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  1. My California TM4 plays like a dream and has a great punch, picked up for 750 second hand
  2. [quote name='Lozz196' timestamp='1396778825' post='2417144'] Here it be: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2R0IgIsgok [/quote] That really is a magic sound on that bass, don't think much of the song though!
  3. I have never played a US Spector, so can't say how they play or sound. All I know is, the Euro is a gorgeous bass with a lovely growl that I have heard from the US basses on YouTube . It's EMG pick ups on my bass so I assume the sound can't be that far removed. Maybe one day I will pick up a cheap NS , but until then I'm perfectly happy with the lovely Euro
  4. I'd never thought about that, I guess it's just ingrained in you and with me it's mostly 4/4 as that's what I grew up with
  5. I would have to concur. You NEED another guitar!
  6. Believe me, I would love to have bought an NS2' but I can't justify spending 5 grand on a bass, so the euro will have to do for now
  7. I just bought a Euro 4LX and used it last night for the first time at a gig and I was blown away by the sound and playability of the neck. What a great instrument. I'm used to fenders but definitely will be using the Spector for our rockier songs. I can't offer any views on Warwicks as I've never played one
  8. Damn it, if only I could bring myself to watch that show I might have seen it !
  9. [url="http://youtu.be/6qlUFKFHNIU"]http://youtu.be/6qlUFKFHNIU[/url] Im going to see them in May too, cannot wait!
  10. [quote name='tommorichards' timestamp='1396111259' post='2410059'] Its the vintage reissue series, V96. Sounds exactly like a jazz should. [/quote] For goodness sake boy, make your bed before posting on the interweb !
  11. I just had a look at the major pentatonic on facetube and it's easy , so maybe I will look into them a wee bit more, can't hurt though I've managed without for long enough. It's always good to learn new things as it brings more to your music, here goes.......
  12. I never even knew there was more than the one!
  13. [quote name='chrismuzz' timestamp='1396606508' post='2415581'] I only ever seem to get "chatted up" by blokes at the end of gigs [/quote] Ha, when we were a two piece, I used to slag off my mate the guitarist, that he only got approached by boffins because of all his pedals and stuff, whereas, me being the singist,got approached by the birds. Now a few years later, it's our rhythm guitarist who gets all the attention cos he's young and good looking. I keep telling him he's just in the band as eye candy. It's bloody rotten to be invisible now right enough
  14. I seen a pair of jeans once that had reached six quid, the guy was asking for twenty five quid postage! I sent him a sh*tty message! Good luck with complaining to eBay on their charges, they will fart in your general direction!
  15. [quote name='Telebass' timestamp='1396595487' post='2415413'] Well, I'm no ego-driven soul, but even so, the gig's the thing. Quite apart from putting food on the table, there's no point in playing if you don't gig. [/quote] We'll maybe, but for ages I didn't gig, due to job constraints, but I still enjoyed jamming or plugging away on my own. There's no doubt gigging is the pinnacle of playing, but plenty folk get enjoyment through just playing
  16. They just sit in the mix with little or no fiddling, if your worried at all about your sound, use a P ! Simples!
  17. [quote name='deaky' timestamp='1275133231' post='851044'] Well I tried the Geddy yesterday and unfortunately I wasnt impressed. My vote would be a precision [/quote] Thee philistine thee! Thou hast not the slightest ideaeth of what thou it's talking about! I haveth one gedster lee and it is a beast!
  18. That feeling you get at the end of a night and someone comes up and says, great night, just makes it all worthwhile for me. When I look back and say, I have been partly responsible for giving these people a good time, that's why I love to gig, I can't imagine not gigging even though we are not as prolific as we used to be, it's still a great feeling!
  19. The places you are all describing sound like the places we play all the time! Our drag of venues is not the best, I can tell yas. We play small venues all the time with drunks pulling mic stands away from your face cos we all know how funny that one is, and the drinks on top of your amp, I never get tired of that one. Talk to me whilst, not only am I playing, but singing as well. The worst one was a wedding we played in a hotel. This place had never been used for a wedding, so the owner, a very snobby woman, wanted to tout it as a great place to have your dinner and entertainment. She kept on at us to watch her good wooden floor with our speaker and mic stands.The dance/ band bit was a separate room to the bar and consequently, every bugger sat in the bar and we played all night to about 8 kids sliding about on their knees across this wonderful wooden bloody floor......Incidentally. I just found out recently by speaking to the guy who fitted that floor, that its only laminate! The .
  20. Getting in a hall is a good idea, but you have to remember that the sound you get will not be the same as if the hall was packed with people. Human bodies are the best sound suppressers out. Also plus 10 to the suggestion of not being too loud. It's far better to be told to turn up than it is to be told to turn down. We have always had a job getting a sound as we don't have a sound man and do our mixing from the stage. I sing as well as play bass, so have to rely on out guitarist taking a walk out front to hear if we have a balance. Generally , small to medium pub gigs will only require vocals and kick through the pa. Fair enough if you have subs but most pa's will suffice just handling vocals
  21. Ton in Gaelic means arse! The o is sounded as in for
  22. [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1396263038' post='2411437'] String choice is an incredibly personal thing. The only way you are going to find what you like is by trying for yourself. The only useful thing that comes from these threads is a list of stings for you to try. For instance there are already more than a couple of recommendations for DR Strings, however I found them all horrible. As I said it's personal. here's two more to add to your list - La Bella Steels and Warwick Red Label. [/quote] This in heaps, it's true strings are personal cos I like Roto's, I doesn't matter to me that they don't last cos I don't think any string lasts, plus coated strings don't sound bright enough for me, but that's my choice. I like new string ring. The only way is to try every string you can, it's usually a trade off between quality and price ain't it? So if you want cheap, try eBay , if you want quality, try strings direct
  23. I actually hate 90% of our set. I would love to play songs that I like, that are fresh. I'm really jealous of our drummer cos he has the same taste in music as me and has another band he plays in who do just rock stuff. I would love another band but can't as I work away and only have time for the one band
  24. You can't chuck songs cos they are boring! I agree it's poor playing easy basslines after a while, but you simply have to, if you are a pub covers band, play what the public wants to hear. We have been playing for years and always like to throw in interesting songs that we like but always end up going back to the dreaded brown eyed girl and Galway girl. I hate these songs but the trouble is, the drunken masses like them because they know them. Tell your band that if they want gigs, they are gonna have to make sacrifices in their musical integrity to a large extent. Maybe once they have faced up to this, they might get stuck in and learn enough for a set. Once you have a name for yourselves, you can drop in the odd "good tune" Good luck man !
  25. Thing is, maybe they didn't think it was that important to mention it and now it's grown so it's awkward. You have to speak to them and clear the air before doing anything rash
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