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  1. Can we start planning the next one to ease some of the boredom? Some date in 2025 should be ok with most things back to normal?
  2. Welcome. Enjoy your playing!
  3. I’m in Saff East Lundun so anything further than Watford is “The North”... 😉
  4. Thanks, when my kids were young they were always listening to Blinky Bill so I became Old Man Wombat and it sort of stuck. and ‘by eckers like’ is Northern. Not English 😉
  5. Welcome from over The Pond!
  6. There was one at Bromley North but it closed as Ascape hoovered up all the business. I wonder if they could/would consider reopening?
  7. There is Pirate at Croydon and I’m not sure if Scream has gone. There is a place at Chatham Dockyard which is quite easy to get to even though it’s a bit further away. And Antenna at Crystal Palace. Nothing I’d call ‘local’ I’m afraid :-(. Damn you guy who sold Ascape to Screwfix!
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