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  1. Sorry, I use tusq too, just interested in the value in each over the other, fancy trying a bone but won't if its not as good.
  2. As title guys, just modding my Jazz and as the nut is white, if that really matters, just exploring the merits of either, went for plastic/synthetic on my P. Any advantages to Bone over the other. Cheers
  3. A few months old, nice bass, one small mark on the back and a couple of tiny dints on the front which really cant be seen without looking hard otherwise its pretty much mint. Has new knobs plus the originals and I will include a set of DR Hi Beams which I tried but didn't like on it. Nice slim neck, easy to play, just cant get the sound I like. Boxed with the manual. Sorry but collection only Maidenhead, when COVID rules allow.
  4. I decided to keep my SX JB75, despite issues with the Gloss neck, that have been improved somewhat by using a window cleaner on the neck instead of Mr Sheen and as I read elsewhere washing hands before playing. So I have decided to have a mod session with this one too, have done all the shielding, sticking with the bridge and tuners as they are very good, so just new pots, scratchplate and of course new Pup's. I am very pleased with the Seymour Duncan QP's I put on my P Bass so could just go with their Jazz QP's, however, the DiMarzio J Bass DP123 have got my interest as well. I would like too keep fairly close to the Jazz sounds. As a newbie to Jazz's I was unaware that the two Pup's are different sizes, is this normal on all Jazz's? The Dimarzio's look about right spec wise to what I have in the SX (92 and 94mm long) however cant find any specs on the SD's, would they be the same? Thanks in advance
  5. Anyone recommend a good polish for our beloved Basses?
  6. Always the way 😁 Going to persevere with it. Far too nice to get rid of at the moment. Cheers.
  7. I wouldn't know, never handled one.
  8. They are finished really well imo for the money, decent hardware, sounds great, just don't get on with a Varnished neck as much as I have tried too.
  9. Couple of months old, little use. Excellent condition, one little dink on the back, and usual polishing marks, otherwise excellent condition. All standard, sounds and looks great. Very good quality for the money. Was going to mod it, but having a bit of a clear out as bought a Yammy 504. JB-style body shape that features an American Southern Swamp Ash body. The 20 fret fingerboard and neck are made of selected Canadian Maple. Scale length is 864 mm, nut width is 38 mm. Collection Only, Maidenhead, Berks.
  10. Well I ordered £155 worth on the 15th January, a week later and UPS bill me £50, decided not to pay, did the return to sender on the UPS website and it has been stuck in Feltham since, showing return to sender awaiting payment, I have tried numerous times contacting Thomann and no reply, where they usually get straight back to me, as they do when you want to spend money with them, so getting on for 3 weeks, cant get a refund and the parcel is sitting tight, wont be using them again, I have spent a lot with them over the last few months too.
  11. Ok, thanks guys. just not had that with the Elixirs, NYXL's or the Hi beams so far, will be exploring flats a bit more though, right up my ally sound wise. Just out of interest, how do the Fender flats rate, seem cheap but that's not always an indication being no good, after all they are fender.
  12. Hey Guys, I decided to put some Flats on the newly finished SBK, Went for GHS Precision Flats 45-105, absolutely love them, not only for the sound but the feel (first set of flats ever) a real revelation. However, the E string is long, where the A, D and G wind on the binding at the end, the E string has go around the tuning post so is slightly out of line, my worry with this is the fact that it will be sitting tighter to one side of the nut, therefore wear issues? is this normal, is this an issue? or am I just being Paranoid? 😬 Thanks in advance
  13. Mutley

    HB PB-20 SBK

    Thanks very much everyone for all the positive feedback, its great to have some learned opinions, especially on a first attempt. A couple of Bass's will have to go sooner or later and who knows, I may get stuck into another one, will be asking a few questions on here if I do, hopefully that will save me a bob or two or stop the rookie mistakes 😁 Thanks again The SBK is solid, has a great sustain, the neck is just how I like it for a P, so it is a great starter project for sure. I have an SX JB75 Swamp Ash in Blue that I got for a steal from DV247, prior to leaving the EU that is, rock solid superb quality and finish, that will get the shielding and a scratch plate, but I really like the sound of the Pup's, Hardware and pots/wiring are great, so just a mini project. I love HB's too, I have the MP-4 MN Enhanced which is my go too. Love it as is, so no desire too upgrade any of it ........ YET!!! Didn't really notice, but see what you mean, but looking at it, it follows the the ridge on the body perfectly, however, the chamfer is a lot shallower and longer on the neck side which makes it look out of line, the camera angle does make it look worse to be fair, I can live with it,
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