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  1. It didn’t produce a sound last time I checked. Will gladly be proved wrong by a cab-ready participant!
  2. EA iAMP350 in ‘needs repair’ condition. There is a strange humming sound that sounds high-pitched, gradually moving down in pitch. This appears to have replaced the normal output of the amp, so there is no actual bass sound currently. I am convinced someone who had a basic understanding of electrics can fix it. Comes in a partially padded Markbass bag. Located in Highbury, N5. I’ve no speaker, so testing isn’t easy unless you bring something.
  3. Here is my beautiful Benavente SCA4, built for the NAMM 2004 show. The specs: Mahogany body Spalted maple top Paduak/maple neck with flamed maple fingerboard DiMarzio Ultra Jazz pickups East Uni-Pre 5 It comes with a hard case in reasonable condition. You’re quite welcome to come and have a masked-up, socially distanced try, but I’ve no amp. Based in Highbury, N5. Cheers!
  4. I’m in Highbury, north London. Willing to travel a little 😊 Where are you?
  5. I’m afraid not. Happy to post!
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