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  1. Price reduced to £350. Go to be a bargain! How do I change price in title?
  2. Let's just hope you don't get stung with import duty, because that's another 20%. I've bought from Japan before, first time cleared customs no bother. 2nd time they got me. It's a lottery!
  3. That's a good looking bass, you won't be disappointed, they're amazing. What did you pay for it?
  4. Hi, it's a lovely bass. Its not as wide as a P but wider than a jazz, so I would guess at about 40mm. I'll give you a more accurate measurement tonight. Cheers..... Mario
  5. Ha Ha, you wouldn't want to rip the frets out of this, that would be criminal, it's too nice! 👍🏻😉🤘
  6. I agree it's a great colour, it took me a while to find this bass. I don't gig anymore and have more basses than I need, so she needs to go to someone who's gonna use it. 👍🏻
  7. The neck profile is typical P bass with a 42mm nut. Not too much of a handful but not too skinny like a jazz. The fingerboard edged are nicely rolled and very comfortable. No fret wear at all. A superb example of a great bass. Yes I would courier to London. Cheers..... Mario
  8. Treat yourself to this one BeeBop, and bring back those happy memories! 😉
  9. Bass now sold. Thanks Basschat, don't know how to cancel ad. 👍🏻
  10. Ahh got you. I know it's defo 83 or 84, I'm leaning more to 84. Sorry can't be more precise. 👍🏻
  11. Im sure its 83 /84 . I suppose you can date it by the serial number. Its in one of the photo's. 👍🏻
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