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  1. Thanks for asking about this. Like Pink Floyd, I was wondering Watts... uh the deal?
  2. [quote name='spectoremg' timestamp='1485031105' post='3220627'] Me neither, I like it. Except side three, side three's dreadful. [/quote] And it'll probably come as no surprise that some people - such as me - think side three is the best! (It's side four that's a let-down for me.)
  3. Kate Bush - The Dreaming. Critical opinion seems to be that Hounds of Love is her masterpiece, but give me The Dreaming any day!
  4. He's found someone to perform! Praise the Lord (of the Dance)! http://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/michael-flatley-accepts-invite-to-appear-at-trump-s-inauguration-ball-1.2942969
  5. [quote name='Twigman' timestamp='1484824176' post='3218744'] [i]Brain Salad Surgery - [/i]ELP I just do not get it [/quote] Were ELP ever critically acclaimed?
  6. But we'd need a parallel universe to see how great the later with-Barrett albums would have been...
  7. Love her! My Everything is one of my desert island discs.
  8. [quote name='PaulWarning' timestamp='1484691082' post='3217641'] wouldn't say it's crap but probably my least favourite Beatles LP Sgt Peppers [/quote] Beat me to it! I understand how it was revolutionary at the time, but it sounds a bit sterile compared to their other late-period albums. Edit: IMO.
  9. [quote name='Earbrass' timestamp='1484522433' post='3216139'] No No No [/quote] Oh yes (yes yes)!
  10. [quote name='Mykesbass' timestamp='1484257295' post='3214192'] I Dream of Jeannie - as borrowed by DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince in Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble? [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOaFh-yJk_k"]https://www.youtube....h?v=IOaFh-yJk_k[/url] [/quote] Bingo! IMO at least... it had been bugging me too!
  11. [quote name='Hobbayne' timestamp='1484048588' post='3212159'] You have a pocket in your pants? Wow! they think of everything in the US! [/quote] Is that a wireless transmitter in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?
  12. [quote name='Dave Swift' timestamp='1483728287' post='3209694'] Ouch, tough crowd! stingrayPete1977, maybe I should hire you as my agent! [/quote]
  13. Most people's old pee stinks...
  14. [quote name='SpondonBassed' timestamp='1483179793' post='3205205'] Joe Cocker doing With a Little Help from my friends reminds me of this; Shatner does Hamlet [/quote] Wow. And I don't just mean the tape at the end
  15. [quote name='SpondonBassed' timestamp='1483084910' post='3204571'] I must be the second of the few then. Cold blooded murder, it was. I do like Joe's stuff for the most part however. [/quote] Third...
  16. Thanks guys. I'm now using bass and tenor clefs only - the highest note is E# on four leger lines in the tenor clef - my preferred maximum is three leger lines but in this case I prefer not to flip into treble clef for just a few notes.
  17. Perhaps remind yourself (and your fingers) what e.g. A major scales and arpeggios feel like right before reading a piece in A? And/or go though the piece and write sharp signs over the Cs, Fs and Gs - I expect you'll soon "just know" that those notes are sharp by default after a the first few times.
  18. I fancied a Jazz but didn't like the offset body shape, so I got a JB-2 🙂
  19. [quote name='lowdown' timestamp='1482669189' post='3202157'] The Hootenanny show should be fine. A lot of quality and talented people have died this year. [/quote] Ouch!
  20. [quote name='darkandrew' timestamp='1482662592' post='3202123'] I wonder how the Queen's going to do her Christmas speech today with her stinking cold. It would be quite funny to see her doing it with a box of Kleenex in her hand. [/quote] Just heard the radio news that she's missing some engagement this morning. My ears pricked up when I heard "The Queen is missing..." Now that would have been a story!
  21. [quote name='Muzz' timestamp='1482502845' post='3201120'] All very much true IME - I'm waiting for another one in this series: the punk version of Take Five, when the band shift it to 4/4 and get rid of all that jazzy hoohah... [/quote] No need to go to 4/4 when 5/4 is so straightforward... http://youtu.be/RK_j2LE07G0
  22. [quote name='spectoremg' timestamp='1482503349' post='3201126'] http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TENNESSEE-15-STRING-EXTENDED-RANGE-BASS-OFFERS-OR-BUY-NOW-/291959752236?hash=item43fa28462c:g:bJwAAOxycgVTixwQ [/quote] The price of that is plummeting!
  23. I know there are a few cellists (and those who write for cellists) on here, so I was wondering how to write a passage that goes all over the place... I recall a composer saying that nobody writes in the tenor clef anymore and that he just flipped straight from bass to treble, so with that as starting point, my gut says to write in whichever clef requires the fewest leger lines, within reason to avoid excessive flip-flopping. So in the following made-up example [attachment=234517:Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 11.46.43.png] I go to the treble clef when the high G would require more leger lines in the bass clef than the low G would in the treble clef... but on the way down I flip back to bass early to avoid a mid-bar clef change. Sound reasonable?
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