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  1. Back in 1999 (i think) I went to a couple of gigs in a function room at a place that was then called Ollie's Bar in Ascot. It was a long time ago and all a bit of a blur, but one of the gigs was Nik Kershaw and the other was Howard Jones. I recall that Mr Beggs was playing bass for Howard, possibly both of them. It was kind of surreal considering how big these artists had been in the past playing to about 150 people in what was essentailly a big shed at the end of the car park. I dunno if we paid anything to watch them, if we did it was a couple of quid. It's ironic now that the same artists are now raking in big money again on the "retro" circuit (at least they were until this COVID-19 thing came along)
  2. Your wish is granted https://www.ibtimes.com/nasa-detects-59-foot-asteroid-will-intersect-earths-orbit-tomorrow-2942474
  3. Daft Punk - Get Lucky Pharell Williams - Happy
  4. Our lead guitarist has a Laney Cub 10 that he uses from time to time when we practice, I'm super impressed with the sound he gets out of it. Very small and very portable and nice clean sounds too. I have heard that some owners decided to replace the speaker but I guess it depends on what you're looking for/expecting.
  5. I'm fortunate enough that I can have my cake and eat it. I play in 2 covers bands, one is very much "we play covers that you know but aren't what everyone else plays" (to a certain extent) and the other one plays much more of the cliche stuff. I prefer the stuff we play in the first band, but the cliche songs certainly get the crowd going.
  6. After not playing a note for some years (and on the encouragement of an old mate of mine who had recently taken up drums as part of a mid-life crisis, I got back into playing via The Rock Project (Encore) that is/was running in Windsor. From the guys who started around the same time as me there were at least 3 spin-off bands from that (and probably more by now as I only stuck around for a year). Since then I've used JMB (and to a lesser, certainly less succesful extent bandmix) to recruit a guitarist and singer for subsequent bands. More recently I used it for looking for another band to join (locally). To summarise, JMB is good, but you have a lot of chaff to sort through to find the wheat, Bandmix is not so good. I've also recently discovered shed loads of local Facebook groups for bands, buying selling gear. gigs etc..
  7. As mentioned above you've got a short scale bass but you bought longscale strings. Take a look at the link in the post from Ricky 4000 and take your pick from the stings mentioned there.
  8. Someone is selling one on Facebook Marketplace, not sure if its the colour you seek
  9. I was reading another thread about bass amps from the 70s and it got me reminiscing about my old Intermusic amp. I bought the amp 2nd hand from a shop that used to be just on the Market Square in Nottingham, must have been 1986. I think that I PX'd it for a Trace Elliot combo in the mid 90s. I remember that it came in a flight cased chassis with front and back panels that clipped on, built like a tank. I also remember that I had a 2x15 cab that I used to lug around with it. I was much fitter in those days.
  10. Hi, Porlock McDonalds* here *OK I applied some artistic licence, but we were in the "vicinity"
  11. Judging by the title of the thread, can I assume you're a fan of the Damned?
  12. That's a beautiful looking bass, I'm happy to see that you're far away from me otherwise I'd be sorely tempted and then end up in bad books at home as I've promised her indoors that I would't buy any more basses.
  13. I'd tell them both that you can't decide and ask them back again. You've got 2 options 1 - Give them no feedback on your dilemmas and see if anything changes 2 - Tell them both what aspects of the audtions went well and what didn't go well and see if anything changes I'd personally go with the one who identifies what went wrong and tries to fix it rather than someone who is oblivious to what's going on around and doesn't change/adapt. Just imagine what it's like learning new songs with someone who can't doesn't communicate well and doesn't seem to be too bothered. At the end of the day a band relies on everyone to pull their weight ...
  14. Thanks for that. I'd assumed the worst.
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