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  1. Love the energy...Great Wal-bass too...It has that sort of Vinnie Jones wildness in it (yes, we've heard of him in Belgium :-))
  2. I have mixed feelings about this documentary.. I'm quite a Beatles fan and I think they are just changing history a bit imo. I've kept myself busy with reading a couple of books about the Let it be period and one of them was a word for word transcription of all the conversations during Let it be, every song which was played (even it was only three seconds..) etc..Written down with the date, the hour and even the minute when it was spoken or played. It was hard stuff to read but to me the horror was obvious (I remember that they only had fun when singing old classic rock n roll songs)...The countless times Harrison started "All things must pass" to be bluntly stopped by Paul who wants to sing "The Long and winding road" . The fact that Lennon during a certain periode refused to speak to anyone and Yoko had to do the talking "since he and Yoko think the same things" so Lennon didn't want to speak...Hearing her suggesting to play the concert for thousands of empty seats as a protest during what was going on in the world, even mentioning tigers on stage...Ringo who hardly says a word and is a quiet shadow most of the time. Harrison who even left.. It's a tough legacy and it has always been clear that Paul and Ringo would like to see another take on that part of their history so Jackson has to go through 56 hours of footage and surely he'll find enough to paint a different picture than the dreary Let it be movie.. I can understand that someone says "you weren't there" but I can't image that the thirty books I've read about the Beatles were all made up or a trick of the imagination...(sorry for my English, I'm Flemish). It was such a terrible episode that they had to record "Abbey Road" to have a decent ending... I am exited too but it still feels a bit like manipulating history. When you think what kind of relief it apparantly was when Preston entered and everyone showed themselves to be the friendly guy "because no one wanted to show that he was the pain in the *ss" according to one of The Beatles..
  3. Lovely bass...Actually it's a good sign if there are signs of wear on this sort of bass. Proof that it has been played a lot because it satisfies...
  4. Bit weird that this is "impossible to ship". And why would you take the neck off for "safety reasons". I've shipped countless basses and they were never "oversized", they just got the reference XL ..that's all. You put it in a box well wrapped and if someone agrees to pay the shipping costs, what's the problem ?
  5. Level 42 in the beginning of the eighties ....Hadn't seen anything like that before (and the bassplayer sàng !). David Byrne solo, a gig in Gent (Belgium), from the first second he owned that stage. U2 in 1981 when they were still "unknown" David Sylvian with Robert Fripp in Antwerp, just a totally new kind of music..
  6. I didn't do a lot of thinking when this idea came up, sorry Just grabbed a shirt and a pair of glasses.. Should have learned the lyrics too..
  7. I was very surprised that the fantastic bass part on the original isn't a real bass but a plug in..It fooled me (thought it was the best "bass" song of this year)
  8. I started messing around with this sort of Manring-inspired technique and tried it out on a Fleetwood Mac song (chords are not too difficult, the changes are quite easy so I was able to "sing" along too (though I'm not a singer)). After the "solo" I didn't know what to do but just let the groove going and I was pleased that I didn't mess up or lose the groove. I always try to use certain techniques in songs instead of just practicing without a reference..I still want to make music and enjoy myself so I'll take a song and see if it fits.
  9. Nice bass, in a way it's also a good sign that there are some traces of use..It shows that it has been played a lot so it doesn't bother me. Not only vintage Fenders should show these traces..
  10. Saw them in Belgium and sorry but it was terrible..regretted buying a ticket. Summers playing sounded so ordinary all of a sudden, Copeland was on a solo-trip during the gig and half way the set Sting made a sign across his throat that his voice was gone..No chemistry whatsoever..
  11. I could be wrong but I remember reading in his autobiography that the neck of a Kramer even felt hot during a session and that someone suggested to try out a Wal...Could me my memory which fails me.
  12. Didn't Mick Karn use one of these before the turned to Wal ?
  13. I recently learned that you have to pronounce it "Sjold" (the "k" turns out to be silent). Never played one but I'm always curious...
  14. Years ago I had a similar white one and I sold it..Within a couple of hours I had around five people who wanted to buy it (I wasn't asking much, around 600 euros if I recall correctly). At the end of the day I got a reaction from a young bassplayer from Holland who said this was his dream bass but he couldn't afford it.. He said that he was going to work during the holidays picking fruit from trees to earn this bass but this would mean that I had to wait another six months and he didn't expect me to keep this for him.. I kept the bass, he worked hard for his bass picking fruit from trees and afterwards he came to see me (his father drove the car and told me that he wanted his son to work for what he desired) and he left with the white Miller bass.. I'm always glad to see one, reminds me of the young boy from Northern Holland...(sorry for the off topic)
  15. Has this ever been played..? It looks so fantastic...
  16. What a fantastic song ! Thanks for posting this..best I've heard in a very long time. Masterpiece... (has a sort of Diggin in the dirt-Peter Gabriel vibe from time to time)
  17. My two Zon Sonus basses....
  18. But would anyone be talking about him if he wasn't the son of...? I''m sorry but tastes differ, I checked his playing, didn't hear anything which drew my attention or saw a sign of the greatness I had expected after reading about his playing..
  19. Had a couple of trade offers (some of them quite appealing) but so far the bass is still here.. In the meantime I'm trying to get used to it a little more and just playing along with songs I'm learning. Wanted to learn this old b-side of McCartney's Goodnight Tonight, nothing fancy but the B string sounds nice on this..
  20. Just bought this here on Bass-chat but after playing it I realised again that I prefer four strings. Lately I had seen tons of videos of five and six stringplayers locked in isolation due to corona and their virtuosity went to my head and made me buy a five string again. I can manage playing a five but it's just no "fun" like on a four string (tastes differ and respect for all the players which do fantastic things on those basses). So I'm selling this again but wouldn' t mind trading it for an inspiring four string..I like "modern" basses with a sort of hifi sound (I don't have the "Miller" sound available for the moment so who knows..) This bass comes with a case, is a 35 inch, if I'm correct the stringspacing is 17,5 (can be adjusted individually), 4,4 kg, Bartolini pick ups and pre amp, graphite neck, no truss rod but it gives me the low action I need for the playing I'm able to..Dates from 1992. Can be shipped or picked up (shipment included). I made a crappy video with some sounds (some mistakes but my right wrist and index finger are still blocked after a bicycle accident two years ago) I hope the previous seller doesn't mind me using some of his pictures too....
  21. I used to gig a lot..played in around 100 bands around here in Belgium with some well-known names..I was very lucky and always combined it with a day time job.. Since a couple of years I hardly gig anymore...tired of the setlists filled with predictable songs, tired of the choices some singers make when the success fades, tired of the traffic jams, tired of being there six hours in advance, tired of the change in live music and the atmosphere (everyone staring at smartphones backstage instead of having fun, people hardly talk to each other like we used to and I have the impression that everyone tries to play it "safe", most of them just head home after the gig). I refused a lot of things and they don't call you anymore.. I still play at home and I try to keep myself busy with learning new things..It's weird but I don't miss bands and when I hear musicians complain these days and say how they miss the stage....I don't feel that at all. My life will always be filled with playing bass but the gigs are certainly not essential...
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