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James Nada

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  1. I remember this well, RAW magazine (the wannabe Kerrang). I was keen on getting the drumkit but my parents convinced me to get a bass (a Marlin Slammer)
  2. Opinions on Squier Vintage Modified Precision TB

    I'll send you some pictures
  3. Opinions on Squier Vintage Modified Precision TB

    I have one. Contrary to what most internet options are, I don't find it at all wooly. Quite middy in fact. I actually modded it so the humbucker is wired in parallel to round the tone out a bit. Nice neck too. So nice I took it off and put it on something else. (Not trying to hijack the thread, but if you want to buy the complete body it's doing nothing in cupboard)
  4. Two Basses into one amp

    One of these would do it Fender ABY Pedal Switch Between Two Amps or Guitars 023-4506-000 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00HQXUH5W/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_USZwAbXNJ0RPR There are cheaper ones out there too. A friend if mine uses one of these to switch between guitar and pedal steel into one amp.
  5. no longer req'd - please delete
  6. The Future Was Orange

    That wedge monitor looks dangerously pointy!
  7. Bass and synth into the same rig

    This is the case for an Orange Bass Terror. I have one and have tried to do exactly what the OP suggests with no success
  8. Hysteria..a bass album, seriously

    [quote name='Mike Brooks' timestamp='1510086984' post='3403938'] I chose 1987 and hence the INXS/Def Leppard/George Michael albums. [/quote] I can't see any problem with any of those albums being featured as a bass album. However, you've missed a behemoth of a 1987 album, certainly one that's influenced countless bassists- Guns n' Roses, Appetite for Destruction.
  9. Bass through a guitar cab

    I know it's pretty much a no no, but good enough for low volume practice at home. [url=https://postimg.org/image/4bw3ejvmz/][/url] I couldn't face carrying the 4x10 into the house so I got an old 2x12 out - it's been gathering dust for 20 years. It sounds pretty good at low levels - I daren't turn it too loud though. Cab is an HH from the seventies I think + it might actually be a PA cab.
  10. Mine arrived today. Works just fine.
  11. I got one last time. Chucked it in my gigging bag unprotected for months, had to use it last week as my pedal tuner packed in. Worked fine. Ordered another as a spare spare.
  12. Possible 8 string conversion...

    [quote name='ForbiddenWytch' timestamp='1505046703' post='3369078'] The only thing I'm really not sure on is the top nut. I'd like to know peoples (and your) ways and measurements on the spacing on the top nut. How far between the strings in each pairing then how far between each set of strings over the 43mm nut. [/quote] Like the rest of my conversion, I've just bodged the existing nut with a view to getting and cutting a proper one when I've experimented with it. I have a 42mm nut and figured that I would leave the bass strings in their exiting positions but move the whole nut down about 2mm (yep, it sticks out a bit) so the G was as "south" as it could go and still be playable on the fret board. This gave me room to cut slots above for the octaves, and crucially, meant there was space for the high E at the "north" side of the fretboard. I cut the all slots with slightly different gaps between pairs and the most comfortable is 0.070" (1.78mm). I measured that with feeler gauge between the strings at a position closest to the nut. I hope this helps.
  13. Possible 8 string conversion...

    I'm currently working on a prototype 8-string conversion on an old short scale Encore P bass. This may or may not help but here's a few general things about my conversion. I used banjo tuners as the "extra" tuners, becuse they stick out of the back they take less space. I actually just put four in a line on the bottom half of the headstock and used two of them for bass strings (the tension on the bass D and G is about on the limit of the pegs, they're fine on the octave strings though). As mine's short scale I was able to use guitar strings for the octave pairs, though to reduce tension and compensate for a standard guitar scale of c26" I used an A string for the E position, D for the A position etc. I put the bass and octave strings through the same hole on the bridge, let the bass string sit in the usual saddle groove, and let the octave string sit on the saddle seperated from the bass string with a wooden kebab stick!! Like I said - it's a prototype! Intonation on the pairs is surprisingly good. I have ordered some knurled bridges in order to do this a better but I think a proper 8 string bridge is needed to get perfect intonation. I haven't given the electronics much thought do I'll be interested in what you do. The Encores P-Bass pickups seem to do a reasonable job across all strings without worrying about the pole positions. If anything here is of any use to you please feel free to PM me for pictures or anything else. My prototype conversion isn't at all pretty, but more of problem solving exercise.
  14. Funny (but positive this time) Rickenbacker video

    Ha ha, I love that guy. "Big bass, great for hiding tit sweat"! Nice axe too.