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  1. The simplest solution to achieve the same electronic circuit would be to put a splitter on the input of one amp, plug your bass onto one of the "outputs" and connect the other "output" to your second amp. One of these ought to do it- https://cpc.farnell.com/pro-signal/psg08553/6-35mm-jack-adaptor-2x-mono-to/dp/CN21098?mckv=s4LrgMuDw_dm|pcrid|224689766569|kword||match||plid||slid||product|CN21098|pgrid|49729733449|ptaid|pla-838930841252|&CMP=KNC-GUK-CPC-SHOPPING&gclid=CjwKCAiAu9vwBRAEEiwAzvjq-xPcZjc5gxtzlNnO5t3IhJ2Ih__vnzH7spXhJBJU9SDvA0HMOKisARoCvuUQAvD_BwE
  2. Same issue here. Android phone, Google Chrome app
  3. Looks lush. Out of interest, what's the difference between an EB0/EB3 and an SG?
  4. I've successfully used wood glue and cocktail sticks or kebab sticks (for larger holes) on several bridges.
  5. I take spare everything except amp and cab (I'd use one of our power monitors in the event of amp failure, plus I carry a DI box for pa connection). I can't think of an occasion in the last 5 years where I've required a spare anything. My spares have been used to get everyone else in the band (including the drummer) out of a fix though quite regularly though.
  6. It could equally be called the Stringed Tuba
  7. Can anyone shed any light on what this bass might be? Woolworths? (Sorry, only the one picture)
  8. Spinal Tap. But they can go to 110%.
  9. I've recently been debating whether or not to buy a bass vi, so in the sport of "budget bass vi" I knocked one up using bits left over from old projects. That's an Encore short scale bass neck with two extra banjo tuners, and a left handed 80s Hondo body (wired direct to jack). The bridge is a cheapo hardtail strat replacement type. The nut is 42mm with "strat spacing". Stings are Ernie Ball 6 String Bass (90-20w). The G is just long enough. The nut spacing seems fine, the bridge spacing could do with being a smidge wider. Obviously access to the dusty end is limited. Sounds OK. The guitarist in my surf band is using it on one song, through a guitar amp, as a "lead bass" kind of thing and it's particularly good for that.
  10. My Squire Bronco is 109cm long including the strap button. Presumably this would be very similar to a Mustang.
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