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  1. I had a Fender Custom shop 62 Precision...it was nice, sold it as my standard Mexican made 50's classic was nicer!
  2. I am currently using a Yamaha 735a as it gives me 5 strings and still sounds quite a lot like a p bass
  3. We were "lucky" enough to be joined on stage by a rather drunk young lady who managed to knock the fan over and promptly stand over it, skirt around her neck, knickers on show, we tried to get the older lady she was with to recover her from the stage and were proudly told "that's my daughter!"
  4. Got to be Paul Simonen's Precision seconds from destruction and a step into immortality
  5. We put our sub at the back next to the drummer on the opposite side to me to try and get the bass out evenly on both sides of the stage, however, knowing that sub bass frequencies are not known for doing what we want them to it probably makes very little difference, other than giving us somewhere, away from grubby fingers to sit the PA head!
  6. I was lucky enough to find a Behringer V Verb for a decent price, it was absolutely brilliant for the 2 whole weeks it worked until one day with a tiny wisp of smoke it completely died, Behringer refuse to release schematics for products so once it dies it cannot be repaired
  7. Check whether the XR18 will allow you to link aux's to create a stereo mix, I have a UI24 as an enclosed IEM set up, we tried running as mono in ear mixes but the clarity was poor, switching to stereo mixes allowed us to place all the different instruments in different places in the stereo spectrum and really improved the sound, of course the trouble is that for each IEM out mix you are using 2 aux sends so even the UI24 only really allows for 4 stereo IEM mixes unless you start routing to use the 2 headphone outs as a 5th stereo aux send! Either way, it turned out the drummer was deaf in one ear and the rest of the band were too tight to invest in decent IEM set ups so the whole project was an expensive waste of money!
  8. Reaper, I think it is the most intuitive of the DAW's out there, there are online tutorials for just anything you could wish for, their updates always seem stable and it is a fraction of the price of other DAW's
  9. A final update, Mark rang me today to confirm that it had been paid! Would I sell through Bass Direct again, yep, without hesitation, I did put all the basses out on sale on other sales sites prior to moving them to Bass Direct and had absolutely no sensible interest in them, Mark sold them really quickly and returned the same money I had put them out for on the other sales sites, so the eventual buyers ended up paying 20% more for them, I priced them pretty keenly to try and get a quick sale, maybe I should have priced them 20% higher when I offered them out 1st time!
  10. One minor frustration, I have sold 5 basses through Bass Direct over the last couple of months, all sold for what I wanted back for them and all sold really quickly, my frustration is on how you get paid, I have had to chase on every bass to confirm I had been paid for them, I am still waiting for confirmation that the money for the final one sold has been paid in to my account! There doesn't seem to be any process to let a seller know they have been paid for the bass sold by Bass Direct on their behalf! I have brought loads from Bass Direct in the past and have always found them a pleasure to deal with, this was my first ever experience of selling on a commission basis and again I was impressed and generally happy with the process all I needed was a text or email to confirm that payment had been made! Just checked with my bank who have confirmed that it has been paid!
  11. And joy of joys the rest of the rock band tested positive on Saturday and I finally tested positive this morning! That's next weekend's gigs out then! Bloody Covid!
  12. Our guitarist in the rock band tested positive yesterday, we had rehearsed on Wednesday evening, I am gigging tonight with the covers band so took a lateral flow test yesterday and this morning, fortunately both came out negative so the band are happy for the gig to go ahead this evening
  13. Very much this, I realised over the last couple of days how much I was starting to dislike the sound of an Ampeg B1E into 2 1x12 Markbass cabs with a full fat American Spector with EMG X pups fitted, it was giving this horrible mid range with no focus to the bottom end at all...the answer, move the amp from one wall to another position in the room and I now have the sort of sound you would expect to get with a quality set up!
  14. I looked at an early Fortress for sale locally last year, the neck was badly twisted, a bit of digging confirmed this was a reasonably common thing with the early basses, we tried adjusting the neck but it didn't want to know, the seller ended up taking it to a luthier who confirmed the neck was stuffed, I believe he just ended up hanging it on the wall as an ornament!
  15. I have brought quite a bit from them, always been happy dealing with them and happy with the stuff they sent me....there's a stonking recommendation for you!
  16. Pretty much for all of the genres you mentioned, P bass and a decent amp!
  17. Best gig, probably The Ramones at Hammersmith Palais but Sisters of Mercy 1st tour at Nottingham Rock City was right up there, and on the flip side Sisters of Mercy again at Rock City many years later was definitely the worst gig, so bad we left after about 20 minutes! I have to admit I saw The Smiths on their first proper tour and only lasted 3 songs before leaving for the pub!
  18. The 2nd solo section of Stevie Wonder's Masterblaster the final run down bit, I know exactly what it is doing but I keep missing a note out which throws the rest of the run out!
  19. Possibly a little bit of Slayer or Anthrax but far happier in the Thin Lizzy area but even then I seem to get board quite quickly, never really got in to rock or metal...not sure why!
  20. Jazz basses, I love the looks, I love the neck, I love how it sounds out front but I just cannot hear them in the mix on stage, it's there for some notes but then gone at other points so I just have no confidence in them.....nice Jazz out for sale then!
  21. I would like to suggest a "Consideration of bassists" after all we are normally the voice of reason in any band?
  22. Seeing as my current favourite is an Indonesian built Spector then I will offer this up
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  24. I seem to recall there was an Irish rapper who went out under the name Duff Paddy! That one still makes me chuckle!
  25. The rock band I have been playing with a for couple of years is in turmoil yet again! We have management, we have a stunning vocalist, we have an album, we have some good gigs and festivals lined up but no drummer and no lead guitarist now.....here's a brief summary of recent events (last 3 years) I join band at the same time as the now departed guitarist We write and record our album, I have to write and record the drum parts as the incumbent drummer was far more enthusiastic than he was talented. Guitarist decides drummer needs to go if the band is ever going to move forward Drummer is asked to resign and guitarist brings in his drummer from the other band Band gets back up to speed however drummer bails out of rehearsals at short notice and finally bails out of a video shoot 2 days before we were due to do it Band sacks said drummer and I recruit a pal of mine to try out Wednesday night we rehearse, it goes really well...after the rehearsal guitarist says "he's not a rock drummer" and goes home Friday, guitarist says the band is not going where he wants so is leaving, half an hour later, drummer comes back and says he can't commit to 2 bands so won't be joining us! What do we have to do to get a settled line up! Bands, who needs em! Rant over!
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