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  1. Spinal Tap. But they can go to 110%.
  2. I've recently been debating whether or not to buy a bass vi, so in the sport of "budget bass vi" I knocked one up using bits left over from old projects. That's an Encore short scale bass neck with two extra banjo tuners, and a left handed 80s Hondo body (wired direct to jack). The bridge is a cheapo hardtail strat replacement type. The nut is 42mm with "strat spacing". Stings are Ernie Ball 6 String Bass (90-20w). The G is just long enough. The nut spacing seems fine, the bridge spacing could do with being a smidge wider. Obviously access to the dusty end is limited. Sounds OK. The guitarist in my surf band is using it on one song, through a guitar amp, as a "lead bass" kind of thing and it's particularly good for that.
  3. My Squire Bronco is 109cm long including the strap button. Presumably this would be very similar to a Mustang.
  4. My concern is when I share with other band members and equipment can get a bit stacked.
  5. Hi As the title says I'm looking for a hard case for my Fender P. It should be as compact as possible. Would a Hiscox be a good bet? Would also be interested in recommendations/opinions on the alternative option of a very protective gig bag. I don't need anything to tour the world with, just a decent case for protecting the bass when filling up a car for gigging every few weeks. Cheers
  6. My surf/instrumental band does in 14 "songs" in 45 mins. A typical gig is 28 songs, plus one or two encores.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. The Shadows did it in '65. That's Hank Marvin on lead bass.
  9. I've always been intrigued by the possibility of a "guitar" scale length bass. What guage strings are on that?
  10. You'll need to fit a piezo pickup too, unless your intention is to play it acoustically. I've thought about going something similar to your plan, so I'll be interested in seeing how this works out. Good luck.
  11. That's a cool looking bass! Good luck sorting out a jack.
  12. A quick Google tells me that's a 6x10 cab. On the assumption that as most production bass drivers are 4 or 8 ohms, each driver is wired to get equal power, and as your cab is 6ohms, I'd guess you have 4 ohm drivers. (Thats each "pair" of drivers wired in parallel to give 2 ohms, and the three "pairs" are in series to give 6 ohms). So, that means you could wire the speakers to give 2.66 ohms, which is in the ballpark you need. (That's wiring "pairs" of drivers in series to give 8 ohms, and wiring all those in parallel to give 2.66 ohms). You'd need to be sure of each drivers impedance though, best trying to look at the back of one. Probably best if someone checksy maths and assumptions though - I've had a couple of beers!
  13. My first thoughts exactly. The J pickup ruins it for me
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