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  1. Great quality and sound as standard, just cant get on with the 32" scale, just doesn't feel the same even though its only a couple of inches shorter.
  2. As title, decided to try one (as I do) but not really for me. Only a couple of months old, bought new by me from PMT. No scratches or dents, all original and tbh pretty much Mint condition, boxed. Will include a set of D'Addario Chrome XL Flats Medium scale very lightly used. Collection only - Maidenhead, Berks
  3. Dimarzio DP 123 Pickups, good Condition, full working order, selling Jazz so these can go. £60 posted
  4. That's OK, I would post but don't trust any of the carriers to either get it there in one piece, or even get it there. But thanks for the interest.
  5. Had issues with my HB MP-4MN, active side problems, decided to go to dedicated passive, was pointed in the direction of John, he sorted me out a loom, which is really great quality and workmanship, all arrived very quickly too, included instructions a blanking grommet and even a little screwdriver to use on the connectors, that is a great touch. This Bass has never sounded so good, well chuffed. Cheers John
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. No worries, thanks for letting me know.
  8. Thanks for the recommendation, been in touch and all sorted, Cheers
  9. Just too start with, I modded my HB P bass with SD QP's and pre made CTS wiring and new hardware, the same with my SX Jazz with Diddario's and again pre made CTS pots, wiring and hardware, so just straight swaps, both are fabulous Basses now, well too me anyway. I have a Harley Benton MP-4MN, love everything about it bar the mounting issues with the electrical side of things, had to re solder pots on Pup selector and a few other joints as lots of dry joints and poor wiring, even with this done the sound distorts now and then, the volume crackles on and off too, been in touch with Thomann and worked on the suggestions they have made to no avail and apart from sending it back to be sorted, which is a pain, and if I am honest with the current standard of work and components is anything to go by I will have the same issues again at some point. I love the feel and the Quality of the bass, the way it looks and the way it plays, so its ripe for a modification, tired of the Active stuff as the rest of my basses are passive so would like to make it straight passive, I would like to change the Pup's which are P Bass and Humbucker, however I would not know where to start apart from buying Pots and Pup's, the electrics side of things bar soldering it all together stumps me completely. Also could I buy P Bass pickups from one manufacturer and a Humbucker from another without any issues of compatibility, can I get a custom wiring loom made somewhere, lots of questions/issues so any help would be great. Thankyou.
  10. Sorry, my bad, they are 80 ohms, thanks for the heads up.
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