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  1. Aye, I work in a school and would bite your arm off if I was near enough to come get it. We mostly have nylon strung Spanish style guitars and not all the students want to learn that!
  2. Just stick it in the mic stand feet. Or just by the cab. It's got flashy lights!
  3. Thank, yes you have to get the ‘add on’ footswitch to get the mute button. I think it would wind me up if I didn’t get it!
  4. Thanks. That's where I'm coming from. The cabs are light, the head will run at 2ohms you get a gig bag. Great brand. What is not to like! But no one seems to be using them?
  5. Anyone got any experience of one of these? I've always liked the sound of their guitar amps and so would be interested if anyone has used/heard the bass amp!
  6. Does that come with a footswitch?
  7. Welcome, your English is better than most of our French so I wouldn’t worry!
  8. I will work out how to change the title (I hope!) when I’m next on a PC but amp now sold!
  9. If you have someone interested in just the combo cab I might be interested in the head if it’s still available?
  10. I don’t want to split at the moment and currently have an interested buyer. Sorry
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