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  1. The placement of the "contoured body" decal is right strange! Looking at online images it is correct for these basses but I wonder what the story is as to how it ended up there!
  2. "Yeah right" indeed, saw that yesterday, looking at the decal I thought, yeah right that's definitely a real Fender....not!
  3. Improved the set up on most of my basses, sold a number of guitars off (and brought more basses of course!) set about learning a couple of bass lines I always wanted to learn....and then, bang, hit a wall, no motivation to play or practice at all and I am really struggling to overcome that now!
  4. There was a wanted add for one of these went on the other day?
  5. Sex on Fire, no KOL it's a rash you are over exaggerating again
  6. Set Fire to the Rain, go on then Adele I'm still waiting
  7. A couple for me: Playing main support to Midge Ure at a festival some years back was an experience Headlining a festival in front of 6000+ people was fun Recording at Sony's Whitfeild Street Studio was a scary experience especially as the Spice Girls had recorded there the week earlier Best of all was playing to 200 or so Downs and profoundly disabled kids at the Rocking Roadmender club night, the sheer joy on the faces of the Downs kids was absolutely priceless and is what making music and entertaining should be about!
  8. Boomtown Rats Banana Republic was also a 1980 hit
  9. I absolutely love my LMIII and 102T set up, I use it far more than my Mesa Boogie set up and it always draws favourable comments at gigs, if it fails I would replace it without question (mine is the Italian built 10 anniversary set with the chrome front on both amp and cab)
  10. I have started getting in to the "coffee table" look in recent months, not sure why but my recent Status purchase confirmed that! With you on Ibanez basses though, I have owned a few of the SDGR basses and have always found them very "meh" Well built, decent looking and sounding but just "Meh" overall?
  11. Acme Sewage Company.....I messaged you about them before agreeing to join them!
  12. I had issues recently with a 1986 Telecaster I sold to a guy in Cornwall, it was described by me as "the electrics can be a bit hit and miss but everything works fine but it needs a bit of switch cleaner from time to time" It was brought at the Buy It Now price and shipped to the buyer, I get a message the day after it arrived saying the bridge pickup doesn't work and he wanted a refund of £50.00 to replace the pickup!.....I said to him that it needs a bit of switch cleaner and please don't start chopping out pickups as the guitar is totally original! Next thing I know he has filed a claim to return the guitar saying the electric are not original and various other things are wrong with it, I spoke to eBay who advised me that he had the right to return it at my expense... so I am forced to accept the return claim and end up paying out for a return label 2 days later I get a message of apology from the buyer saying he had taken it to a shop who had confirmed all it needed was switch cleaner and that the guitar was completely original and was indeed a really nice example! He cancelled the request to return! But that is it for me with eBay, I can't be doing with the hassle and stress involved, I have ended any items I had for sale and will not sell through them again. It's a shame as it was a good selling site but sadly spoilt by idiots trying it on, I sold everything else via Facebook pages, once you have seen off the "I'll give you £50.00 for your £500.00 guitar" idiots, all sales went really smoothly!
  13. Having just picked up what looks to be quality management with the rock band I play with which had resulted in some quality gigs in the book and also landing a job with a an original old school punk band which had gigs booked at some of the most iconic small venues around the UK for this year, I have to admit I am gutted at losing out on what, so far, was looking to be my most promising year musically for 30 years or more!
  14. At odds with @mrtcat I didn't take to my 1024x at all and sold mine on a few weeks after buying it and I know the chap I sold mine to also sold it on fairly quickly! I found it did a Precision bass sound quite well but not as well as a Fender Precision bass (it sounded a little to transparent but not in a good way, if that makes any sense) but the killer for me was weight, mine was well over 10lbs and just too heavy for regular gig use Rog
  15. That is a seriously pretty bass, thankfully, one too many strings for me! GLWTS
  16. Possibly less the perils of paint stripper and more the horrendous job it is to remove those think poly finishes! All those nasty relic jobs on cheap Fender / Fender copies, a complete nightmare to sort out!
  17. Great, I thought I had got over gas for the holoflash Spector's and now you have gone and started it again Lovely looking bass!
  18. It is sort of comforting to know that even Mr Grey can't find a use for one of these, it makes me feel slightly better that I have one hanging on the wall that has probably only been played 5 times in five years.....once a year it gets picked up, tuned, briefly played before I realise I still don't see how it fits into anything I ever play or record and gets hung back up on the wall!
  19. I still have my first and second guitars, the remains of a Saterlite Stratocaster brought used for £25.00 back in 1984 and a Columbus Les Paul copy brought used in Leicester for £40.00 in 1986
  20. I am loving everything Fontaines D.C are doing at the moment, the first album is fantastic
  21. As a massive, lifelong Ramones fan, if money were no object I would buy it, I saw him use it live at one of those life changing gigs. Was Dee Dee a great bass player, no, but he certainly played in a band that influenced a whole bunch of future musicians to pick up a bass or guitar and start playing, that for me makes n him an "actual" musician!
  22. On the basses I have converted none have required a shim with the Gotoh bridge
  23. I swap out the bridges on my main gigging Precision's to Gotoh 201 bridges, I find them more comfortable if I am palm muting and I have had a couple of bridge failures at gigs over the years where a grub screw that has been stable for years has suddenly decided to unwind during a set leaving a flappy out of tune string sitting right on the fret board, I have never had that with a Gotoh bridge. Does it give more sustain or change the sound in any way.....not that I have noticed
  24. I don't mind it but I certainly don't like it enough to pay that kind of money for it!
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