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  1. Stunning. And ridiculously cheap at £1150. GLWS.
  2. Dear lord, that's stunning. Very good luck with the sale and have a free bump.
  3. Nice bass at a good price that deserves a bump. GLWS.
  4. Bargain. I have one myself, almost identical (tuners swapped out on mine for Hipshot ultralites to help minimise neckdive) and these are fantastic basses and a lot more than the one trick pony that many suppose. GLWS.
  5. As a lover of all things ACG, I have to say, that's bloody lovely. Have a bump on the house.
  6. I'm not in the market for another fiver but for anyone contemplating this, rest assured that the OLP Levin's provide outstanding value for money - the bass per buck ratio is very high indeed. GLWS.
  7. Open to a straight swap for a Roscoe SKB Custom 5 in Emerald Green, highly figured maple top over ash body, tulipwood board, and Bartolini pickups and pre-amp? Fantastic, almost unmarked condition?
  8. Fantastic basses, I used to own a red one which I stupidly sold (for the same money - so price wise it's pitched about right, imo). Sorely tempted. Very sorely tempted.
  9. Great little basses and surprisingly versatile. GLWS.
  10. Indeed they are. It's why I have two of them!
  11. Why do these only ever appear when I haven't checked in for a few days? Damn, damn, triple damn, two bloody hells and a bugger. (sigh)
  12. Perfect purchase from Karl, as I've come to expect. I've just nabbed his CIJ Capri Orange Precision. He's an absolute gent, one of the VERY good guys and highly recommended.
  13. Yeah, no go on that score, sadly. Understood but I'm not entirely skill-less when it comes to fettling guitars and basses. I've been doing my own set-ups and maintenance since the early 80s. I've 25 basses in total (and six guitars) and maintain all of them myself. I'll have a go at the penetrating oil job. mentioned above, and if that fails I'll get it to my friendly, neighbourhood, proper geezer bloke luthier.
  14. My first port of call would be to fire off an email to whoever Epiphone's importers are and ask if they can source one for a "repair". If you told them you were swapping it out for aesthetics they may be less inclined to help.
  15. I've got an old 1980/81 Ibanez Blazer, which I love, but sadly the truss rod has given up the ghost and no amount of coaxing it will reduce the bow that has developed in the neck. I've been searching for a replacement for a while now... I got to wondering - would a replacement P bass neck from, say, Warmoth fit on the Ibanez body? I have no idea of neck pocket sizes or bolt-hole locations but I thought it might be a stop gap until I can locate a replacement Blazer neck (IF I can locate a replacement Blazer neck, that is). Anyone any ideas of the top of your collective heads? There must be a Blazer expert or two about.
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  17. I'm also a CB owner. Excellent workmanship in all of Cliff's basses. I own a 32" scale Ball bass which used to belong to Spoombung. Fantastic instrument. Good luck with the sale and have a bump.
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