (not in the photo) was an old Laney Keyboard combo. Note the obligatory can of Skol, even though we were not old enough to legally buy the stuff!
  14. ^^^^ Totally agree, just don't go changing arrangements (too much) when someone is absent!
  15. Set up a Spotify/Apple Music/whatever playlist with all the songs (certainly for the covers) and listen to it on repeat. Get tabs/song structures Make sure you're all agreed on which version of the original you're playing and which key I've set up a "practice corner" at home, with my bass in a stand ready to go, my practice amp and my hi-fi with a place to plug in my phone which has my spotify playlist on and my tabs/song structures on a music stand. I try to practice an hour a day at the moment (as I'm in 3 bands at the moment and I'm dep'ing with another band on Saturday). Also on a previous similar thread someone mentioned to set up a Kanban board, but if you have no idea what that is it's probably better to ignore for the moment
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