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  1. I find the old cartoon themes are great for meeting about. I'm still very new and basic at bass but I learned Pink Panther, Inspector Gadget and Roobarb and Custard. Great fun.
  2. I've just started cooking tea ready for when Wife gets in and stuck the "Scream Dracula Scream" cd on by Rocket From The Crypt.
  3. Much better on my old peepers. Many thanks.
  4. Thank you. I thought it was, it was the only bit that measured 34"when I measured.
  5. Sorry to ask a stupid question but when a description says for example Scale Length 34" where am I measuring to see what I'm using now?
  6. I'm in Stoke so thinking of heading to Manchester next weekend. There's gotta be some decent guitar shops (and possibly whisky shops) there.
  7. I'm looking at getting my first bass. So far I've been using a mates Tanglewood Warrior II and I absolutely love it. I've been messing about on it for a about 6 months or so but 4 weeks ago had my first lesson. Had one every week and decided it's time I got my own instrument. I want a decent one and mate doesn't want to sell the Warrior so I'm looking around online. The Ibanez has caught my eye so I'm wondering what the thoughts on it are on here. I can't find a warrior 11 for sale otherwise I'd probably go for that. Would the sr300e be a good first bass that will last and still be good enough when (if) I improve my playing? Is there anything else to look at in shops for around the £300 area? Thanks in advance. Just a random overview of the model. I don't really care what shop it's from but I want to actually need about with one before I buy.... https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Ibanez-SR300E-Sky-Veil-Matte/3N7R
  8. I'm listening to loads of these just lately... https://youtu.be/e0OfpKF0IHM
  9. Yes, of definitely want someone to go with me.
  10. I'm not on Facebook but yes, it's an option I had considered. I was nervous however if the potential of risk.
  11. They sell seem a little out of my price range tbh ... I'll be keeping my eyes open though. What are Thunderbirds like to play?
  12. Ooh, I forgot to update this on Thursday. I had an hour lesson and we started on timing. Apparently I have very good timing so soon after we moved on to learning the minor pentatonic scale. Stretching from 2-5 was a bit harder than I expected but I've been practicing for about an hour a day plus every now and again just grabbing the bass and running through everything we've done so far. The teacher seems happy with progress so far and now I actually have something solid to practice instead of just noodling or watching tabs on YouTube I think I'm actually improving and so enjoying it more. Now I just need a bass of my own... I'm loving the one I'm using (it's a mates that he likes to lend out to people to get them started, no chance of him selling it)... It's a Tanglewood Warrior II. I'm hoping for a bit of advise on what to buy tbh...I want full scale, not TOO heavy with a budget of around £200. Is this a realistic budget to get something decent?
  13. Tbh I wouldn't expect many people to have heard of some of my favourite bands, let alone individual songs... Eg... One of constant plays right now is "1428" by Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians. Or"suicide Pact" by Nim Vind "Killer in Texas" by Ghoultown etc...etc ..
  14. He seemed pretty sure he wasn't going to know any song I suggested as he said tell me a song, I'll look it up and learn it then we'll do it.
  15. Well I don't know if it had any bearing on it but he said I obviously listen to a lot of music as my timing was pretty good it was obvious i could sort of listen to the structure of the songs I like. Also when I enquired about the lessons he asked me what I wanted out of them. I said I wasn't interested in people hearing me play, I just want to have an educated go at songs I like and have the ability to try it. He seems like a nice bloke anyway so I've booked an hour next Thursday. Edit... I would also imagine that when he asked me some bands I like (blitzkid, Murderland, dollyrots, misfits, dead Vampires etc...) He would guess I'd soon lose interest with learning songs by, for example, The Who.
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