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  1. No. Jackson did own them as he bought ATV music that also included the rights to many other songs including Northern Music, but he sold 50% of his share in ATV to Sony in the 90s. In 2016 Sony bought the remaining 50% of ATV from the "estate" of MJ. However McCartney managed to buy back Northern Songs from Sony "for an undisclosed sum". So Macca owns all the rights to the Beatles catalog.
  2. I know we're only supposed to choose 1 but that's too difficult. My the first ones that jump to mind are Cream - Live Vol II Peter Gabriel - Plays Live Stranglers - X Cert Deep Purple - Made In Japan King Crimson - USA Led Zeppelin - Song Remains The Same Jethro Tull - Bursting Out
  3. I saw him at the NEC on that tour. Didn't realise at the time how significant it would be,
  4. Back on track Has my bass playing improved? Yes Am I practising more? - Also yes. I follow Mary Spender on YouTube and she set out to a video every day during January and encouraged people to play/practice for at least 15 every day. I can't say that I've managed every day but I'm trying to practice most days,
  5. Doh! I was looking at these a few weeks ago and there was nothing in the For Sales here so went with something else. GLWTS
  6. I'm in 2 bands. One of the bands went into extended hiatus in Lockdown 1 and apart from 1 attempt at doing an online collab and a socially distanced outdoor jam nothing has really happened. For the other band as soon as we went into lockdown we shared a list of songs that we wanted to learn, everyone* learnt their part, recorded it and I pulled the results together in GarageBand and not only did we have new songs ready go when we got back together again but we also got a couple of demo recordings. *after we got together post lockdown the rhythm guitarist sad he didn't like any of the new songs and wasn't happy, which was fine with the rest of us as we were looking to get rid of him anyway. During the summer (post lockdown 1) we got back to rehearsing together and without the rhythm guitar player we had a new found freedom and learned even more new songs. We managed to do a live stream and a socially distanced "gig" at the end of August. We got into the routine of practising weekly again during the autumn and managed to do a Christmas live stream with most of the songs being completely new. Now we're in lockdown again we;ve got another batch of 5 songs that we're learning and starting to pull together the individually recorded parts.
  7. On the Thomann FAQ page "VAT will be added and charged by Thomann GmbH after processing an order only if the net value of the items is equal or less than 135.00 GBP or if delivery will be to Northern Ireland. In these cases, no additional fee will have to be paid upon delivery."
  8. I know that this has been said elsewhere, but i just want to make sure I fully understand ... So the threshold for free delivery is £135, which is also the threshold for VAT, and when VAT is involved the courier/agent will also charge a handling fee. Does that mean that the ideal order would be for £134.99 + the £8 delivery charge?
  9. Full link here Hans Thomann, CEO of Thomann GmbH and Music Tribe’s CEO, Uli Behringer today announced the entering of a strategic relationship. The focus of this Super Partner relationship is to deliver an obsessive Customer Experience with unique collaborative opportunities to realize co-innovation of new products, co-marketing related to learning and education as well as a unique supply chain integration to ensure all products are always in stock and readily available. (apologies for yet another Thomann thread)
  10. She's got an odd knob too (no sniggering at the back). My dilemma about choosing between the 2 is that I love bound necks with inlays, but I'm not so keen on maple fretboards. I really dig the retro look of the green one (similar model to Laura Lee), although I'd probably ditch the chrome bits. I actually prefer this headstock to their older design. Although having just seen the post Christmas credit card bill, any purchases might have to wait, unless i decide to move the HB on. Anyone interested in a Harley Benton MJ4-EB ?
  11. Yeah, but which one? I think that the "62" is basswood and the "75" is swamp ash. Not had a basswood bodied bass before, but the it's £70 cheaper
  12. I've been contemplating getting another "value for money" bass to go with my Harley Benton MJ4-EB, but since many of heir basses (certainly the on I had my eye on) are either out of stock for some time or completely disappeared from their website, plus we now have Brexit and potential delivery delays from the continent, I've been looking at other budget models and know that SX have had good feedback in the past. Has anyone had any experience with either their SBJ75 or SJB62C models ?
  13. Back in 1999 (i think) I went to a couple of gigs in a function room at a place that was then called Ollie's Bar in Ascot. It was a long time ago and all a bit of a blur, but one of the gigs was Nik Kershaw and the other was Howard Jones. I recall that Mr Beggs was playing bass for Howard, possibly both of them. It was kind of surreal considering how big these artists had been in the past playing to about 150 people in what was essentailly a big shed at the end of the car park. I dunno if we paid anything to watch them, if we did it was a couple of quid. It's ironic now that the same artists are now raking in big money again on the "retro" circuit (at least they were until this COVID-19 thing came along)
  14. Your wish is granted https://www.ibtimes.com/nasa-detects-59-foot-asteroid-will-intersect-earths-orbit-tomorrow-2942474
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