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  1. Bought a Sire-bass from Carlos..Easy transaction like always and very trustworthy ! Highly recommended..
  2. Ah, true ! Totally forgot about this one ! Apologies ! Couple of great niche basses over there..
  3. Ah, I didn't know it was you who had the Frog ! Great bass...still thinking of perhaps owning a five string fretless Frog one day..
  4. I live in Belgium but I'm afraid you won't find a lot...Where there used to be some shops worthwhile there is imo nothing left.. Unlike other European cities Brussels misses these kind of bass orientated shops...There are a couple of shops but they show nothing special (couple of Fenders, Ibanez, Yamaha stuck between a drum kit and a keyboard). We used to have a bass-shop in Antwerp but that closed down as soon as the internet became competition...
  5. Have a bump on me (I keep looking at this)..Fantastic basses, best you can buy for prices like this...
  6. Someone inquired about the weight..it's 4,2 kg (pity it was a tiny bit too heavy for him but there's no hurry :-))
  7. Sold a Steinberger to our Greek friend...Highly recommended, very smooth transaction without any trouble or hassle....
  8. I can also say that it's original... I was looking for a great Jazz and a fellow bass player (who is an absolute Fender-nerd) recommended this one to me.. It was only when I checked the ad with the bass that I realised it used to be mine...
  9. I once got this Fender in exchange for a fretless Wal I had to offer but sold it a couple of years ago (the continuing GAS for other things). I missed a good seventies Fender so around a year ago I had the chance to buy it back and I did.. Because of a bicycle accident (of which I’m still recovering) I haven’t played it too much and I feel that other basses like my Ken Smith suit me better (humbuckers make it easier to rest on in my case). This bass has its dings and dongs and has seen stages and rehearsal rooms but it sounds like it should do…It has a Jaco-ish growl and a funky slapsound. It’s as good as original apart from one intonationscrew in the bridge (G string) and a couple of screws for the pick ups… 3 tone sunburst, alder body, maple neck, rosewood neck, blocks and binding, pearl inlays.. Serialnumber 38xxxx (neckplate) refers to 1973/74 (your bass was made at the Fullerton Plant (Fender CBS era), USA in 1973-1974) Date on the pots refers to 1974) The neck shows the mark of “Herb G” but no date…Herb G refers to Herb Gastellum, a worker at the Fender factories in the beginning of the seventies…(I’ve got this information from the previous owner since I don’t like taking basses apart, I would have to go to a luthier to do that ànd have a new set-up) This comes with a non original case (shipment to the UK included). Not really looking for trades, thanks.. No Paypal please, I’ve tried it a couple of times and the fees and the exchange rates they handle made me lose more money than I had…I would prefer an international bank transfer. Feel free to check my feedback here on Bass.chat. The bass can also be picked up but I live near Brussels in Belgium… I’ve got nothing to hide so always welcome if you would like to combine it with a trip to Belgium (pre-Brexit..) I’ve made a small video with the fingerstyle and the slap sound. Thanks for looking and if you have any questions I’m at your service and hopefully I can answer them…
  10. Have a bump on me, hoping someone buys this so I can't
  11. I own two Steinbergers (and a Status Kingbass) so three headless basses is a bit too much in the end so I’m selling the Steinberger Q series.. It’s as good imo as the L-series I used to have or the triangle XP bass I still have but I’m going to keep the triangle one because it’s smaller and easier to take along as a main or spare bass. I don’t know too much about it..it has a phenolic fingerboard, a Steinberger “reinforced composite neck” and it weighs around 4 kg. The action is very low (I’m used to low action but this one beats everything) which makes it a super fast neck and the sound is even and very transparant..the bass keeps its tuning also without moving. If you like that sort of graphite-orientated sound this is a great bass to play… controls are volume volume, bass-treble-mid I made a small video with a couple of sounds to give an idea of things that are possible… sorry about the noodling, it only shows that it’s hard to put the bass down since it makes you want to play and try out things (the most important thing for a bass whatever brand you like). I’m asking 830 £/950 euros (shipment to the UK included) and it comes with a gigbag. Collection is also possible but I live near Brussels so not that obvious but you never know.. I ‘ve put some new strings on it (GLS) because it brings out the sparkly character of this particular bass.. No Paypal please, I’ve tried it a couple of times and the fees and the exchange rates they handle made me lose more money than I had figured…I would prefer an international bank transfer. Feel free to check my feedback here on bass.chat.. Not really looking for trades, sorry. Thanks for looking and always at your service for more information…
  12. By chance you're not interested in a trade for my Wood & Tronics Chronos 4-string ? Great bass but I'm looking for a five string again...
  13. Sold a Ken Smith bass to this member from Denmark..Excellent transaction with no trouble at all.... Highly recommended !
  14. No, got it from someone in France at the time....
  15. I live in between Antwerp and Brussels in Belgium...Unfortunately a bit far to try it out (but always welcome)
  16. In good condition and has all the characteristics of a Smith : nice mids which give it enough punch and a crispy slap-sound. Dates from 1994 Controls : volume (and serves as active/passive push pull), balance, bass, treble.. Comes with a Smith case and can be shipped (shipment included) or picked up....Sorry but no PayPal, I have bad experiences with the rates they use so I prefer a bank transfer. Feel free to check my feedback on bass.chat and no problem to pm me for further information. I made a crappy video with a couple of sounds to give an idea (I am still recovering from a bicycle accident four months ago (start working again next Monday) which splattered my right wrist and will keep me occupied with revalidation the next five months so I am glad I can start "playing" again)
  17. They changed it on the website but the names were indeed different at the time.... Sorry for the off-topic..fantastic versatile bass and the extra mid-boost is a real gem.
  18. I used to have a similar bass and it was called the MM at the time....different from the TM I also had. Excellent basses by the way..I've had several basses but this is one I regret selling. I hope someone gets this so I can stop myself from doing something impulsive :-)
  19. I love your video's...that solo-piece is such a treat. Great feel, very relaxed and so musical. Great bass too...!
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