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  1. Just bought a TC Electronic rig from Wombat. Very accommodating and took me through the rig via a Zoom call (due to travel distance and social distancing) and then travelled a fair distance to meet me half way as well. Goes without saying that everything was as described. Really nice guy as well.
  2. Definitely just the one. Seems to be quite common on small class D amp heads.
  3. I'm so glad you said that. I thought that it was the case, but after some internet research I got all caught up in series vs parallel and how it affects the impedance blah blah. Then I looked at some cabs that had two sockets on the back, but they both said 'input', but I couldn't figure out for the life of me why a cab would need two inputs. Then I couldn't figure out whether one has to be used as an input and another as an output etc... Basically I ended up really confused. So two 8 ohm cabs that have two sockets on the back and a total capacity of over 500 watts will do the trick, correct?
  4. I have no doubt that this has been asked before, but I couldn't find a suitable thread. I have also checked the internet generally, again to no avail. I've got my eye on a Warwick LWA 500 Black - one of those small class D jobs. It does 500 Watts at 4ohms or 250 Watts at 8ohms - so far so good, but... It only has one speaker output on the back. Having looked around a bit 500 watt 4 ohm cabs don't seem to be very easy to come by. There are plenty of 250 Watt+ 8 ohm cabs, but then I'm limited to 250 Watts. Here's the noob question: What can I do? Is there any way that I can attach 2 8 ohm cabs even though there's only one speaker output on the amp? TIA
  5. Trace Elliot cab for sale in good working order. As can be seen from the photos the information has worn off the back, but I am informed (see posts below) that it is a 2103x rated at 200 watts at 8ohms. It sounds great with the combo shown in the photos (combo not included). Those 5 inch speakers are great in comparison to 'usual' tweeters. I think that it is pretty rare; I can't find another one for sale anywhere at the moment. The covering is a dark / grey matt vinyl. It has some scuffs and a couple of small holes, nothing significant. It has had trolley wheels added, which are securely attached and are a real help because it is heavy. I will ship at buyer's cost. Due to the weight I think that it will be £35-£40 per item. I'd also be willing to deliver to pretty much anywhere in England or closer parts of Wales for cost of petrol / tolls / parking, just ask and we'll see if we can arrange something. You're welcome to come and try if you like. I'm very close to j26 of the M1. I was not planning to sell the Trace combo in the photo, but I will sell the whole rig for £250 (ie I'm definitely not looking to sell the combo alone). The amp has a slight hiss in operation, but nothing in comparison to the sound that comes out! All of the knobs and switches work as they should and it is super loud with the awesome trace tone. Both amp and cab are pre-Gibson. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer.
  6. Hi all, 2 years’ worth of Bass Guitar Magazine from December 14 - November 16 available. They’ve been kept in plastic wallets so most of them are in very good condition. Some great articles, interviews, gear reviews etc., but I’m never going to read them again and they are just taking up space. Collection only from Nottingham very near to j26 of the M1. I’ll keep hold of them for about a week and then they’re going in the bin.
  7. Paul Simon - Graceland. Possibly cliche, but I love that fretless sound.
  8. [quote name='samhay' timestamp='1472160100' post='3119068'] Coming back to the bass after a long hiatus (from essentially pre-internet), I am trying to (re)aquatint myself with the lingo. One thing I am slight puzzled by is 'punch'. I thought I knew what it meant, but as the days go by and I read more (bass) forum posts, I am now not so sure. So...is there a consensus/generally agreed upon/wildly differing definition of punch? Thanks in advance, and apologies if I missed the thread when this was discussed last month/year/Tuesday. [/quote] Based on the responses so far, I think that's a 'no'!
  9. At 16 my favourite band was RHCP, probably still is!
  10. I'm looking to buy a p-bass, but a cheap one (i.e. sub £200) as my first adventure into p-bass world (historically I've always gone for basses with as many knobs and switches as I can get for my money!). It needs to look approximately like a fender p, but headstock shape etc, isn't overly important. The market for this type of bass at this price is huge and I don't know where to start. Obviously nothing in this price range is going to be a Fender or a Lakland, but there must be some that are at least playable with a reasonable sound. I've heard that the Encore Blaster series is passable as are Harley Benton precisions (the tele style on that they do looks great IMO). Any advice on decent cheap precisions?
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