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  2. This still from a video I took of one of my rock balancing efforts has a craggy face in the cliff at the top right , side-on looking left .
  3. That would make me Douglas Bay Costa....not bad, actually 🤔
  4. Thanks for the comments. All pretty positive so I’ll definitely go and check it out. Any idea how heavy the 15 inch combo is roughly? Not that the weight really puts me off, just curious.
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  6. When I got to that part of the story I was literally rolling on the floor laughing my ar5e off but what happened to him when he met Jon Pertwee made me cry. But the thing about Live Aid, the lead singer, the microphone and the superglue was a classic, though.
  7. Frankly, I am surprised you did not know that the BassChat approved method of generating one's stage name is: (A seaside resort visited in one's childhood) + (The name of the last establishment where you bought a hot beverage whether as a standalone or as the culmination of a tasty meal) Ergo, I am known to my public as Torremolinos Starbucks.
  8. 18mm I believe, I'll have to get the exact weight for you this week!
  9. There's the magic quad driver customs! Yup - they are super, super important... especially when it comes to bass! As for the haptic monitoring... yeah, working on that! 😛
  10. Correct. I ordered it on 6/11. The site shows a 7 day processing duration, with an option to extend that or simply cancel the order.
  11. We'll need more details...........you ordered a guitar from Ali Express, paid for it, but its not arrived yet???
  12. I just received this email, apparently from the builder of the bass I bought through Ali Express. Here is the content. xuecheng zheng: Hello, friend Are you here? I need your help, and the rest of the time very nervous, could you give me some more time I was able to fully complete your guitar, in order to guarantee the quality of the guitar (in your order page, please help me to prolong time) thank you very much, looking forward to your reply. AliExpress has the extend processing option on the page where I purchased the bass along with option to cancel the transaction. I'm pretty sure it's legit, just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this before I choose to extend the processing time. Thanks in advance for your input Mike
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  14. Don't know who the expensive lookin' bloke in the picture is, but this thread is worth it just for the reveal of your stage name. And what a corker it is! Respect. 😎
  15. Went about a month ago, and all seemed well. Got talking with Norman and he showed us his amazing collection of vintage stuff upstairs, along with some great anecdotes about where & how they were obtained etc. An absolutely lovely bloke, but unfortunately people and businesses like this are becoming all too scarce now. I’ll definitely be back to buy something soon. Incidentally ( as you’re not far away), have you heard that the antiques place at Hemswell (just off the A15 at Caenby Corner) now has a room with guitars ? Some strange vintage European jazz acoustics when I was there, along with some other stuff. Few basses but you never know...🙂
  16. I’m surprised these cheap bridges were ever used on those basses!
  17. Apologies -- my mistake. All part and parcel of the cornucopia of forgetfulness, confusion and flatulence that is 'getting old', I fear. Yes, now that would be a fascinating read. And yes, that episode was bittersweet but very amusing... "Get that clown out of here, he doesn't even speak Portuguese!". Classic.
  18. Or address, obvs..... 😁
  19. Interesting stuff neilp ... I was in a bass repair shop once and the owner let me try a very old and very heavy full size bass. I had difficulty getting good bow volume out of it but he explained that this bass projected far beyond the player’s area and actually had a huge sound......in the right hands!
  20. Sorry to disappoint, Rich, but I've never met Mr Goggle. I'd welcome the opportunity because he's a minor legend even to the extent of a short-run Fender Tony Goggle signature bass which makes the Roscoe Beck look boringly conventional. Having read some of the anecdotes that have been printed in interviews I've always hoped Goggle would write a book like Mo Foster's Seventeen Watts? about the early days of British Rock. The one about Nico and Paul Kossoff was funny and sad at the same time.
  21. Well I wasn’t going to put my real name, now was I?
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