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  1. Any chance you have a picture of the side of the neck where the dots are ? Thanks !
  2. Bought the Zon here on bass.chat for a really great price..The seller was very enthusiastic about the sustain and he was right. It's the best fretless I have ever had, beats the Wal imo...better sustain, faster neck, less "work", very light...
  3. Good topic..I had the same question so I'll follow this.
  4. Watched it this weekend....Still recovering from it. Been a huge Beatles fan since 45 years but this footage just floored me..Made a lot of things more clearer. Perhaps some things should have been explained a bit more but Jackson choose not to.. The fact that Harrison left the day after Patty Boyd left him..the fact that Yoko just lost a child. When they finally got to the roof, they just nailed it and they showed how good they can be in stressful situations...
  5. I suddenly realise again why I prefer Jazz basses instead of Precisions..
  6. Have you got a picture of the side of the neck where the dots are ? Thanks... (sorry for asking but this is the most essential thing for me)
  7. Have you got a picture of the side of the neck ? Thx !
  8. Found a twin brother of my fretless Pro yesterday...a great sight to see.
  9. I just wonder how it is possible to have so much damage ? Was someone clumsy or was it dropped ? Been looking for a four string Modulus bass for a long time (even bought a Modulus 5 in the meantime but 5 isn't my thing) but the damage on this bass is really weird...Even if it doesn't affect the sound, bass players buy for a great deal with their eyes..
  10. Been looking for one of these for years after I foolishly sold mine.. Especially the mid boost was a very powerful weapon on all those stages.. It's a pity there is such a thing as Brexit (taxes, import duties) otherwise I would be all over this one... These are fantastic basses...I regret it more than selling my Wal.
  11. Nice, looks great.. Finally someone who steps away from that Fender-ish headstock which makes them look all the same..
  12. Are you sure this is fretless ? (it's my favourite instrumental ever). Always thought it was played fretted and that Bailey could create that sort of fretless mwah because of his attack on a fretted bass..
  13. Love the energy...Great Wal-bass too...It has that sort of Vinnie Jones wildness in it (yes, we've heard of him in Belgium :-))
  14. I have mixed feelings about this documentary.. I'm quite a Beatles fan and I think they are just changing history a bit imo. I've kept myself busy with reading a couple of books about the Let it be period and one of them was a word for word transcription of all the conversations during Let it be, every song which was played (even it was only three seconds..) etc..Written down with the date, the hour and even the minute when it was spoken or played. It was hard stuff to read but to me the horror was obvious (I remember that they only had fun when singing old classic rock n roll songs)...The countless times Harrison started "All things must pass" to be bluntly stopped by Paul who wants to sing "The Long and winding road" . The fact that Lennon during a certain periode refused to speak to anyone and Yoko had to do the talking "since he and Yoko think the same things" so Lennon didn't want to speak...Hearing her suggesting to play the concert for thousands of empty seats as a protest during what was going on in the world, even mentioning tigers on stage...Ringo who hardly says a word and is a quiet shadow most of the time. Harrison who even left.. It's a tough legacy and it has always been clear that Paul and Ringo would like to see another take on that part of their history so Jackson has to go through 56 hours of footage and surely he'll find enough to paint a different picture than the dreary Let it be movie.. I can understand that someone says "you weren't there" but I can't image that the thirty books I've read about the Beatles were all made up or a trick of the imagination...(sorry for my English, I'm Flemish). It was such a terrible episode that they had to record "Abbey Road" to have a decent ending... I am exited too but it still feels a bit like manipulating history. When you think what kind of relief it apparantly was when Preston entered and everyone showed themselves to be the friendly guy "because no one wanted to show that he was the pain in the *ss" according to one of The Beatles..
  15. Lovely bass...Actually it's a good sign if there are signs of wear on this sort of bass. Proof that it has been played a lot because it satisfies...
  16. Bit weird that this is "impossible to ship". And why would you take the neck off for "safety reasons". I've shipped countless basses and they were never "oversized", they just got the reference XL ..that's all. You put it in a box well wrapped and if someone agrees to pay the shipping costs, what's the problem ?
  17. Level 42 in the beginning of the eighties ....Hadn't seen anything like that before (and the bassplayer sàng !). David Byrne solo, a gig in Gent (Belgium), from the first second he owned that stage. U2 in 1981 when they were still "unknown" David Sylvian with Robert Fripp in Antwerp, just a totally new kind of music..
  18. I didn't do a lot of thinking when this idea came up, sorry Just grabbed a shirt and a pair of glasses.. Should have learned the lyrics too..
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