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  1. Thanks to all the organisers and the great people I met today. Was great fun!
  2. Shame, I hope you are better soon. I’ll bring a Zon to make up for it....
  3. If anyone is interested in 'wireless' I'll bring my Boss WL20 which is not supposed to work with any of my active basses (but it does). I've A/Bd it against my stage leads and I can't tell any difference. Be interested in what anyone else thinks.
  4. Thanks for the prompt replies. I'll try and make it along!
  5. Another noob to this sort of thing here. Does one have to bring a rig? (God that sounds posh...). Or ok to just bring some interesting basses people might want to try?
  6. Please can you let us know the weight and where you are based (so I can try). Tks
  7. Wombat


    Mature bass player here with a bit of GAS! Been playing a lot of guitar recently but started off as a bassist and have a regular bass gig in an Open Mic House Band! Main fretted bass is an Ibanez 924 but it’s just sooo heavy I’m looking for something lighter than the almost 10lb it weighs in at. Played a Zon Sonus recently and was mightily impressed. Always hunkered after an S2 though so if anyone has a spare they want to part with....
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