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  1. You'll be needing a strap for that then 😉
  2. Mono Betty Long strap Good condition overall, has had straplocks fitted since New. Tiny bit of corrosion on the rivet. Very comfy. No gig this weekend so having a bit of a clear out instead 😊 Collect from Herts/Essex border or I'll post it for a few quid Thanks for looking
  3. He's a bit ambitious with his pricing as well https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265321851671?hash=item3dc66a2b17:g:05gAAOSwDGVg~pjf
  4. Recently acquired from Binkybass of this parish (hope its OK to use your pics Russ!) Too wide for my taste (I've bought a narrower leather Richter instead) so moving it on at a slight loss. Collect for free or add a few quid if you want it posted. Fab condition and no straplocks included.
  5. UFO - Strangers in the Night Thin Lizzy - Live and Dangerous Ted Nugent - Double Live Gonzo
  6. That's really good - loved it. Nice Stingray.....
  7. @cheddatom He actually is....he's a bit of a prodigy tbh and is happy playing all sorts of stuff. It takes the heat off me - I am the great leveller in the skill levels with this lot :-) Here's the top secret phone vid of the first attempt at it to see if it merited a bit of time spending on it - the singer had done the usual trick of not bothering to learn the vocals and it was our first meet up for 18 months so the vox are absolutely shocking - try to block them out in your head f you can. It's a lot better now after an hour spent on it in a couple of rehearsals and it sounded fine on Saturday. (he's really funny - if he's been caught out not doing his homework he starts fiddling about changing his guitars and amp twiddling but we've wised up now and just take it off him) The guitar solo stuff starts at about 2.50 in.... Yellowhouse Extreme 1.mp4
  8. That is great news, or is it bad news? I'm not usually this indecisive!!
  9. Stop it! I couldn't get down for a few weeks anyway - 2 gigs next weekend and working away all this week. The missus doesn't help - 'Why do you need another one, you already have one" was the correct response not "Go on then, give him a shout and go get it" She costs me a fortune.....
  10. What are you trying to do to me!!!! I just gigged the other one you had last night and was just thinking I wouldn't mind another one as a back up😂
  11. We played our first gig for 539 days last night at a pub in Essex. I was actually a bit nervous about it which is unusual as it never normally happens but by the time we were hooking the PA and lights up I had forgotten about it and calmed down. It was an absolute cracker of a night and probably the best gig we have done at this venue - it was even more busy than the NYE gig we did there a couple of years back and the crowd were really up for it. We had a couple of 'moments' but no one else seemed to notice. Extremes Get the Funk Out was a new one that got it's first airing and the drummer had a wobble coming out of the middle breakdown bit but we retrieved it - we haven't seen many other bands do it and it's going to work well for us when its settled in to the set. I've always wanted to do it and it's taken some time but it sounds great. Loads of punters came up at the break and afterwards to say how much they had enjoyed it and there were even a couple of bass players complimenting the bass sound as well which was nice. I used my new secondhand Mesa BB750 for the first time and it's an absolute monster of an amp - meaty and warm with effortless headroom, It's just pure fat grunt. I was so pleased with the sound personally (I was grinning from the first song) and the fact that so many others mentioned it was great to hear. I'm probably going to have to find another one (or a Warwick Tubepath) as a backup now and sell everything else! Next weekend is a double header at two of our fave venues and I can't wait...
  12. Well, if it was me i would be looking at these as I don't think a single 2x10 will cut it in a live situation. Haven't tried the Fender so can't comment on that but i'm working on the premise that the 2 suggestions below would have been considered more premium when they were new so should perform a bit better.
  13. Some Paramore maybe? Possibly Ain't it Fun (there's a bit of bass tomfoolery in this one) or maybe The Only Exception if you want to slow it down a bit
  14. You've got some great songs in there Dave. Good to see Starsailor in there and the band sounds fab. If I wasn't already committed pretty heaviIy would love a go at it.
  15. https://cpc.farnell.com/pulse/rksl-4u/rack-sleeve-4u/dp/DP32670
  16. This........... A fantastically versatile head and a bargain if you grab a used one. You need to spend some time with one to get the best out of it. The scoop button effect needs to be tamed in a live situation though - either disengage the scoop button and get all your eq via the knobs or use the scoop and whack a load of mids back in to it. One of the few amps I've had, sold and would happily buy again.
  17. Stressless medium swivel recliner chair in Batick Mole premium grade leather with a walnut classic base. Complete with matching footstool. The colour is quite hard to photograph and the picture of the chair reclined is the closest to the real shade - it's more of a putty/grey than a cream colour (The other pictures make it look a bit lighter than it actually is). The chair reclines, swivels and also has a sleep function to allow you to lie almost flat in it. The footstool also self adjusts. Great back/lumbar support and if you have any back issues these chairs are well worth trying - they're amazing (if you use a Comfort Strapp and a chambered bass this is the chair for you!). They usually retail at over £1300 new. Superb condition all round - no stains, cracks or leather damage unlike a lot of the other ones you see being sold and from a non smoking home. It could pass as new. Fits in the back of an SUV/estate/decent sized hatchback for transport. Collection from Sheering, Herts. Message me for any further info and you're welcome to pop round to see it.
  18. You know this is a 9 year old thread.....
  19. Second time i've done a deal with Jamie. Top notch transaction as always - dead easy to deal with and he has great taste in gear as well. Cheers Jamie!
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